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The 2009 US Plan for Iran War Sees New Opportunity in Israeli Gaza Ops + Update on Ukraine

Brian Berletic

Oct 30, 2023

- Ukraine's "operational pause" is Kiev announcing the "Spring Offensive" has for all intents and purposes, ended;

- West continues to suffer setbacks in supplying ammunition to Ukraine including diverting much of it to Israel now;

- Israel continues air and ground attacks on Gaza, compounding a growing humanitarian catastrophe;

- US policymakers since at least as early as 2009 planned to provoke Iran into a conflict either directly or by proxy through Israel;

- The US is citing drone and rocket attacks on illegal US military bases in Syria and Iraq as a pretext to deploy anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems designed to down entirely different types of threats;

- It is clear that as the US had planned in 2009, Washington and its Israeli allies are preparing the battlefield ahead of a deliberate effort to goad Iran and its allies into a wider conflict;

- The US is fighting a 3 front proxy war through Ukraine in Eastern Europe against Russia, Israel in the Middle East against Iran, and Taiwan against the rest of China in Asia;

- With Iran’s role in supporting Russia’s successful military operation in Ukraine, the US has added incentive to eliminate Iran as a Russian-Chinese ally;

- The Middle East was transforming in favor of multipolarism with the US clearly attempting to disrupt the process by introducing widespread conflict;

- The US may feel the best possibility of success exists in the Middle East as its proxy war in Ukraine unravels and China’s military capabilities continue to close the gap between itself and US capabilities; References: Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA)

- Ukraine Draws Breath After Southern Successes (October 23, 2023): CEPA - Our Supporters:

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