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    < Back FACEBOOK DESIGNATES GRAYZONE JOURNALIST A 'DANGEROUS INDIVIDUAL" BY KIT KLARENBERG KIT KLARENBERG Apr 18, 2024 The notoriously intelligence-friendly social media network appears to have imposed a ban on posting a recent report by Kit Klarenberg, and is automatically restricting users who re-publish his work. Multiple Facebook users have reported being banned, or having their posts censored, after sharing an investigation by The Grayzone’s Kit Klarenberg into CIA and MI6 involvement in the creation of ISIS. Readers who post links to the piece on the social network find themselves frozen out of their accounts, on the apparent grounds that Facebook has classified Klarenberg as a “dangerous individual.” “I just shared this article from @Kit Klarenberg on Facebook and the post was immediately deleted,” wrote Ricky Hale, the founder of popular independent left-wing outlet Council Estate Media. In a Substack article published April 5, Hale wrote that “the page was hit with restrictions and I was told I had shared a post from a dangerous individual or organisation.” Hale was only able to regain control of his Facebook page , which boasts over 44,000 fans, by removing administrative privileges from the user who shared it — which happens to be himself. Other restrictions imposed due to sharing Klarenberg’s work have not been lifted, and may well never be. Hale says he has been blocked from changing the page’s name, inviting people to join the page, or creating new Facebook groups. “Given Facebook had already reduced my page’s visibility for another absurd violation, I’m assuming my posts are going to be invisible,” Hale lamented. “This means a Facebook page with 44,000 users has been rendered useless because of state censorship that’s been outsourced to big tech. This is not how a free society operates.” It was not the first time that Facebook censored one of its users for posting Klarenberg’s article. Hours beforehand, another social media user revealed the piece had been removed from her Facebook timeline mere “ seconds ” after it was posted. That a social media network has labeled Klarenberg a “dangerous individual” and is suppressing attempts to publicize his investigative journalism comes as little surprise. Klarenberg was previously banned from X, Elon Musk’s “free speech app,” for offending the sensibilities of Zionist users. And in Facebook’s case, the company’s Global Threat Intelligence division is staffed by former spies for the CIA, Pentagon, and NSA. Though little information on the division can be found online, it is known to be led by Ben Nimmo, a former NATO propagandist and alumnus of Integrity Initiative — a secret British Foreign Office information warfare operation itself staffed by military intelligence veterans. Frances Haugen , the now-forgotten Facebook “whistleblower” who lambasted her employers before Congress for failing to provide enough “content moderation” towards foreign “disinformation” threats, also hailed from Global Threat Intelligence. Other senior positions in Global Threat Intelligence are reportedly occupied by David Agranovich , ex-Pentagon analyst and intelligence director for the White House National Security Council; Nathaniel Gleicher , former Council cybersecurity chief and Justice Department senior counsel for computer crime and intellectual property; and Mike Torrey , who previously worked as an NSA and CIA cyber analyst. Agranovich and Torrey were key authors of Facebook’s State of Influence Operations 2017-2020 , a report which alleged that China, Iran and Russia sought to weaponize the social network for malign purposes. The paper omitted any mention of Western cyber warfare operations known to target social media, such as the British Army’s 77th Brigade and the Pentagon’s psychological warfare division. But recent reporting indicates those were precisely the government-backed groups most likely to target Western social media users. In 2022, the Department of Defense was forced to conduct what mainstream media described as a “sweeping audit” of its “clandestine psychological operations” after the Pentagon was busted running a network of fake profiles to push propaganda online about Russia, China, and Iran. Facebook’s Global Threat Intelligence unit first detected the US military’s malign activities, but instead of penalizing them, Facebook warned the Pentagon to better conceal its psychological operations, lest they be discovered by others. In September 2022, the Washington Post reported that “officers at Facebook and Twitter contacted the Pentagon to raise concerns about the phony accounts they were having to remove, suspicious they were associated with the military.” The outlet wrote that in the previous months, Global Threat Intelligence’s Agranovich spoke to the Pentagon’s Christopher C. Miller, then assistant director for Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict, which oversees influence operations policy. Agranovich had reportedly warned his counterpart that “if Facebook could sniff them out, so could US adversaries.” A source with knowledge of the matter told the newspaper, “his point was: ‘Guys, you got caught. That’s a problem.’” For Klarenberg, however, Facebook would extend no such charity, or even offer an explanation for classifying an investigative journalist as a national security threat. Previous Next

