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    < Back ISRAELI PM NETANYAHU REJECTS HUMANITARIAN PAUSES IN RAFAH teleSUR, Alvaro Cuesta Jun 16, 2024 The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu refused on Sunday to set pauses in the fighting in Rafah, on the southern outskirts of the Gaza Strip, to allow the entry of more humanitarian aid that can alleviate the crisis caused by more than 8 months of siege in the Gaza Strip. The Prime Minister affirmed during an interview with an Israeli television channel that the decisions he makes to “eliminate” the Palestinian armed resistance are not always accepted by the military command of the country after labeling in a first statement “unacceptable” the “tactical pauses” announced by his army hours earlier in the southern Gaza Strip to allow the entry of humanitarian aid. A statement by Israeli forces early this Sunday reported the establishment of a “tactical pause” of military activity from the crossing of Kerem Shalom (one of the few in operation) and the European Hospital of Khan Younis, also to the south to allow the entry of humanitarian aid. After the disavowal of the Israeli president, came the usual criticisms of two of the most radical ministers of the coalition government: the National Security Minister, Itamar Ben Gvir, and the Finance Minister, Bezalel Smotrich, who oppose a truce or a ceasefire to the exchange of prisoners. Human rights organizations report that the humanitarian situation in the southern city of Rafah has worsened following the start of the Israeli ground invasion, as the Rafah crossing remains closed and aid entering through the other crossing, Kerem Shalom’s is not enough to meet the needs of the Gazans in this area. Meanwhile, the Netanyahu executive faces another week of protests called by the Israeli civilian movement demanding early elections before the anniversary of Hamas’ Al Aqsa operation on October 7. This Sunday the first demonstrations began with the blockade of several highways and highways, and will continue tomorrow with a massive march in the afternoon before the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) in Jerusalem. The goal of the groups is to convene at least one million people. In recent months, the movement has also been joined by the families of the Israeli hostages in Gaza, who are calling for a ceasefire agreement that will allow the release of the 116 hostages who remain in the Palestinian enclave, which already has more than 37,200 dead. Among their demands is also that of equal military service, after Israeli legislators agreed last week to process a bill to shore up the traditional military exemption of ultra-orthodox Jewish students. Previous Next

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    < Back THE GRAYZONE TARGETED IN US GOVT-BACKED 'ENEMIES OF UKRAINE' LIST DANIEL MCADAMS Jun 16, 2024 The US government-backed Ukrainian outlet “Data Journalism Agency” has just released a report attacking Americans as enemies for opposing military aid to Ukraine. The Grayzone is included alongside hundreds of others from both the political right and left. The new Ukrainian report, titled “Roller Coaster: From Trumpists to Communists. The forces in the U.S. impeding aid to Ukraine and how they do it,” intends to smear American politicians, journalists, and social media influencers as tools of Russia, writing: “Most of the people in our study do not have direct, proven ties to the Russian government or propagandists. However, the arguments they use to urge authorities to distance themselves from Ukraine echo key messages of Russian propaganda aimed at depriving Ukrainians of the ability to defend themselves with Western weapons and funds. (emphasis added)” Although the “enemies list” purports to correct disinformation about Ukraine spread by those on its list, the report itself is full of crude disinformation. For example this bit: “Even long-debunked myths continue to surface, such as claims of Nazi dominance and American Biolabs in Ukraine and the portrayal of the 2014 Revolution of Dignity as a coup.” The organization’s assertion that these claims are “long-debunked” may be wishful thinking, but back on planet reality even mainstream, pro-Ukraine media sites in the US wring their hands over the disturbing, extremist images coming out of the country. For example, NBC News wrote that, “Ukraine’s Nazi problem is real, even if Putin’s ‘denazification’ claim isn’t.” Newsweek wondered , “Why Have So Many Neo-Nazis Rallied to Ukraine’s Cause?” Even before the current conflict, mainstream pro-Ukraine publications such as Reuters worried in 2918 about “ Ukraine’s neo-Nazi problem .” As to the biolabs, none other than Mother of the Maidan Victoria Nuland admitted in a US Senate hearing that there were biolabs in Ukraine. Ah, but one may counter that