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Alvaro Enrique Saldivia Lopez

Apr 30, 2024

Click here to read about the US Military occupation of Ushuaia and the Paraná Hidrovía

April 23rd: Millions in the Working Class Defended Argentina's 57 free, high-quality, public universities against Milei's privatization

Class struggle in Argentina is peaking, echoing the economic distress of the 90s neoliberal Menemismo era and politically resembling the 70s US-sponsored genocidal fascist dictatorship.

The Argentine proletariat, grappling with nearly 300% inflation in three months and a 200% hike in vehicle tolls at the Port City of Buenos Aires, must thwart this Trojan-Horse invasion.

April 23 marked a day of intense class struggle – Lucha Antifascista, Antiimperialista, Anticolonial y Anticapitalista – with Milei's push to privatize higher education a central target.

I studied Philosophy at the Puan Faculty of the Universidad de Buenos Aires during the tumultuous Macri and Fernández administrations. Argentina boasts 57 top-tier, free public universities.

The assault on public universities by Milei must be countered by the Argentine proletariat, preserving the legacy of high-quality, free education for all.

April 23 saw millions of organized teachers, students, journalists, and militants rallying, underscoring the urgency of continued street protests and a general strike.

With a monthly minimum salary of $150 and poverty and homelessness rates at their highest in decades, combined with the militarization of Argentina’s most important waterway, Hidrovía Paraná, and the occupation of Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego Naval Bases in the middle of Argentina – the other half is in Antarctica – this battle must persist fiercely to overthrow Milei’s attempt of building an Anglo-Zionist, anarco-colonialist dictatorship.

History’s written in the Present, Only The People Save The People.

The Argentine proletariat urgently requires a general strike, potentially leading to clashes with Milei's fascist police. Teachers and students are courageously resuming their fight, reminiscent of our resistance against Macri's neoliberal assault on public education in 2018-2019, bravely confronting the militarized police of Mauricio Macri and Horacio Larreta, exchanging teargas grenades for thrown rocks. This must ignite proletarians across Argentina to overthrow the Milei regime.

Argentine Memory Day for Nunca Más at Casa Rosada, March 24th, 2024

The final massive popular demonstration before the Ushuaia Trojan Horse Sellout of the Military Bases drew 400,000 people, commemorating the 30,000 desaparecidos (those disappeared during the 70-80s Fascist Dictatorship, most of them socialist militants) and protesting the current NATO puppet government.

48 years after the last civic, military, and ecclesiastical coup d'état in Argentina, massive mobilizations swept across the country against the government's stance on the civic-military dictatorship. Five weeks later came the trojan-horse, neocolonial, military sellout of Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, and the Paraná Hidrovía.

The concentration in Plaza de Mayo was massive, exceeding 400,000 attendees, with both organizers and militants acknowledging it as the largest in the 41 years of democracy.

With the rise of a denialist government in Casa Rosada, the CGT (Central General de Trabajadores), the two CTA (Central Trabajo Argentino) headquarters, social movements, political groups, human rights organizations, and students mobilized to squares nationwide to commemorate the Day of Memory, Truth, and Justice, with Plaza de Mayo as the epicenter.

48 years after the coup, it stood as one of the most massive marches in the 40 years since the restoration of democracy.


With the slogan "DICTATORSHIP NO DEMOCRACY YES!", Argentinians protested against the government's severe economic measures, which crippled purchasing power, leading to an inflation rate of 276.2% year-on-year as of last February. According to a UCA study, over 7 million Argentinians are homeless, while 25 million live below the poverty line in a total population of 47 million.

Argentina's "Porteño Unitario" bourgeois government has egregiously failed the Argentine working class for 48 years. Enduring decades of neoliberal plundering, punctuated by brief respites under social-democratic or popular/progressive administrations, workers have experienced periods of relief, improved wages, dignity, and access to education.

Milei presents a grave threat to Argentina and the entire LAC region, especially with the looming US NATO military occupation. Perhaps the mounting pressure will lead to a breaking point.

Will the Argentine working class demand constitutional reform akin to what's happening in Colombia? Will they rise against Milei, sparking a revolution? Or will international intervention be necessary to free them from the grip of the Leviathan's financial and corporate entities?

Milei is NATO's neocolonial, imperial parasite against Latin American integration and sovereignty and must be smashed!

This wacko is granting the West complete control of access to Antarctica—a desire long harbored by colonialists—just before the 2028 redefinition of Antarctica's borders. They're also relinquishing control over two vital international trade routes: the "Drake Passage" and the "Magallanes Strait," linking the Southern Pacific and Atlantic oceans. They're also compromising two key geopolitical territories in Tierra del Fuego and another at the Paraná Hidrovía, Argentina's most crucial waterway.

The Governor of Tierra del Fuego denounced Richardson and refused to meet her, but Milei eagerly flew out to kneel before his imperial masters.

However, these territories demonstrated robust local civil and political anticolonial, anti-imperialist resistance against Laura Richardson and Milei during her week-long imperial tour with CIA Director Burns in Argentina and month-long tour across Latin America.

The current corporate puppet president of Argentina, a self-proclaimed anarcho-capitalist, seems eager to serve as the Empire's lackey and villain. He has launched attacks against BRICS, initially by rejecting Argentina's membership and later by directly aiding their adversaries (including NAZIsrael, Ukronazis, USA, UK, Germany, France, Taiwan, etc.).

Most recently, he has applied for NATO membership, allowing imperial troops to dominate and occupy strategically important military bases and geographical territories, blatantly violating Argentine sovereignty.

If his US-BLACKROCK-funded puppet regime isn't overthrown by Argentine people, perhaps it can be ousted by a Latin American left-wing denazification civic-military coalition. Either way, this is an anti-colonial battle we must fight until victory!

Organize and fight, comrades, so that Milei's reign remains a shameful but brief episode in Argentine history.

The multipolar world order is a reality for proletarians across the globe. Multilateral anti-hegemonic institutions like BRICS+, CELAC, G77, and ALBA-TCP are integrating the Global South (Latin America, Asia, and Africa) in an anti-imperialist counteroffensive to build a pluricentric, post-dollar, post-capitalist civilization.⭐🌏🌎🌍🚩⚒️

Workers of the World Unite!

Viviremos y Venceremos!

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