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    < Back Delilah Barrios: How to Have a Rational Discussion with your Neighbors! | a Tara Reade clip ​ Nov 16, 2022 Delilah Barrios is running for Texas Governor in 2022 as the Green Party candidate. She is Latina/Indigenous & Working Class, mother of three beautiful children, an activist and organizer. Key Policy Positions: - Regulate Pollution & Fracking - Fight Corruption from the Oil & Gas Industry - Climate Action - Legalize Recreational Cannabis - Criminal Justice Reform - Power to the People - Medicare for All Y’All! - Marriage Equality - 2nd Amendment Rights - Basic Income Guarantee - Reproductive Rights Please follow Tara & support her work - here are all the links: Twitter: Telegram: YouTube: / tarareadeauthor Rokfin (Ad-Free Video!): Rumble: Substack/Podcast: Twitch: Tara is a member of the Indie News Network family of content creators. Follow all the network channels and meet all the members at ( ) Previous Next

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    < Back Wyatt Reed & Vanessa Beeley: Ukraine Kill List & Wyatt Nearly Killed in Donbass | a Tara Reade clip ​ Oct 24, 2022 Wyatt Reed is a Sputnik News correspondent focused on Latin America and the end of empire. He covered the US-backed 2019 coup d'etat in Bolivia from the ground and has reported on protests in Colombia and Ecuador and elections in Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, and beyond. Vanessa Beeley is an independent journalist and photographer who has worked extensively in the Middle East - on the ground in Syria,Egypt, Iraq and Palestine, while also covering the conflict in Yemen since 2015. In 2019, Vanessa was among recipients of the Serena Shim Award for uncompromised integrity in journalism. Recently, she’s been awarded the Indie Media Award for excellence in independent media. Vanessa contributes regularly to Mint Press News, Russia Today, UK Column, The Last American Vagabond, and many other independent media outlets. Please follow Wyatt & support his work - here are all the links: Twitter: Telegram: Ca$happ:$wyattreed1 Please follow Vanessa & support her work - here are all the links: Patreon: Twitter: Telegram: Website: Please follow Tara & support her work - here are all the links: Twitter: Telegram: YouTube: / tarareadeauthor Rokfin (Ad-Free Video!): Rumble: Substack/Podcast: Twitch: Tara is a member of the Indie News Network family of content creators. Follow all the network's channels and meet all the members at ( ) Previous Next

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    < Back Woke Capital Vol. 3: NGOs Elizabeth P Jun 27, 2022 Note: this article is part of a series. You may also want to read Woke Capital Vol. 1 , and Woke Capital 2: Banking and Finance . Nongovernmental organizations, or NGOs, are a tool for both foreign and domestic soft power in many countries. One major aspect of liberalism is its power to make policy decisions shift away from governments and to NGOs, which tend to be funded through billionaires’ philanthropic foundations. A number of these NGOs are even funded directly by the US State Department, such as the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). Today, it’s easier than ever for NGOs to organize complex projects, being that social media is an extremely effective tool to raise funds and recruit volunteers. In addition, wokeism serves as a method to make NGOs resemble benevolent actors and portray critics as bigots. Opening Societies An infamous example of philanthropists using NGOs to serve the interests of western imperialism is the liberal billionaire George Soros and his Open Society Foundations (OSF). It could even be argued that Soros himself participated in laying the foundations for woke capitalism. Of course, Soros can’t take all the credit. Zbigniew Brzezinski, who served as National Security Advisor during the Carter administration, emphasized promoting “human rights” as a strategy to make the United States seem more democratic than the Soviet Union. Brzezinski’s soft power strategy and Soros’ “Open Society” have proven themselves to be effective at preserving US global hegemony over the past several decades. In 2016, Transparify (which, ironically, receives OSF funding) examined just how open 200 think tanks across 47 different countries are about the funding they receive. Each think tank was rated on a scale of 0 (most opaque) to 5 (most transparent). Nine think tanks received a rating of 0, one of which being OSF - the only American think tank to receive such a low rating. OSF offers grants, scholarships, and fellowships “to organizations and individuals who share Open Society values.” Two fellowship programs involving 12-18 month long projects especially stand out: Soros Justice Fellowships that offer anywhere from $57,500 to $127,500 for individuals to work in the criminal justice system and the Leadership in Government Fellowship Program that offers $100,000 - $140,000 to “former senior-level government officials and staff who have played a significant role in advancing social change.” It should come as no surprise that whenever someone points out Soros funding, the Synthetic Left dismisses it as a far-right antisemitic conspiracy theory. On its official website, the OSF openly admits to influencing other countries’ internal affairs. In 1979, Soros began funding anti-communist dissidents by means of a foundation he opened in China. It lasted a mere three years until “the government’s brutal crushing of dissent in Tiananmen Square.” Soros also began flooding the former Soviet bloc with Open Society offices following the fall of the Berlin Wall, and started working with the European Union in 1999 to support policies that “respect open society values inside and outside its borders.” Sur International Journal on Human Rights, which openly admits to receiving OSF funding, published a report on the “ War on NGOs in Eastern Europe ” after Hungary passed a law in June 2017 restricting the influence of Soros-funded NGOs. The report described this law as “a Russia-style foreign agent regulation ,” referencing the 2012 law in Russia which also put restrictions on foreign NGOs. Today, there are groups and individuals which receive funding from Soros’ foundations in over 120 countries. Considering the long history of George Soros using his wealth and influence