these were not “American biolabs.” In fact with the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop now absolutely confirmed during his trial, a report by the New York Post two years ago based on the laptop also must be considered accurate. According to the article, “Russia’s assertion that President Biden’s son Hunter was ‘financing… biological laboratories in Ukraine’ was based in truth, according to e-mails reviewed by The Post.” And on whether the Maidan events of 2014 were a “Revolution of Dignity” or a coup, we again only need turn to Victoria Nuland’s infamous phone call with US Ambassador to Kiev, Geoffrey Pyatt, for all the evidence needed that the US was micromanaging the removal of an elected leader and replacing him with hand-picked US puppets. The report also includes such prominent American politicians and journalists as Sen. JD Vance, Sen. Rand Paul, Rep. Matt Gaetz, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Rep. Jim Jordan, and Col. Douglas Macgregor. Even our friends at find themselves appearing on the Ukrainian “enemies list”: As the report states: “There are 391 individuals and 76 organizations in our list. These include politicians, political movements and groups, media and journalists, experts, and think tanks (some individuals appear in multiple categories).” Perhaps what is most shocking about this attack on American citizens is the fact that the Data Journalism Agency (TEXTY) has a long affiliation with the US Government itself! In fact, the founder of the publication Anatoly Bondarenko appears prominently on a US Government website as a participant in the US State Department’s “ TechCamp ” project. The Data Journalism Agency (TEXTY) is listed as an “ Implementing Partner ” of the US Agency for International Development’s Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services/ TAPAS Project. The Ukrainians seemingly love to make lists of their “enemies.” One of their most notorious of these is the infamous “kill list” put out by the Mirotvorets Center in Kiev. From that list several have already been murdered by Ukraine, including prominent Russian journalist Daria Dugina . One wonders how, for example, former US President Donald Trump and dozens of members of the US Congress will react when they hear that US tax dollars are being sent to Ukraine for US-backed Ukrainian organizations to make “hate lists” and “kill lists” of patriotic Americans like themselves. Grayzone editor’s note : Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) has issued a letter to fellow Republican chairs of the House Appropriations Committee protesting the use of federal funds to “intimidate and silence U.S. citizens and lawmakers.” Republished from with thanks Previous Next

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    < Back ANYA PARAMPIL: HOW US SANCTIONS, REGIME CHANGE TRIGGERED MIGRATION WAVE The Grayzone Jun 15, 2024 "Corporate Coup: Venezuela and the End of Empire" author and Grayzone contributor Anya Parampil explains the role that punishing US financial warfare on Venezuela have played in the latest wave of migration across the US-Mexico border. Get a copy of Parampil's book here: ||| The Grayzone ||| Find more reporting at Support their original journalism at: Patreon: / grayzone Facebook: / thegrayzone Twitter: / thegrayzonenews Instagram: / thegrayzonenews Minds: Mastodon: @thegrayzone #TheGrayzone Previous Next

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    < Back JOTI BRAR REINO UNIDO 9 JUNIO 2024 CPGB-ML Jun 15, 2024 Reproduced with thanks from: • Joti Brar Reino Unido 9 JUNIO 2024 Channel: ‪@LABISABUELATECs‬ World Anti-imperialist platform website: ______________________________________________ Subscribe! Donate! Join us in building a bright future for humanity! Subscribe! Donate! Join us in building a bright future for humanity! Telegram: Twitter: Soundcloud: Rumble: Odysee: Facebook: Online Shop: Education Program: Each one teach one! Join the struggle! Donate: Previous Next

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    < Back ZIMBABWE'S PRESIDENT SPEAKS! MULTIPOLARITY, SANCTIONS & THE NATIONAL LIBERATION STRUGGLE ​ Jun 15, 2024 Emmerson Mnangagwa was trained in China and the Soviet Union to break the chains of imperialism that enslaved his country before the war for independence. This legacy of camaraderie continues into the 21st century with the emergence of the multipolar world and the anti-imperialist renaissance we are witnessing in our time. 🎥💥 Link to our award-winning documentary "8 Years Before" • "8 Years Before" Donbass Documentary ================================================================================= 🤝 Please support TheRevolutionReport on Patreon: / therevolutionreport ================================================================================= 📜 OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Check out TheRevolutionReport's Newsletter and political analyses there: ================================================================================= 📸 Follow our Telegram channel! ================================================================================= ⌨️ We are also on Instagram: / therevolutionreport_ / donnunism ================================================================================= 🐦 Follow Donald and TheRevolutionReport on Twitter: @DonaldCourter @TheRevolutionR1 ================================================================================= Find us on Vero and Rumble: Previous Next

