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Lies that enable genocide of Palestinians

Vanessa Beeley and UK Column News

Nov 12, 2023

Nearly Every War That Has Started In The Past 50 Years Has Been A Result Of Media Lies!’—Julian Assange - UK Column News - - Spiked: No, Israel is not a 'settler-colonial' state - Sprinter (on X): “Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Israel is a stronghold for us... It's almost like having an aircraft carrier in the Middle East. This is our oldest ally. If Israel disappears, Russia, China and the BRICS+ countries will control 90% of the world's oil, and this will be a disaster for US national security.” - Husseini (Substack): Is Israel Really Targeting Hamas? Does the US Recognize the Fourth Geneva Convention? - YNet: Hamas deception to IDF helicopters and targeting of pilots in Wattsap - Vanessa Beeley (Telegram): More footage of IOF helicopters firing on unidentified cars - Vanessa Beeley (Substack): The 'Hamas human shield' justification for Israeli war crimes - Defense for Children Palestine: Israeli forces use five Palestinian children as human shields - Syrianaan Alysis (Rumble): The untold history of Hamas

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