to “open societies” to global capitalism, it is completely reasonable from any country’s national security standpoint to restrict the influence of his foundations. Fighting “Extremism”, or Free Speech? As mentioned in the previous Woke Capital article, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has partnered with PayPal to crack down on what they consider to be “extremism”. Not even two months later, several anti-imperialist journalists were banned from using PayPal’s services. Ironically, the ADL claims to be fighting against antisemitism, while doing their best to silence anyone who is against Ukrainian neo-Nazis. Unfortunately, the ADL is only one of several NGOs which support censorship while claiming to be fighting against extremism, hate speech, and disinformation. Shortly after Infrared and Jackson Hinkle were banned from Twitch, the Tech Transparency Project published a report accusing both of these anti-imperialist streamers of “actively spreading Russian-fueled propaganda on Ukraine.” In late 2020, the Center for Countering Digital Hate published The Anti-Vaxx Playbook , claiming that social media companies must deplatform ‘anti-vaxxers’ because “the best way of preventing someone falling for a conspiracy theory is to prevent them from seeing it in the first place.” Although NGOs can do things which benefit society, the ongoing trend of these organizations giving themselves enough power to override the sovereignty of multiple countries is quite worrying. From the dissolution of the Soviet Union, to widespread social media censorship, it’s clear that these “nongovernmental” organizations have effectively become part of a parallel government which has more power than actual governments and is loyal to nothing except the accumulation of profits. Previous Next

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    < Back The Immigration Question Class Consciousness Project Sep 7, 2023 Knowsley in Merseyside was the scene of several nights of disturbances in February 2023 after far-right activists agitated local working class people (Picture: Liverpool Echo) “A class cannot exist in society without in some degree manifesting a consciousness of itself as a group with common problems, interests and prospects” – Harry Braverman The question of immigration is, to say the least, a testy one across the capitalist world. In the United States, Republicans repeatedly accuse Joe Biden’s Democrats of allowing hundreds of thousands of people to cross its southern border unchecked. Last year, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took credit for flying fifty Venezuelan immigrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard, the picturesque Massachusetts island resort which, under the fictional name of Amity Island, was the setting for the 1976 film Jaws . The populace of Martha’s Vineyard are in the main wealthy, liberal and, crucially, Democrat voters. It could be strongly argued that this is why DeSantis chose this location, given that there is over 1,800 miles between Dallas Fort Worth and Martha’s Vineyard, so it’s hardly local. The people of Martha’s Vineyard, who would, in all likelihood, be the first to claim that all immigrants are welcome to the United States, went into meltdown, claiming that their small island did not have the infrastructure to cope with an influx of fifty people. Within two days, they were transferred onto a ferry and taken to Cape Cod. In Britain, on an almost daily basis, news outlets report on boats of immigrants landing on the beaches of England filled to the brim with people, while the Tories’ self-appointed pantomime villain Lee Anderson MP decries the government’s lack of ‘action’ on stemming immigration, while at the same time claiming that those who take great personal risk to make the perilous and often illegal trip across the world’s busiest shipping lane aren’t in fact asylum seekers, as they claim, but economic migrants. In February this year, Knowsley in Merseyside became the stage for public disorder in the vicinity of a hotel which, it was claimed, was housing asylum seekers. Far-right groups were claimed to have targeted Knowsley, which had been housing immigrants since 2016, by searching for the details of hotels where these immigrants were staying, then agitated members of the local community around an allegation that a local teenage girl had been harassed by a man they claimed was an immigrant living in Knowsley. The clashes led to over a dozen arrests, including that of a 13-year-old boy. By way of context, the number of people attempting to enter Britain is lower this year than it was at this time last year. It’s also a fraction of the number of people attempting to land on the beaches of other European countries, including Italy, which this year has seen six times as many unauthorised arrivals as Britain. The ruling class are deeply cynical in their approach to immigration. They know that, with a declining birth rate in the indigenous population, the working class are not having children at the necessary rate to replace themselves, so exploitable labour has to be imported from other nations to fill the breach. The ruling class target nations which, in the main, are much poorer than Britain: For example, when this country was a member of the European Union, those exploitable workers came from the old Warsaw Pact states which had just joined the EU – they were often highly skilled, often spoke English and were often very cheap to employ. Coupled to this is the decades-long issue of the almost complete absence of investment in the British economy. Employers not only wanted to import cheap exploitable labour from Eastern Europe, they wanted to import cheap and fully qualified labour. For instance, a combination of Covid restrictions curtailing Heavy Goods Vehicle licence testing and Brexit prompting lorry drivers from Europe to return to their countries of origin (some 14,000 drivers left the UK in 2020 alone) created a shortage of HGV drivers that has still not been overcome. The HGV-driving profession is also beset with issues including long hours, poor pay and heavy regulation, the combination of which which deters people from either becoming lorry drivers or remaining in the industry. While the current influx of immigrants are not in the main from Eastern Europe and have not been since Britain voted to leave the EU in 2016, immigrants from other parts of the world, including Iran, Albania, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria are coming to Britain to feed a long-standing and insatiable demand for cheap, hyper-exploitable labour. The NHS relies heavily on fully-qualified, imported labour from overseas. 