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    < Back YEMENI PEOPLE ONCE AGAIN TAKE TO THE STREETS IN SUPPORT OF PALESTINE Carlos Cabrera Jun 15, 2024 The demonstrators reiterated their permanent commitment to defending the Palestinian cause. A new mass march took place this Friday in Sana’a, the capital of Yemen, as well as in other regions of the country to reaffirm its solidarity with the Palestinian people and the condemnation of the genocide carried out by Israel. For 35° weeks in a row, protesters took to the streets chanting “firm with Gaza. Resisting all conspiracies,” and stressed that they will remain committed to defending the Palestinian cause. During the march in Sana’a, support was reaffirmed for Yemeni military operations against the US-British coalition, as long as the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip continues. The marches were replicated in Saada Square, Raymah, Maarib, and several districts of Amran, Ibb, Taiz and Al Jawf provinces. The leader of the Ansar Allah movement, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, asserted that the United States is trying to force Yemen by its position and stressed the indestructible obligation of the nation to defend the Palestinian cause. Palestinian health authorities have reported that, since 7 October, more than 37,200 people have been killed, most of them women and children. Republished from with thanks Previous Next

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    < Back “I AIN'T READING ALL THAT; FREE PALESTINE” Caitlin Johnstone Jun 15, 2024 Listen to a reading of this article (reading by Tim Foley) : A Zionist podcaster named Blake Flayton had a delightful tantrum that’s going around Twitter at the moment in which he bemoans the way pro-Palestinian social media users have been responding to long pro-Israel screeds with a graphic saying “i ain’t reading all that; free palestine”, a variation on the popular I Ain’t Reading All That meme . “‘I ain’t reading all that, Free Palestine’ is a cute internet meme for anti-Israel douchebags, but also a perfect encapsulation of a movement which refuses to engage with venerable scholarship or critical thinking,” gripes Flayton. The meme enrages Israel supporters because Israel apologia depends on mountains of verbiage to spin obvious atrocities as reasonable and appropriate. At some point the kids noticed this was happening, and started dismissing all the narratives. “‘I ain’t reading all that, Free Palestine’ is a standard reply to any 10,000 word essay from a zionist employed at the Burgerwaffen Institute of Applied Hasbara on why it’s okay to bomb the limbs off starving children,” an account with the handle aufhabenenjoyer explains in response to Flayton’s post. The retort is offensive to Israel apologists because it takes away their only weapon. Without mountains of narrative, all you’ve got is a nonstop deluge of raw video footage depicting the blatant genocidal criminality of Israel. No narrative overlay is required atop a video of a baby beheaded by Israeli military explosives. It stands on its own. You’d only need narrative to explain why the footage of the headless baby doesn’t say bad things about the side that’s dropping the bombs. You don’t need narrative to frame such things are unacceptable, you only need narrative to frame them as acceptable. You don’t need mountains of words to frame Israel’s actions as evil, you only need mountains of words to frame Israel’s actions as good. It actually speaks to a healthy wisdom that young people have begun disregarding the narratives and sticking to what’s immediately obvious before the narrative spin begins, because mental narratives are how humanity has gotten itself into so much trouble throughout the ages. It’s not the immediate here and now that has caused us to commit genocides and mass atrocities throughout history, it’s the mental stories that have been put in our minds by the powerful telling us why it’s actually good and smart to do something evil and stupid. In the immediate here and now there’s nothing telling you it would be good to start raining military explosives onto a giant concentration camp full of children; such things