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Mar 13, 2024

More than 200 archaeological and heritage sites desroyed and 31,272 martyrs, while more than 73,000 injured, during 159 days of genocide.

The Palestinian Ministry of Culture denounced on the occasion of the Day of National Culture, that Israel has destroyed more than 200 archaeological and heritage sites, in addition, more than 45 artists and writers have died during Zionist attacks in Gaza.

Tel Aviv has been responsible for the destruction of some 32 cultural centers and institutions, 12 museums, 27 murals, 8 publishing houses and printing houses, 9 public libraries, 195 historical buildings, 9 archaeological sites and 19 universities and colleges.

Palestine was currently deprived of a cultural identity, in addition to all the physical blockades imposed by the occupation.

On the other hand, the Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that this Wednesday there have been 10 massacres, which have left 88 dead and 135 injured.

The victims of these attacks add to the alarming figure of 31,272 martyrs, while more than 73,000 injured.

According to the health authority, 72 per cent of the victims are women and children, not counting women and infants, some under one year old, who succumb to famine and contagious diseases.

This Wednesday, March 13 is the 159th day of constant genocide since October 2023. In addition to food blockades and medical resources.

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