220,000 NHS staff members come from abroad – the highest number of which come from India, then the Philippines, followed by Nigeria. It’s of course entirely understandable why these workers would come here – the salaries that they receive here are markedly better than for the same roles in their home countries and the prevalence of the English language in these countries makes it much easier for workers to settle in Britain. Of course, every doctor or nurse who comes to work here is one less doctor or nurse in the country that they come here from. The Romanian Government, aware of the issue of qualified people leaving the country to make a better living abroad, increased the wages for doctors and other qualified medical practitioners to incentivise them to stay in Romania. Yet, despite the numbers of medical workers leaving the country to work abroad declining, the number of doctors per 100,000 was 346, which, while way above the 230 doctors per 100,000 people in the UK, has left some rural areas of Romania with no doctor at all. One country which has benefited most from this constant stream of exported medical workers from Romania is Italy. The hourly rate for a doctor in Romania is approximately €26 per hour, while for the same role in Italy, the rate of pay is €65 per hour. The ruling class are also deeply cynical in making sure that these imported workers are placed in some of poorest and most deprived areas of the country, where municipal and health services for the local population are either stretched to their limits or are totally non-existent. Governments of both colours know how deeply unpopular depositing immigrants in affluent areas is and people from those areas tend to have a greater influence and access to means of leverage against the government, like the media, similar to those inhabitants of Martha’s Vineyard, who had their uninvited guests moved on within two days. 2017 statistics showed that there were more than five times as many asylum seekers in the poorest third of the country as there was in the richest third, with over 50% of all asylum seekers are placed in this poorest third of the country. This creates a potential social powder keg, which far-right groups have always been adept at exploiting: Knowsley was specifically targeted, as have towns like Dover in Kent and both Barking and the Isle of Dogs in east London in the past for agitation of the local population and the inflaming of tensions. Earlier this year in Dublin, Ireland, protestors took to the streets carrying placards displaying slogans such as ‘#IrelandForTheIrish’ and ‘#IrishLivesMatter’ and coining the slogan that ‘Ireland is Full’. The protestors claimed that the root of their protest was an influx of immigrants to Dublin and the fact that this influx has exacerbated the huge problems that the population has in obtaining a home – houses are incredibly expensive in Dublin to either buy or rent. Of course, the root of the housing crisis in Dublin and elsewhere in Ireland and Britain is the Irish and British ruling class themselves: They have re-created a property asset bubble, fully restoring it after the death-blow it received in the financial crash in 2008, and have ordered the system so that it cannot affordably house its own population and has no intention of doing so, as to do so would collapse a sizeable chunk of the economy. We looked at the housing question in June, focussing on Britain, but the analysis we make is equally applicable to Ireland. Working class people, who have no political leadership to educate them as to why this happens, fall into reaction, helped by far-right agitation, blaming immigrants which have been forced to flee their own nations for myriad of reasons. The same ruling class which deprive their own population of decent and affordable housing also deprive, through their imperialism, the people of countries like Iran, Albania, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria of the opportunities to live comfortable and prosperous lives in their own countries, through a combination of hyper-exploitation, resource extraction, war, sanctions and political volatility. The ruling class are also deeply cynical in the manner in which they handle immigration in front of the electorate. They need to face in two directions at the same time – on the one hand, they need to appear tough on immigration, to be unequivocal that anyone here illegally will be told in no certain terms to collect their belongings and leave, while on the other hand allowing enough people to slip through the proverbial net to assuage the need of the capitalist class to access cheap and hyper-exploitable labour. Some, like the Blair Government of 1997-2010, really leant into the ‘economic benefits’ of immigration, particularly from Eastern Europe. Of course, by ‘economic benefits’, the Government really meant the downward pressure that this immigration had on wages. Meanwhile, the left in Britain is not beyond criticism. Far from it. The mantra ‘Immigrants Welcome Here’ that is repeatedly chanted by so many on the left rings decidedly