only look reasonable after ingesting and believing copious amounts of narrative. Manipulators understand that they can use narrative to promote material agendas if they can get people to believe those narratives, and it enrages them when people handwave away the narrative and stick solely with the raw data of material reality. If you’ve based your life around trading empty narrative fluff for real material resources and gains, having your narratives dismissed can feel like holding a huge pile of currency that suddenly got devalued to zero. Of course the manipulators would be upset about this. I’ve been very impressed with the way young people have been navigating through this horrible mess. Gen Z might just turn this world around. Previous Next

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    < Back IRAN'S STATE INSTITUTIONS UNDER ISLAMIC SOCIALISM Marius Trotter Jun 15, 2024 The Bonyads One anti-capitalist aspect of Iran’s post-1979 economy is known as the Bonyads. These are Islamic charity organizations, essentially run as cooperatives, responsible for providing social services and welfare to Iran’s working classes. They are usually administered by religious clergy. Although they receive state funds and subsidies, they are not directly state-run and make the day-to-day decisions as to how funds are allocated and spent. 80% of Bonyads are estimated to run at a loss, yet continue receiving state subsidies because their function is social, not profit-driven. 20-30% of Iran’s entire economy consists of these Bonyad enterprises. One of the more famous Bonyads -- the Mostazafan Foundation of the Islamic Revolution -- is the single-largest holding company in all of West Asia, consisting of the Shah’s expropriated personal properties. The Bonyads employ up to five million Iranians, causing Western business outlets and pro-neoliberal Iranian opposition groups to complain that these organizations are ‘overstaffed,’ bloated, and inefficient. In a capitalist framework, having large institutions devoted to reducing unemployment as an end in itself makes no sense; however, under the religious and economic justice priorities of the Bonyads, this makes perfect sense. In Islam, “zakat,” or charity, is one of the Five Pillars of Faith for any true believer. Iran is unique in that it adopted a practice that had historically remained the prerogative of individuals and transformed it into a central duty of the state to subsidize and promote. Iran's Basij Councils Basij Councils are another component of Iran’s revolutionary system and how the government connects with the working masses. The Basij is often incorrectly described as only a pro-government militia. While this is one of its functions, it doesn’t come close to describing the full picture. The Basij was first created during Iran’s 1980-88 war with Iraq, where local councils were set up on a community, village, and neighborhood level to defend the Islamic Revolution from foreign invasion and internal counterrevolution. When the war ended in 1988, the Basij took on many other functions besides military, community service, education, health clinics, infrastructure construction/repair, and disaster relief; their mandate was also to serve the Iranian masses. Joining is voluntary, and the only requirement is adherence to the principles of the Iranian Islamic Revolution. Today, the Basij councils have over 17 million members, with each council having a “base” at a neighborhood or village level. Approximately 60-80,000 of these bases exist nationwide, with as few as ten people or as many as 100+ assigned to each base. Their recruits are overwhelmingly drawn from the working class and the poor. Half the Basij are youth, and one-third are women. Basij are not only Muslims—there are Christian, Jewish, and Zoroastrian Basij members as well. A required part of becoming a member of the Basij is ideological, religious, and political education. Members are expected to take classes in the Quran, studying the works of key thinkers of the Iranian Revolution (For example, Ayatollah Khomeini, Morteza Motahhari, Ali Shariati, Mahmoud Taleghani), the struggle in Palestine, ethical codes of conduct, and other subjects. The Basij answers directly to the Supreme Leader of Iran and is under its direct command. One of the appeals of the Basij is access to higher education; 40% of undergraduate university positions and 20% of graduate school positions are reserved for Basij members, making it attractive for working-class people to join. The structure and function of the Basij bear a striking resemblance to that of the Communist Party apparatus that existed in the USSR and which still exists in China, Cuba, Vietnam, and the DPRK today. The Supreme Leader of Iran, the Guardian Council, and the religious clergy in the holy city of Qom function as the politburo/party vanguard, while the Basij councils are the equivalent of the soviets in Russia or the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution in Cuba, which keep the leadership rooted in the working masses. Whether the ideology is Marxism-Leninism or Shia populism/Islamic socialism, the institutions themselves serve a similar function. One cannot possibly understand how the Islamic Republic has held together for 45 years in the face of war, sanctions, imperialist encirclement, and ethnic separatist terrorism without acknowledging the popular and working-class backbone of the Iranian state. