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    < Back LIVE! RUSSIAN ELECTIONS & MEDDLING WITH DAN KOVALIK ​ 22 мар. 2024 г. Our editor-in-chief Donald Courter spoke with Dan Kovalik about the recent elections in Russia. Previous Next

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    < Back CAN WE REALLY TRUST ANTI-RUSSIAN MEDIA FIGURES? Elizabeth P 22 мар. 2024 г. It is no secret that the ruling class upholds its dominant ideology through a number of methods. One of which is the use of self-proclaimed “experts” on a given topic, to present a key point of ruling class ideology as a non-ideological universal truth. Anti-Russia sentiment is central to the ideology of the US ruling class, so they feature many “Russia experts” in their media outlets to reinforce this negative bias in the consciousness of their audience. Many “experts” have lied to the American people before – their job is not necessarily to tell the truth, but rather to defend bourgeois class interests – so we must question everything that they tell us. Mike McFaul Jokes - Diplomats are lying???? Former US ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, finds it hilarious that “our diplomats are lying all the time.” Timothy Snyder: A Trusted but Untrustworthy Historian Perhaps one reason why Timothy Snyder has gotten away with lying is because he has not yet been caught laughing on camera about it. Among western bourgeois academia, Snyder is widely seen as the leading expert on the USSR during the Stalin era. Snyder’s book Bloodlands: Europe between Hitler and Stalin has received praise from every corner of the bourgeois media landscape, likely because his work feeds into its prevailing narrative that Hitler and Stalin were both equally murderous and evil. Fortunately, at least one historian was not willing to blindly accept what Snyder wrote in Bloodlands . In his book Blood Lies , Grover Furr argues that every single claim Snyder makes about Stalin is incorrect. Snyder unsurprisingly dismissed Furr as a Stalinist and "not really a scholar in the field,” possibly hoping that nobody would actually take the time to read Blood Lies and engage with Furr’s factual arguments. Blood Lies peruses the sources cited in Bloodlands , revealing how the "expert" Snyder massaged his data. For some references, Snyder left out key information that contradicts his claims. Snyder cites Nazis and Nazi collaborators as sources, without identifying them as such. Furr also uncovers basic errors that would've sunk a high school history paper: Snyder incorrectly cites page numbers, statistics, and figures from real sources, while inventing other sources completely out of whole cloth. Snyder falsely claimed that Putin is the only option that Russian voters are allowed to choose on the ballots in this year's election. Bill Browder: Red Diaper Grandbaby turned Vulture Capitalist During the Second World War, Earl Browder used his position as General Secretary of the Communist Party USA to advocate for close cooperation between his country and the Soviet Union. Today, his grandson Bill Browder occasionally pops up in western media outlets to express his disdain for the former Soviet Republic. This may lead one to ask: where exactly did Bill Browder’s rabid Russophobia come from? When interviewed by Newsweek in 2017, Browder explained that his decision to renounce his American citizenship in 1998 was because the persecution of his American Communist grandfather and Russian Communist grandmother during McCarthyism had given him a “bad feeling about the rule of law.” While it may be amusing to theorize that Bill then began hating Russia to spite Grandma and Grandpa, this explanation seems unlikely. His investments in Russia, however, better explain this resentment. Eighty years after his grandfather stood with the Soviet Union against Nazi Germany, Bill Browder stands with Ukrainian Nazis against Russia. While mass privatization of formerly collective property in Russia was causing millions of Russians to fall into unemployment and despair, Bill Browder saw an investment opportunity. In 1996, he co-founded Hermitage Capital Management, which later became “the largest foreign portfolio investor in Russia.” Browder’s investment fund lined his pockets with millions of dollars a year; in 2006, he earned an estimated £125-150 million GBP (roughly equivalent to $64-77 million USD in December 2006). Unfortunately for Browder, these profits would not last. In June 2007, two years after Browder had been denied reentry into Russia, the Moscow offices of Hermitage and its law firm were raided by law enforcement, and Hermitage holding companies were seized. It was discovered that they had embezzled over $230 million from the Russian treasury. Sergei Magnitsky, an auditor for Hermitage, was promptly arrested in November 2008 and died in prison in the following year. Browder claims that Magnitsky “had uncovered a tax scandal” and was murdered by the Russian government in retaliation, but an article from Der Spiegel argues that Browder never adduced evidence to support either claim. Browder’s lack of evidence did not stop the US government from passing the Magnitsky Act in 2012, imposing sanctions on individuals rumored to have been involved in Magnitsky’s death. The US ruling class is less concerned with whether Browder’s statements were true than with how they can be weaponized against Russia, which is why American capitalist-controlled media considers him among their favorite “Russia experts.” If Browder's concocted narrative was swallowed uncritically and used to justify sanctions, why would he ever stop being a paid liar? Previous Next

