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Alvaro Enrique Saldivia Lopez

May 2, 2024

56,000 communal councils approved 9,000 community projects in 4,500 communes, meeting 2 priority needs of each community

Venezuela, a world leader in participatory, direct democracy.

"We are no one's backyard!” This is a great lesson for the world, as is: "Commune or nothing! It's the mission! Chavez said it at the helm stroke!”

The people's democracy exercised in Venezuela's 31 Bolivarian Election, April 21's national popular consultation from the bottom up. Who knows our communities better than we, the neighbors ourselves?

Neighbors who have accompanied our communities for years, we are elected community leaders. We meet in direct democracy and as a manifestation of the world social alternative within a geopolitical revolution.

The participatory role of us—the Venezuelan people—is our revolutionary democratic essence. We are the Bolivarian and Chavista Venezuela setting the example as a leading anti-imperialist homeland of ALBA-TCP, CELAC and BRICS+.

ALBA-TCP: Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America People's Trade Treaty

CELAC: Confederation/Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.

Nicolás Maduro the people's candidate and workers' president is a great socialist leader and will have a sweeping victory in the presidential elections on July 28, 2024

The Bolivarian Revolution: building a collective socialist homeland and a multipolar and multi-centric world order.

"No one controls Venezuela! Venezuela is no one's colony! It's that simple!" said the socialist leader and workers' president, Nicolás Maduro Moros. “Every quarter, execution of works of the organized communal power.”

The Venezuelan president added, “The national popular consults have to be done four times a year, so that people come out to decide 4 times a year in direct participatory and protagonist democracy from the empowered and organized communities: repaving or paving roads, public transportation, popular housing, public lighting, sports fields, educational and health centers, etc.”

“Having a solid base on the bases that are being imposed so that the plans and projects of the country are put to solve the needs of the ordinary man and woman—of the people. We were sanctioned by the empire? They still couldn't with Venezuela! They will not be able to deal with us today, or ever!”

“We are going step by step attending here attending there and we have to improve more and more. 1x10 of good government, the whole government at the service of the people.”

"The organized people looking for solutions for each of the 4,500 communities and for Venezuela 56,000 communal councils, organized people's power, the communal state, the communal government, the government at the service of what the communities require.”

Comuna o Nada! The national popular consultation of April 21 is an extraordinary example of collective direct governance of the people's power—Poder Popular, the popular branch of government.

Improvements in public transport, roads, lighting/lighting, provision of supplies/medical equipment to the CDI -Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers- among other projects were among main priorities for the 4500 communal circuits decided this April 21, 2024. Two priority communal projects per commune to solve community needs.

Investments straight from the executive branch to the people's power, since the communities will manage it directly to execute the projects with the support of the governorates and mayoralties of each of the 24 states in Venezuela.

I am myself a member of 3 collective projects in 2 communes, 2 rural projects and one in the Suburbs

We organize ourselves in communal assemblies, exercising participatory and protagonist democracy debating for 2 months prior to April 21st. We proposed 7 projects and voted on April 21 in the national popular consultation to approve the 2 most voted projects in each commune of the 4500 of the 56,000 communal circuits for a total 9000 communal projects.

The struggle is collective and the people's power in action triumphed once more! All the political sectors of Venezuela participated in this consultation, just as during the consultative referendum over Essequibo of December 03, 2023.

This time it is a collective work from the bottom up, we are setting the standard in direct democracy worldwide. Our communities organized in a participatory and protagonist democracy, Venezuela has 5 powers: the people's power in addition to the executive, legislative, judicial and electoral.

Particularly in my/our commune we are a rural peasant mountain community where I live with my father in our house/farm in Carayaca, La Guaira, Venezuela where most of us are peasant agricultural producers we chose as our communal priority projects:

Fixing the dirt road and paving our roads. I made a lot of emphasis because no one here is a millionaire and our humble vehicles—motorcycles, trucks and cars—suffer too much with the dirt roads full of holes like craters mud and loose stones and to get our agro-ecological labor production out, we need those 7 km flattened and paving roads.

The second communal priority is the night lighting of public lighting. Both collective priorities were urgent, given that the roads had been severely affected in our coastal mountain by the illegal criminal coercive measures of the Anglo-zionist Yankee empire!

In my/our other commune - Together We Will Overcome / Juntos Venceremos! - of La Trinidad, Baruta, Miranda/Caracas, Venezuela, we decided to repair the football and basketball sports fields in this suburban community next to the Santo Tomás Apóstol Catholic Church.

Marxists-Leninists like myself and my comrades together with other neighbors we play sports with and even Catholic grandmother neighbors across the political spectrum were focused on the popular resolution of communal projects, without political nor other discrimination but with wide popular debates, we participate in socialism and participatory and protagonist direct democracy; before, during and after the national popular consultation on April 21st, 2024.

Permanently the people's power is building communal socialism, we are diverse communities throughout the length and breadth of Venezuela — the Andes, the Llano, the Amazon, the Caribbean Coast, Caribbean Archipelagos and River Deltas.

Our Venezuelan people is equally diverse: urban proletarians/popular sectors, suburban proletarians professionals, rural peasants/proletarians, 57 original/indigenous peoples, all of us communal leaders who are neighbors; mestizos, Afro, indigenous, Arab and white-Creole anti-imperialists. Together building socialism in our homeland with our anti-imperialist socialist Bolivarian essence.

Until victory always! We will win against genocidal, international, Anglo-Zionist fascism.

Saludos solidarios y revolucionarios!

Be the vanguard, comrades! Organize the scientific socialist revolutions in “the west" and consolidate your respective peoples’ democracies. Workers of the west unite!

I congratulate all workers, students and standing up across the west that have been actively and firmly protesting against NATO puppet regimes financing the Zionist genocide against our brothers and sisters in Gaza and Palestine!

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