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard It might seem strange to include the IRGC in an analysis of Iran’s economic system, but the Revolutionary Guard are key players in Iran’s planned economy. They directly own and control much of Iran’s vital infrastructure outside the oil industry—roads, natural gas, railways, even banking. Many of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard were once part of the Basij militia in their youth and thus have been heavily vetted as patriotic and committed to the Islamic Revolution. Their purpose is to manage Iran’s infrastructure and national security, above all else. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards are important to mention since Western media coverage often talks about Iran’s state-run assets being ‘privatized,’ especially during the tenure of President Ahmadinejad (2005-2013). In reality, most of these so-called privatizations transferred state-run enterprises (under the purview of the Iranian parliament) to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. So, Iranian assets were moved from state control to state control and not privatized whatsoever. So, between the Bonyads, the officially state-run sector, and enterprises run by the Revolutionary Guards, the majority of Iran’s economy is either directly controlled by the state or subsidized by it. Iran As A Worker's State The lesson we should draw from this brief overview of Iran’s economy is that, whether we technically label Iran’s economy as socialist or not (despite the many controversies over what socialism is), it is clearly NOT a neoliberal or free-market system. The main purpose of this economic model is to first and foremost, to ensure the economic sovereignty and national security of Iran and secondly, to provide a safety net for the working classes and rural poor who are the main base of support for the Islamic Republic. It is clearly not about enriching certain powerful individuals. Even allowing for corruption where unscrupulous individuals misuse such institutions to enrich themselves (a problem in every socialist system including the USSR and China), it remains a very difficult environment for a conventional bourgeoisie to grow, much less flourish. The arch-neoliberal Heritage Foundation ranks Iran in terms of ‘economic freedom’ (openness of its markets) in the bottom ten, along with the DPRK, Cuba, and Venezuela, which Iranians should take as a complement and testament to the success of their economy to benefit all. Previous Next

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    < Back PIONEERS FOR COMMUNISM: STRIVE TO BE LIKE CHE Carlos L. Garrido and Edward Liger Smith Jun 14, 2024 ​The French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre once called Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara the “most complete human being of our age.” Today, 96 years after his birth, it is still difficult to find a better example of the socialist human being than the one who proclaimed courageously with his unforgettable last words , “Shoot, coward! You are only going to kill a man!” Che was for Fidel Castro “the most extraordinary of [the] revolutionary comrades;” a man with an infectious character who organically lifted those around him to emulate his revolutionary virtues of “altruism,” “selflessness,” and the “immediate [and] instantaneous willingness” he had towards “carrying out the most difficult missions” for the socialist struggle. Although carried by a Herculean courage and a spartan attitude in the face of difficulties, in the speech Fidel gives in memory of Che he says that it is. In the field of ideas, in the field of feelings, in the field of revolutionary virtues, in the field of intelligence, apart from its military virtues, where we feel the tremendous loss his death has meant for the Revolutionary movement. The bourgeois Ideologues who serve as the theoretical and rhetorical mouthpieces of the capitalist ruling class will pile garbage on the reputation of any historical figure who successfully advances the struggle for socialism, Che Guevara is no exception. As he had already eloquently noted in a 1961 speech in Santa Clara , “it is the nature of imperialism which bestializes men, turning them