hollow to people living in provincial towns like Dover in Kent, Boston in Lincolnshire and Kirkby in Merseyside. They feel isolated and largely ignored by the ruling class and by both ruling class parties, the Conservatives and the Labour Party. The reason as to why the left cannot offer any real solutions to this crisis is to be found in the class composition of the modern left: They are mainly petty bourgeois, or middle class, and so the manner in which immigration affects them is markedly different from the manner in which it affects working class people. They see immigration manifest itself in the coffee shops that they frequent, or in the restaurants that they eat out in. Immigrants often pass through middle class lives through their transactions, not in the streets that they live in. The middle class have a much more transactional relationship with their neighbourhoods – if they find them in decline, they simply move to a new one, something that working class people are far less inclined and able to do. The left not only don’t care about the plight of provincial towns like Dover in Kent, Boston in Lincolnshire or Kirkby in Merseyside, they resort to accusing the people of living there of being bigots and racists if they so much as dare to make a connection between the decline of their towns and the rise in immigration. Part of the reason for this is that the petty bourgeois left detest the working class – they think that they are feckless, lazy, ignorant and tend to hold views which are anathema to them. The petty bourgeois left are part of a wider left/labour movement, which includes the trade union bureaucracy, which believes that, at best, the working class are a charity case who should not become involved in bourgeois politics at any level and should be grateful for the small advances that they try to bestow on them on the rare occasions that they are handed the reigns of power. So the situation can be summarised as follows: The ruling class both need immigration and need to be seen to manage it, they dump immigrants in poor working class communities the vast majority of the time and have created a housing crisis that they cannot solve, so have created fertile ground for far-right agitators to whip up resentment amongst the working class, while the left, both unable and unwilling to engage with the working class to educate them as to why the situation is as it is, choose instead to label them as bigots and racists when they raise objections to immigrants settling in their communities. What is the answer? The truth is that there aren’t any easy solutions. Increasing the birth rate has been a challenge for both capitalist and socialist governments for decades, and there are many theories on both why birth rates decline and how to restore them. However, there is a case to be made that birth rates increase when the population have a sense of ownership in their society – in Britain, a nation enjoying a post-war fervour and the introduction of the NHS and the welfare state, the birth rate rose from 670,000 in 1945 to almost 900,000 in 1947. In communist Albania, a nation which had become a workers’ state and had embarked on an unprecedented programme of modernisation, the fertility rate between 1950 and 1960 rose from 5.35 births per woman to 6.55. However, in both these cases the increase in births was not sustained, although Britain did see another peak in 1965. It’s extremely difficult for governments to encourage people who are reluctant to have children to have them. Certainly in late-stage capitalism, bribery of prospective parents is just about the only option that our rulers have left and even that isn’t guaranteed to work. This explains to a degree why they resort to both not controlling and controlling immigration at the same time. The only real answer to the immigration question is the introduction of socialism, not only in this country but in all nations, particularly those afflicted by the predations of western imperialism. Socialism would defeat poverty, end deprivation and imperialist wars and give the peoples of all nations a prosperous and dignified life. Crucially, it would give the peoples of all nations no reason to risk everything, including their own lives, to leave their homes, their countries and their families to try to make a better life for themselves. Previous Next

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    < Back Bakhmut Folds: Russia Takes City + Ukraine's Struggle Against Toll of Attrition ​ May 26, 2023 Update on the conflict in Ukraine for May 22, 2023: - Russian Ministry of Defense claims the Donbass city of Bakhmut/Artyomovsk has been fully taken by Russian forces; - Western analysts claim the city’s capture will not “turn the tide” of the conflict, ignoring the war of attrition taking place superseding territorial advances; - The US is sending another weapons package to Ukraine featuring an unspecified amount of ammunition for HIMARS, artillery systems, anti-tank weapons, and both bridging and logistics equipment; - The US is also incrementally moving in favor of sending Ukraine F-16 fighter jets through third party nations in Europe. The F-16 represents no specific capability Ukraine’s own air force didn’t have before being removed from the battlefield; - The Western media continues incrementally admitting the limits in military industrial output preventing the US and Europe from providing Ukraine with weapons and ammunition to match or exceed Russia’s military capabilities; References: TASS - Putin congratulates Wagner assault teams with liberation of Artyomovsk — Kremlin (May 21, 2023): Associated Press (via NPR) - President Zelenskyy has said that Bakhmut is destroyed as Russia claims victory there (May 21, 2023): ... NY Times - Defenses Carved Into the Earth (December 2022): ... US Department of Defense - Biden Administration Announces Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine (May 21, 2023): ... Politico - Biden set to announce new military aid for Ukraine after meeting with Zelenskyy (May 19, 2023): ... Washington Post - Europe’s military industrial capabilities fall short of Ukraine’s needs (May 19, 2023): ... Where to Find Brian's Work: Website: Telegram: Twitter: Odysee (YouTube alternative): Rumble (YouTube alternative): Weibo: ไบรอัน แฟนคลับ (Facebook): Line Group: Gab: VK (Facebook alternative): How to Support Brian's Work (and thank you!): Buy Me A Coffee: Patreon: PromptPay: 0851547235 Cryptocurrency Donations: Ethereum (ETH): 0xee6ed93c3adc474450011e9af22939a0b9b312c7 BitCoin (BTC): 1AfGnbmHxA6cy9YKUSxysXvpJPyecpBKrr Monero (XMR): 845TCXx3pchSBXuDL7FHG679gbWD2wkHS6MJxuq7jFVsVFj7T6xsry747uhhGZUdkaRXbbrMfo5c8RnGfzGZ13KxQUdHVLR Previous Next

