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Debunking Milei's dystopian "economic miracle" of Pinochet's Chile

Alvaro Enrique Saldivia Lopez

Nov 15, 2023

Video from red.

Latin American wages and European prices? Sounds more like a geostrategic "miracle" for Anglo-Zionist pillage.

If you want to see Javier Milei's garbage debunked in real time, watch the last debate and how Massa kicks his ass, with class!

The Anglo-Zionist Bretton Woods Empire has, for decades, pulled a propaganda agenda aimed at fooling the world with the myth of calling Chile "the Switzerland of South America." Through distorted and inflated numbers, they have tried to convert a tragedy into a false paradise.

Uner Kirchnerism in 2015 wealth distribution, 54% went to workers: . +500 US $ was the monthly minimum wage in Argentina until 2015, thanks to 12 years of Kirchnerist governments. Kirchnerism guaranteed every Argentinean: free quality health care, outstanding free quality public universities and education, social justice, workers' rights, Latin American integration, reasonable prices.

This allowed the Argentine working-class families to study, travel, save money, buy property allowing social ascent of workers, and an economic redistribution of 54/46 that gave 54% share of profits to workers.

All this until 2015, before the IMF, Mauricio Macri, BlackRock theft, and fraud destroyed Argentine economic sovereignty, which they now plan on dynamiting with Milei's idiotic insane traitor dollarization campaign.

The fallacious myth of "the Switzerland of Latin America"

Bootlicking Anglo-Zionist puppet and fascist "libertarian" Argentinean presidential candidate Javier Milei glorified Margaret Thatcher, number 1 enemy of Argentina, and wants to replicate the horrors of the bloody genocidal US orchestrated and financed dictatorship of the Nixon puppet Augusto Pinochet.

Milei seeks to replicate the draconian Chicago Boys and IMF and CIA measures and policies adopted and applied by the regime and enforced by a genocidal fascist military and police. To copy the exact perverse measures that crippled Chilean workers' lives and disappeared and killed thousands of comrades, workers, civilians, indigenous, students, leaders, intellectuals, artists…

Official numbers estimate over 3000 killed and 1000 disappeared under Pinochet's bloody regime for opposing fascist oppression. We know from seeing other US Operation Condor fascist dictatorships it's much more. Where is the liberty in that?

But the idea that Chile represents some "economic miracle" is a constantly repeated myth that Milei has indoctrinated his followers with. The same is the case for Kast, the fascist nostalgic presidential candidate in Chile. Both funded, financed, and supported by the Atlas Network, BlackRock, and Anglo-Zionist imperial corruption.

People Say No to Desperately Low Wages

It's been even more debunked ever since the 2019 Chilean uprising and mass protests against inequality and neoliberalism. Hundreds were assassinated, thousands imprisoned, hundreds shot in the eye, systematically violating human rights, and nowhere to be seen where the international organizations seized by the Anglo-Zionist Empire and its hegemonic mass media which looked the other way just like what happened with Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Peru, Ecuador, El Salvador, Donetsk Lugansk, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, USSR, etc.

While it's true that wages are higher than other CELAC countries, their cost of living is similar to Europe, which is insane and crushes Chilean working-class lives for the benefit of the wealthy bourgeoisie VendePatria military class and Anglo-Zionist imperialism under a New Monroe Doctrine:

1 kiliogram of apples 1.69€, 1L milk 1€, 500 g bread 1.20€, 1K rice 1.30€, 12 eggs 2.49, 1K national cheese 8.90€, 1K beef round 8.95€

GDP per capita 2022: Chile: 14,385 UK: 47,232

So, while a monthly minimum wage is 538 US $, similar to Argentina in 2014 is high for Latin American standards, it's actually extremely low if you have to pay European prices without European salaries.

Meanwhile, the Chile that Javier Milei ignores is the most unequal country in the OECD, ahead of Mexico and Turkey. This means the economic wealth that exists flows upwards and outwards to only benefit neocolonial imperialist oligarchs and Anglo-Zionist Monroe doctrine imperialism.

There are further problems for Chilean working people such as the pensions crisis, one of the main causes of the 2019 uprisings. It's a painful unjust remnant product of the privatized system imposed under the CIA-backed Augusto Pinochet.

This system today leaves pensioners with an average of around 200 US$ a month in a country with European prices; they get less than a third of the minimum wage, which is already nowhere near enough for what's needed to survive. Is that an economic miracle? Of course not!

It's a geostrategic miracle for Anglo-Zionist imperialism and hegemony. Milei bootlicked Margaret Thatcher in the presidential debate, showing how shameless a subject he is to the Anglo-Zionist crown. In a country where the British Empire is the main enemy, this fascist psycho killer clown wacko is close to screwing Argentina all over again.

Bolivarianismo is strong in our CELAC countries, and the whole world is calling for a people's revolution! ❤️‍🔥✊🏽🌍🌏🌎⭐🫡

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