into wild blood thirsty beasts willing to behead, to kill, to destroy the last image of a revolutionary, of a partisan, of a regime that has either fallen under its boot, or still fights for freedom .” However, Che lived his life in a way that made him exceedingly difficult for the bourgeois imperialist media to criticize. How can you, after all, criticize someone who fell defending “the cause of the poor and the humble of this Earth,” and that, as Fidel noted , did so in such “an exemplary and selfless way” that “not even his most bitter enemies dare to dispute?” Che believed that a necessary component in the construction of a socialist society is the creation of a ‘new socialist man,’ free of the selfish and individualistic traits that are common among individuals existing within capitalist relations of production. For Che, every revolutionary should strive to exemplify the new socialist man in their actions, through being honest, hardworking, incredibly studious, and willing to labor for the good of the collective society. This marks a radical transition away from the capitalist notion of growth centered on an individual’s accumulation of capital and commodities, and towards a socialist notion of growth centered on human flourishing – towards a notion of the human being as the unique expression of the ensemble of relations they are embedded in as individuals dialectically interconnected to the social. As Che told the Union of Young Communists (UJC) in a 1962 speech , “the young communist must strive to be the first in everything…to be the living example and mirror through which our companions who do not belong to the young communist see themselves.” This meant that young communists must be essentially human. To be so human you become closer and closer to perfecting the best attributes of being human. To purify the best attributes of man through work, studies, and the exercise of continual solidarity with our people and all people around the world. To develop to the maximum his sensibilities, to the point of feeling anguished when a man is assassinated in another corner of the world, and enthusiastic when in some corner of the world, a new flag of freedom is raised. Che himself became increasingly disciplined as he got older and serves as a shining example of the socialist virtue-ethic he hoped would shape the next generations of Cuban communists. Since his death, generations of young Cubans have exerted themselves in the process of constructing the new socialist human being through the maxim: “pioneers for communism; we will be like Che.” For Che, the transition to socialism could not just be reduced to changes in political economy, a fundamental transformation of the human being through the development of socialist culture was necessary. As Michael Löwy notes , Che held “the conviction that socialism is meaningless and consequently cannot triumph unless it holds out the offer of a civilization, a social ethic, a model of society that is totally antagonistic to the values of petty individualism, unfettered egoism, [bourgeois] competition, [and] the war of all against all that is characteristic of capitalist civilization [and] this world in which ‘man eats man.’” Not only was it necessary to raise the intellectual and cultural life of the mass of working people by developing “ a consciousness in which there is a new scale of values ,” but this transformation should not be limited to the ideological-political superstructure; it must also embed itself in the economic foundation of society through what he prescribed as the need for “a complete spiritual rebirth in one's attitude toward one's own work.” As Vijay Prashad notes , “it was this new moral framework that motivated Guevara’s agenda to build socialism… if a new society had to be created, it had to be created through a new moral fiber.” Like any successful historical revolutionary, Che stressed the importance of reading and intensive study. Guevara himself was known to read incessantly throughout the entire course of his life. As a young boy playing soccer in Argentina, he would read Marxist theory while waiting to play on the bench, especially when horrific asthma attacks would pull him from the games. As the Cuban guerrillas waged their revolutionary struggle in the Sierra Maestra, Che would teach classes on Marxist economics and philosophy to the revolutionaries who would be tasked with managing Cuban society after the gangster dictator Batista was toppled. When he was in Africa at the forefront of anti-colonial struggles, he was reading none other than G.W. F. Hegel. In this manner, in the germs of the Cuban revolutionary process Che had already planted the seeds for the creation of the new socialist man, and the elevation of the people’s intellectual and moral life. The embryo of the proclamation Che made in Socialism