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Brian Berletic

May 6, 2024

Article "Georgia Fight Against US Subversion & its Implications Worldwide" link:

- Georgia's foreign agent law is based on the US' own Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA);

- Despite this, the US State Department opposes attempts by Georgia to protect itself from admitted US interference within its internal political affairs;

- The US has successfully coerced other nations into abandoning similar legislation;

- Georgia has already suffered immensely from US political capture;


NED Exposed by Russian Prank Call The New Atlas - NED Zoom Meeting Goes BAD! US Subversion Exposed… (May 2021): • NED Zoom Meeting Goes BAD! US Subvers... Current Bill CNN - Georgia presses on with Putin-style ‘foreign agent’ bill despite huge protests (April 18, 2024): Reuters - Explainer: Why are Georgians protesting against a 'foreign agents' bill? (April 17, 2024): Eurasianet - Far from FARA? Georgia's foreign agent law controversy (March 2023): Eurasianet - About (disclosure of US government funding): US Embassy in Georgia - Ned Price on Foreign Agents Law (March 2023): US Political Capture of Georgia Reuters - Georgia started war with Russia: EU-backed report (2009): The Guardian - US campaign behind the turmoil in Kiev (2004): Thailand’s Attempt to Check US Interference Fortify Rights - Thailand: Drop Draft Legislation on Not-for-Profit Organizations (March 2022): Fortify Rights - Annual Report 2015 (disclosure of US government funding): Amnesty International - Thailand: Draft NGO law could be used to suppress civil society (2021): Thai PBS - Thailand’s NGO law: Uprooting foreign influence or gagging govt critics? (April 2021): The Nation - iLaw launches petition for charter rewrite (August 2020): iLaw - About (disclosure of US government funding):

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