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    < Back Smoke and Mirrors in Palestine Grimesy, Class Consciousness Project Oct 20, 2023 As an ardent anti-imperialist, as any working-class man should be, I have been following the Palestinian struggle against the Israeli occupiers. To understand the truth, you have to move away from the capitalist media (BBC, ITV, CNN Sky News et al). The capitalist media will only take either of two positions: A rabidly pro-imperialist one, which calls for the complete eradication of Hamas (actually meaning all Palestinians), or calling for calm ‘from both sides’, which still favours the more European-like Israel. The Arabs are, in their view, far too uncivilised to have more than a passing sympathetic glance. Phil Ochs described this mentality well in his memorable song ‘ Love me, I’m a Liberal ’: “I love puerto ricans and negros. As long as they don’t move next door!” Ask any Guardian reader to put a pound in a pot for Palestine and they will do so gleefully, but they would much prefer to sit down to a mocha chocha chino with Elijah and Esther from Israel. The loudest opprobrium that was heard about “Hamas” was the accusation that they had “ beheaded forty babies ”. If there was a grain of truth to this wild accusation, then everyone should be rightly appalled. The problem is the claim was never substantiated. The CNN reporter Sara Snider (Snider by name, snidier by nature, it seems) heard this allegation from IDF soldiers, so decided to report this allegation as if it were fact, even going so far as to claim that she had seen this alleged atrocity herself. Once this was proven to be untrue, her weak reply was that she “needed to be more careful with her words “ . The problem is that this allegation, as well as others of its ilk, have entered the public consciousness. Any correction or retraction is barely heard above the initial gasps of horror. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu repeated this allegation several times, but it should be remembered that this is a man who regards truth as rather inconvenient at times. Another leader who is frequently a stranger to the truth is President of the USA, Mr Joseph Robinette Biden. Biden pronounced he had seen proof of this alleged atrocity; this was retracted hours later by his own press team, who confirmed he’d seen no such thing. Biden’s habit of choosing his own version of the truth is notorious. He had to drop out of the 1988 Presidential campaign after being rumbled for plagiarising a speech by former British Labour Party Leader Neil Kinnock , where he spoke about his own youth! These are two of the world’s most influential men who are outright lying to the public, which shows how much disdain they have for working class people of the world. The Gaza strip is one of the most densely populated regions in the world, with around two million people living in a strip of land 25 miles long and 7.5 miles wide at its widest point. Due to appalling living conditions, life expectancy is lower, so the vast majority of the population are young, with just under half the population being under the age of 16. Israel’s most recent, and heaviest, bombardments of Gaza with lethal rockets and white phosphorus have killed a disproportionate number of children. These are facts. Not vague, passed on information, but facts! Israel knows this fact every time they fire a rocket at Gaza, but like western liberals, they find Arabs distasteful. The shyster Netanyahu announced on Israeli TV that residents should leave North Gaza and head south to the border with Egypt. This is a clear attempt to displace even more Palestinians to a foreign land and to continue their ethnic cleansing of occupied Palestine. Decreasing the population of Palestine has always been a goal of Israel, so concerned are they with the Arab population massively outstripping the Israeli birth rate. This is always a concern of regimes based on the idea of racial supremacy, which Israel very much is. They fear the “superior” group eventually being outnumbered, and so use every trick in the book to force Palestinians into exile and to imprison those who remain. After Netanyahu’s announcement, many Gazan residents decided it would be better to take his advice than wait in hope that a rocket does not land on them. Columns of flatbed trucks and cars, carrying mostly women and children, started making the journey to the southern tip of Gaza and hopefully away from danger. Then the unthinkable happened. An Israeli rocket hit the fleeing civilians , killing seventy people instantly and injuring another two hundred. This inexcusable act sickened me to my core. These people were assured that they would be safe if they left, and a rocket was fired at them as they fled. Anyone who has read the history of the Nakba in 1948 and all that has followed will know that killing innocent Palestinians has never been a problem for those seeking to create the Zionist state in Palestine.There was video footage of this event. It was difficult to watch, as it showed