and Man in Cuba , to have ”society as a whole…converted into a gigantic school,” was already being realized even under the extraordinarily difficult circumstances guerilla warfare entailed. Che understood that the education of the Cuban masses had very practical implications for the long-term success of the Cuban revolution. When he was young, he had thought the US empire was controlled by evil wizards and dark princes who wanted to rule the world and cared not who they slaughtered in order to do so. It was after reading books like Vladimir Lenin’s Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism that Che came to understand that it was capital who perpetrated the violent imperialism he saw all around him in Latin America, rather than a diabolical cabal of evil wizards. It was the will of capital which dictated the murderous actions of the American Government in Guatemala, from which Che barely escaped with his life. If the people of Latin America could be made to understand this, it would be far more difficult for the US imperialists to convince them that it’s in their benefit to reinstate capitalist relations of production – which the US often tries to do via propaganda and other techniques to foment color revolutions. After six decades of internationally denounced sanctions and hybrid warfare on Cuba, the blood soaked hands of the American empire have been unable to overthrow the construction of socialism in the country. Even in the periods where the U.S.’s warfare on Cuba has produced the most formidable of challenges in attaining the necessary materials to ensure the subsistence of the Cuban people, the mass of Cubans have brazenly continued the revolutionary process, with the slogan of their Bronze Titan Antonio Maceo engraved on their chest – “Whoever tries to take over Cuba will only collect the dust of their blood-soaked soil, if they do not perish in the fight.” The Cuban people, in the face of a battle against Goliath, have understood the proclamation the revolution’s Apostle José Martí had made in Nuestra America – that “Barricades of ideas are worth more than barricades of stone,” that the revolutionary ideals Cuban socialism strives for are infinitely preferrable than the hardships Goliath’s war might provide. It is in part these revolutionary ideals and ethics embedded in Cuban culture and consciousness which have allowed a socialist nation with limited resources to survive right under the nose of the U.S. empire; while other projects with far more resources and material potential went down the road of capitalist restoration, plunging millions of people into poverty and conditions unseen since before the October revolution. It is in great part thanks to the emphasis Che laid in the construction of a new man, of a new culture and set of ideals and practices, that the Cuban revolution continues to be a beacon of hope for revolutionaries around the world, and a thorn in the nose of imperialists who would want nothing more than to pillage Cuban resources, superexploit Cuban workers, and use Havana as the sin-city vacation spot they once did. By studying the emphasis Che laid on developing the new socialist human being and the new socialist culture, we give ourselves the ability to understand the success of Cuban socialism more concretely. Additionally, for those of us in countries currently fighting for the seizure of power by the working masses, studying Che’s life and work reminds us of the necessary role the intellectual and moral leadership of the revolutionary vanguard plays in disarticulating working people away from bourgeois hegemony, and towards the new set of socialist ideals, passions, desires, and ethical life necessary for the attainment of a society free of alienation, oppression, exploitation, and war. Authors Carlos L. Garrido is a Cuban American philosophy instructor at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. He is the director of the Midwestern Marx Institute and the author of The Purity Fetish and the Crisis of Western Marxism (2023), Marxism and the Dialectical Materialist Worldview (2022), and the forthcoming Hegel, Marxism, and Dialectics (2024). He has written for dozens of scholarly and popular publications around the world and runs various live-broadcast shows for the Midwestern Marx Institute YouTube . You can subscribe to his Philosophy in Crisis Substack HERE . Edward Liger Smith is an American Political Scientist and specialist in anti-imperialist and socialist projects, especially Venezuela and China. Eddie works as a director for the Midwestern Marx Institute. He also has research interests in the role southern slavery played in the development of American and European capitalism. He is a wrestling coach at Loras College. Republished from with thanks Previous Next

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