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Alvaro Enrique Saldivia Lopez

Feb 5, 2024

Read part 1 of this interview here.

On his weekly internationally broadcast TV show last Monday, January 29th, President Nicolás Maduro participated in an interview during his segment titled "Media, Networks, Streets, and Walls." A Venezuelan colleague interviewed him on various topics. This article highlights three of the most significant moments from the interview. You can watch the full episode on "Con Maduro Más °32," his popular show that airs every Monday at 7 pm in Venezuela. The full episode is available here.

Karen: “And to conclude this segment, Mr. President, it is news that truly excites me. It's about the decoration bestowed upon you yesterday in Honduras for the contribution you and Commander Hugo Chávez made to restoring democracy in Honduras. They awarded you the Francisco Morazán Order, given the historical significance of Francisco Morazán in Central America. Manuel Zelaya tweeted: “We faced the 2009 coup in different battles. Chávez was not mistaken with Nicolás; he is his worthy and brave successor.”

“I recall, and there are several journalists here who covered the coup d'état in Honduras. Madeleine García played a crucial role with TeleSUR, revealing how the coup plotters attacked Manuel Zelaya's house. Wendy Olivo, a photographer, crossed the jungle with Ángel Palacio and many documentary filmmakers while you were on the border between Honduras and Nicaragua trying to assist President Zelaya's arrival. Wendy Olivo went in and touched the cell where Rafael Alegría was held, ultimately freeing him. It's a tremendous pleasure for me to always see her, and it excites me because Wendy Olivo's actions will forever be etched in the history of supporting democracy!”

Maduro: “You have a tremendous memory, okay! You remember things; when Wendy did that, I remember it, but it had been erased from my hard drive. And about Madeleine, she came straight to the house; Zelaya's house was taken over by the military, and she showed the bed and the bullets at the door. Great Madeleine, honor and glory to you!”

Maduro: “Here are Jorge Arreaza, Tania Díaz, Grecia Colmenares, Ranner Peña, who were in Honduras in Tegucigalpa yesterday, accompanying President Xiomara Castro and the Great Leader Mel Zelaya. Arreaza, what brings me there? Tell me!”

Jorge Arreaza: “Well, President, we had the honor of receiving, on your behalf, the Francisco Morazán Order in its Grand Cross of Gold Degree. It is the most prestigious order awarded by the Government of Honduras to a Servant of the People of Honduras who is not a Honduran national. Furthermore, President Xiomara Castro appointed you with great affection and in front of a crowd of at least 150,000 people celebrating two years of government after enduring a reactionary coup that lasted 12 years and 7 months. There was a lot of hope on the faces of that People that is now two years old. Mr. President, when the Master of Ceremony and the Chancellor announced the Order and mentioned Nicolás Maduro, it resulted in applause for Venezuela, the commander, and primarily for you!”

Maduro: “I receive you with great affection, Comrade President Xiomara Castro, Comrade older brother Mel Zelaya. To the people of Honduras, my gratitude, my love! Look how beautiful! Francisco Morazán arrives as reinforcement! Morazán for the battle in 2024! It arrives at a good time! Morazán was the Great Liberator of Central America and left a project as robust as that of Simón Bolívar, a Unionist Project for Central America. Surely, the hearts were sculpted with the same sentiment and strength as Morazán and Bolívar. And now, we are united with Zelaya, with Xiomara, and with Chávez always! Thank you very much for bringing this beautiful decoration; thank you very much!”

A note from the author, Alvaro Saldivia: Thanks to the perseverance of Marxists and anti-imperialists worldwide, we have established the new multipolar order and dealt significant blows against imperialism. After many turbulent years in Venezuela, the world is now well aware of the tremendous success of the Bolivarian revolution and the numerous aggressions we have overcome.

This year, it is probable that during the presidential elections, we will also conduct a consultative referendum regarding the +960 illegal unilateral coercive measures. This will allow the Venezuelan people to express their thoughts on the imperial aggressions that began in 2015 and attempted to undermine the high quality of life achieved under Commander Chávez and President Nicolás Maduro.

President Nicolás Maduro is nearing the milestone of providing 5,000,000 homes through Misión Vivienda Venezuela, despite all the challenges faced. I assure you, comrades, that we will be successful, and the Venezuelan majorities will once again triumph in the 28th election of the 25-year-old Bolivarian Revolution, showcasing our peoples' democracy!

¡Independencia y Patria Socialista! ¡Hasta la Victoria Siempre! ¡Venceremos!

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