the carnage of what a missile attack on a column of civilians can do. Once again, this is a factual incident, unlike the proven fictitious ‘beheaded babies’ claim. Where is the clamour? Where is the furore? It is non-existent. Suella Bravermen’s comments about waving a Palestinian flag being a criminal offence, whilst bloviating reactionary rhetoric, shows us our Government’s appalling but unsurprising position on this conflict. The alleged Leader of the Opposition, Sir Keir Starmer, has agreed wholeheartedly with the Government’s support of Israel. In an interview with LBC, he gave Israel the green light to remove the human right to water from the inhabitants of the Gaza strip. This is why stories like the forty babies, whether true or not, are granted instant coverage. As Joe Biden said: “..if there wasn’t an Israel we would have to invent one to protect our interests in the region.” Israel is critical to western hegemony. Normalisation of Israel is the end goal and to do that, they must manufacture consent. De-humanising the native Arab populations to prevent large scale objections to their treatment of Palestinians. Another part of creating class awareness is understanding the insidious nature of imperialism and its control of the media narrative. We will always seek to dispel these false allegations and tell the truth about the working-class people of the world. Previous Next

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    < Back RUSSIA RESUMES MASSIVE MISSILE STRIKES AS UKRAINE CONTINUES TO RELY ON DEADLY, SENSELESS PR STUNTS Brian Berletic Jan 1, 2024 Update on the conflict in Ukraine for January 1, 2024… - Russia’s taking of the heavily fortified town of Maryinka demonstrates the futility of Kiev’s “dig-in” strategy; - Ukrainian General Valery Zaluzhny has admitted that the likewise fortified city of Avdeevka will inevitably be taken by Russian forces; - After months of stockpiling missiles, Russia has carried the first of what will likely be many large-scale strikes across Ukraine; - Ukraine’s retaliation targeting Belgorod civilian targets is admittedly done solely for domestic “morale” and will only likely harden Russian resolve across all levels of Russian society; - Ukraine’s strike on Crimea, destroying a landing ship, while a PR “victory,” demonstrates just how difficult it will be to “isolate” the peninsula considering the large number of ports and airfields Russia can use to supply both the civilian population and its military installations even without the Crimean Bridge and land-bridge; - As Ukraine’s inevitable defeat becomes more widely accepted, NATO will have to decide whether to cut its losses and demonstrate to other proxies its lack of commitment or continue its commitment and demonstrate to its proxies that the collective West is simply, fundamentally weak; References: CNN - Satellite images show Russian navy ship burning after Ukrainian strike in Crimea (December 28, 2023): ... Washington Post - The ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ was never alive, Ukrainian air force says (May 2022): ... BBC - Ukraine war: Kremlin says 20 dead after attack on Russian city (December 31, 2023): ... Business Insider - Drone attack on key Russian bomber highlights Ukraine's 'psychological' reach deep within Russia's own borders, experts say (August 2023): ... TASS - Zaluzhny concedes Ukrainian forces pulled out of Maryinka (December 26, 2023): Al Jazeera - Ukraine drives Russia back at sea and in the air, but concedes land (December 29, 2023): ... Business Insider - Russians celebrated capturing a ghost town in Ukraine. Photos show how the war ruined it. (December 29, 2023): ... Guardian - Kyiv’s drone strikes on Moscow mean Kremlin’s war can’t be ignored by Russians (August 2023): ... BBC - Ukraine war: Three ways the conflict could go in 2024 (December 29, 2023): ... Where to Find Brian's Work: Website: Telegram: Twitter: Odysee (YouTube alternative): Rumble (YouTube alternative): Weibo: ไบรอัน แฟนคลับ (Facebook): Line Group: Gab: VK (Facebook alternative): How to Support Brian's Work (and thank you!): Buy Me A Coffee: Patreon: PromptPay: 0851547235 Cryptocurrency Donations: Ethereum (ETH): 0xee6ed93c3adc474450011e9af22939a0b9b312c7 BitCoin (BTC): 1AfGnbmHxA6cy9YKUSxysXvpJPyecpBKrr Monero (XMR): 845TCXx3pchSBXuDL7FHG679gbWD2wkHS6MJxuq7jFVsVFj7T6xsry747uhhGZUdkaRXbbrMfo5c8RnGfzGZ13KxQUdHVLR Previous Next

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    < Back Israeli persecution of Palestinians taken to a new level in January ​ Aug 15, 2023 The zionists have seemed to get away with their crimes untouched for 75 years, but every sign is that this experiment in fascistic colonialism is doomed. Read: Subscribe! Donate! Join us in building a bright future for humanity! Telegram: Twitter: Rumble: Odysee: Facebook: Online Shop: Education Program: Each one teach one! Join the struggle! Donate: Previous Next

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    < Back Jeff Monson On Why Russia Does Not Trust the West ​ Feb 13, 2023 Jeff Monson is an American mixed martial arts fighter that also holds a doctorate degree in psychology. He has fought throughout the world in his storied career. He is a 2x ADCC world grappling champion, world jujitsu champion, and 3x FILA grappling world champion. Jeff is an outspoken political activist and spent 3 months in jail for protesting America’s invasion of Iraq. Jeff moved to Russia and opened 20 free martial arts schools for children in the republic of Bashkortostan. Jeff is working with the government of Donetsk to open free sports schools in this republic as well. Please support TheRevolutionReport on Patreon: OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Check out TheRevolutionReport's Newsletter and political analyses there: Follow our Telegram channel! We are also on Instagram: Follow Donald and TheRevolutionReport on Twitter: @DonaldCourter Previous Next

