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TheRevolutionReport is an international information collective bringing Western audiences the truth about life under socialism, challenging propaganda against the anti-imperialist world, and exposing the excesses of life under capitalism.


We are led by a dedicated team of professionals who write articles, produce video content, and livestream across a wide array of important topics.


Our information collective’s most popular videos include:


1) Does Socialism Work? Soviet Citizens Speak About Their Lives in the USSR


Features interviews with former everyday soviet citizens. Their perspectives will surely surprise the majority of Western viewers.


2) “8 Years Before” Donbass Documentary


An independently-funded award-winning documentary film portraying in stark detail the long saga of suffering that the Donbass people endured at the hands of Ukrainian fascists, following the 2014 Euromaidan Coup d’etat in Kiev. Through primary source accounts and interviews with ordinary citizens of Donbass, human stories with a perspective never before seen in the mainstream media are brought to light. This perspective frames the current conflict in Ukraine as a continuation of the Second World War – or as the Donbass people call it, “The Great Patriotic War.”


They identify with their soviet past and the legacy of their grandfathers and grandmothers who fought in the Red Army to defend their socialist system, their country, and their very right to exist.


The documentary is simultaneously in Russian and English.


3) The American Color Revolution Doctrine – How the US Overthrows Governments Around the World


A documentary-style analysis of how the US State Department used non-governmental organizations like US-aid to foster regime change around the world. The recent unrest in Georgia against parliament’s foreign agencies law is used as a case-study, but other examples from Cuba, Ukraine, and others are also covered.

Editor-in-chief - Donald Courter


Donald is a long-time Marxist and a highly-experienced journalist from the United States. His mastery of the Russian language has allowed him to travel across nearly the entire former soviet sphere and beyond, collecting interviews with people from once-socialist nations and creating English-language content that provides a different perspective on the great ideological struggle between capitalism and socialism.


Since the beginning of his career in 2018, Donald has won multiple awards for his journalistic work – from coverage of CSTO military exercises to his documentary film “8 Years Before,” explaining Russia’s reasons for launching its military operation in Ukraine. Donald firmly believes that Western imperialism is the primary contradiction of late-stage capitalism and that the goal of progressive people everywhere must be to aid nations struggling to assert their sovereignty.

Deputy editor-in-chief - Slava J.

Slava is an Ukrainian-American, Marxist-Leninist who became radicalized by observing the effects of US imperialism in her home country. To better understand the nature of civil war after 2014 Maidan "Revolution," she began studying politics and her earnest studies led her to Marxism.


Slava’s namesake is the popular slogan “Slava Ukraini,” which means "Glory to Ukraine!" Ukrainian neo-nazis coerced the whole nation to use it now as the greeting just like the Nazi collaborators did back in 1940s. Even Ukrainians abroad feel free to welcome each other with that phrase, to virtue-signal their allegiance. This gives Slava the Ukrainian Socialist the window to address politics every time her name is taken in vain.


Slava is a wife, mother of two daughters, and loves gardening and cooking. She writes articles, makes posts on The Revolution Repost social media and helps editing video content for the YouTube channel.


Assistant editor - Tristan D. 

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Tristan holds a liberal arts degree in sociology and helped edit his college magazine. But his professors did their job to confuse him about Marxism. For many years, he remained an arrogant, NPR-listening radical liberal. In 2016, he became enamored by Bernie Sanders and was also later duped by our intelligence agencies into becoming a true believer in the Russiagate narrative; that Trump was somehow secretly working for Putin.


Through the internet, Tristan progressed through various stages of the online left, until he stumbled upon journalists the Aaron Mate and Max Blumenthal, who quickly shattered his cloistered worldview. He then discovered real anti-imperialist and Marxist-Leninist journalism, including by our Editor-in-Chief Don Courter, and set upon the correct path forward. Tristan found anti-revisionist, anti-Trotskyite communist theory and the urgent need to support actually-existing-socialist, anti-imperialist countries fighting against US imperialism in the hybrid war raging all around us.


As the assistant editor, Tristan proofreads articles, helps with social media, posts videos, and moderates livestreams. He is also a high school teacher, proud cat owner, and avid traveler of Latin America.

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