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LIVE! Uhuru Movement Faces US State Repression For Telling Truth About Ukraine Conflict!

Apr 27, 2023

The US Department of "Justice" has indicted 4 American members of the Uhuru Movement and 3 Russians on charges of conducting a "foreign malign influence campaign in the United States" for DARING to make "statements of solidarity with the Russian government."

Uhuru House Chairman Omali Yeshitela has vehemently DENIED working for the Russian government, calling the FBI's explanation for raiding the organization's offices back in August of last year an, "absurd fabrication of our party and leaders being some puppets for the Russian government."

These baseless allegations are a clear attack on the so-called "democratic principles" and "freedom of speech" that Washington claims to stand for.

Once again, the US has made clear these principles only apply to parties that get with the its imperialist foreign policy program.

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