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    < Back PROF. DAVID MILLER'S SIGNIFICANT TRIBUNAL VICTORY: ANTI-ZIONISM IS NOT RACISM Proletarian TV, CPGB-ML May 10, 2024 A substantial fly in the ointment for those who are trying to criminalize all criticism of and opposition to Zionist Israel and its blood-drenched British enablers. Subscribe! Donate! Join us in building a bright future for humanity! Telegram: Twitter: Soundcloud: Rumble: Odysee: Facebook: Online Shop: Education Program: Each one teach one! Join the struggle! Donate: Previous Next

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    < Back US DECLINES ISRAEL'S INVITATION TO START WW3 (FOR NOW) Caitlin Johnstone Apr 14, 2024 Listen to a reading of this article (reading by Tim Foley) : Iran has carried out its long-promised retaliation for Israel’s attack on its consulate building in Damascus, launching a massive barrage of drones and missiles which it claims hit and destroyed Israeli military targets, while Israel says they dealt only superficial damage with a few injuries. The US and its allies reportedly helped shoot down a number of the Iranian projectiles. Just as we discussed in the lead-up to the strike, the western political-media class are acting as though this was a completely unprovoked attack launched against the innocent, Bambi-eyed victim Israel. Comments from western officials and pundits and headlines from the mass media are omitting the fact that Israel instigated these hostilities with its extreme act of aggression in Syria as much as possible. Here in Australia the Sydney Morning Herald write-up about the strike didn’t get around to informing its readers about the attack on the Iranian consulate until the tenth paragraph of the article, and said only that Iran had “accused” Israel of launching the attack because Israel has never officially confirmed it. In any case, Iran says the attack is now over. Given that we’re not seeing any signs of massive damage, Iran’s reported claim that its retaliation would be calibrated to avoid escalation into a full-scale regional war seems to have been accurate, as does Washington’s reported claim that it didn’t expect the strike to be large enough to draw the US into war. A new report from Axios says Biden has personally told Netanyahu that the US will not be supporting any Israeli military response to the Iranian strike. An anonymous senior White House official told Axios that Biden said to Netanyahu, “You got a win. Take the win,” in reference to the number of Iranian weapons that were taken out of the sky by the international coalition in Israel’s defense. Apparently helping to mitigate the damage from the Iranian attack is all the military commitment the White House is willing to make against Iran at this time. And thank all that is holy for that. A war between the US alliance and Iran and its allies would be the stuff of nightmares, making the horrors we’ve been seeing in Gaza these last six months look like an episode of Peppa Pig. But Washington merely declining to get involved is nowhere near enough. As the Quincy Institute’s Trita Parsi quipped on Twitter, “Biden needs to PREVENT further escalation, not just declare his desire to stay out of it.” Indeed, Israel has already made it clear that it is going to be moving forward with an escalation against Iran. Israel’s Channel 12 cites an unnamed senior official saying the Iranian counter strike is going to receive an “unprecedented response”. “Israel has already informed the Americans and governments in the region that its response is inevitable,” The Economist reports . “Its military options include launching drones at Iran, and long-range airstrikes on Iran, possibly on military bases or nuclear installations.” It’s unclear at this time how much the latest message from the Biden administration will affect the calculations of this position, but the mass media are reporting that White House officials are worried Israel is getting ready to do something extremely reckless that could draw the US into a war it would rather avoid. NBC News reports the following : “Some top U.S. officials are concerned Israel could do something quickly in response to Iran’s attacks without thinking through potential fallout afterward, according to a senior administration official and a senior defense official. “Those concerns stem in part from the administration’s views of the approach Israel has taken to its war against Hamas, as well as the attack in Damascus. “President Joe Biden has privately expressed concern that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to drag the U.S. more deeply into a broader conflict, according to three people familiar with his comments.” People have been raising this concern for some time now. Earlier this month Responsible Statecraft’s Paul Pillar wrote up a solid argument that Netanyahu stands a lot to gain personally from drawing the US into a war with Iran to help him with his legal and political troubles and take the focus off of Israel’s genocide in Gaza. Whether that’s the case or not it’s pretty absurd for the Biden administration to just sit around passively hoping this doesn’t happen as though it wouldn’t have a say in the matter, and as though there’s nothing it can do to prevent such an occurrence right now. Biden has had the ability to end this insane cycle of escalation in the middle east since it started six months ago by demanding a ceasefire in Gaza and demanding that Israel rein in its murder machine, just as US presidents have done successfully in the past . Biden could end all this with one phone call . The fact that he doesn’t means he’s a monster, and no amount of mass media reports about how “concerned” and “frustrated” he is regarding Israel’s actions will ever change that. Previous Next

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