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    < Back THE HEROIC BLOCKADE TO SAVE PALESTINE - PART 2 Cassie Sipe 22 мар. 2024 г. Read Part 1 of this series here Last year, Ansar Allah initiated attacks in the Red Sea to pressure Israel to halt its assaults on Palestinians. They're not blockading the Red Sea , Arabian Sea, or the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait but are targeting US, UK, and Israeli-linked ships. With over 500,000 fighters, including 200,000 recent enlistees, Ansar Allah is no longer a ragtag militia but a significant force. They have pioneered blockades without a navy and launched attacks on US navy ships and commercial vessels with anti-ship missiles. Like Hamas, Ansar Allah, colloquially known as "The Houthis," represents a mass popular movement including an armed wing. Since 2015, they have been engaged in combat against Al-Qaeda , backed by the US and the Saudi Coalition. Despite Saudi Arabia's eight-year intervention in Yemen, Ansar Allah continued weapon development. Many Yemeni naval forces defected to Ansar Allah, providing them with experienced naval crews. Besides receiving aid from Iran, Ansar Allah also amassed weapons from previous conflicts in Yemen. The Saudi Coalition's air campaign ultimately failed, exacting a heavy toll on Yemeni civilians. Countless lives were lost, and millions faced starvation due to the coalition's blockade. The enforced starvation and collective punishment in Gaza mirror the suffering endured by Yemenis during the Saudi Coalition's intervention in the civil war. According to Mohammed Al Bulhaiti, for Yemen the current US and UK strikes pale in comparison to the losses they endured over the past eight years. In fact, western aggression has unified Yemen, a country previously divided due to the proxy-led civil war. While Iran supports various Shiite Arab militias, including Ansar Allah, Hamas, the PLA, the Iraqi Resistance , the Syrian army, and Hezbollah, they do not exercise control over them. Iran merely acts as an "arms dealer" for Ansar Allah, providing weapons and aiding in missile technology development. History of Western Intervention in The Red Sea Crisis From the outset, the USA's NATO and EU allies were hesitant to attack Yemen. Several NATO countries declined to join the coalition, and Saudi Arabia abstained from Operation Prosperity Guardian and the Naval Coalition. Bahrain was the sole Arab nation to participate, reflecting Ansar Allah's strategic victory over the Saudi-led naval coalition formed in 2015. The current US Navy Coalition responding to the Red Sea Crisis is the largest naval force since WW2. Ansar Allah has issued threats against countries assisting the United States in attacking Yemen. The UAE and Qatar used to permit the US to use their intelligence aircraft, while Saudi Arabia conducted naval strikes during their intervention. However, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait have now restricted airspace access for US attacks on Yemen. The West is determined to halt Ansar Allah's attacks, going so far as to authorize strikes on Yemen bypassing Congress and Parliament. At first, the USA sought Iran's assistance , to restrain Ansar Allah, later turning to China to pressure Iran regarding the Houthis. However, Ansar Allah has rejected third-party negotiations on their behalf. The unauthorized strikes on Yemen gave Washington a 60-day window to continue operations, considered unrelated to self-defense. March 12th marked the cutoff deadline. Now, the US must find a legal loophole or declare war on the Houthis to sustain their attacks. The US Navy appears to face operational challenges. Biden administration officials informed Congress of difficulties in pinpointing Houthi production sites in Yemen, resulting in ineffective strikes. According to The New York Times , the USA struggles to identify significant strike targets due to the concealment of most Houthi weapons, similar to Hamas tactics. Many of these weapons are hidden deep underground when not showcased at military parades. And the expenses of the USA's anti-Houthi coalition are escalating. According to a February report by 60 Minutes, the US Navy launched approximately 100 missiles, each costing up to $4 million each, targeting relatively inexpensive Houthi drones and missiles. The US also recently lost two MQ-9 drones valued at $30 million each, destroyed by a $10,000 Houthi missile. The failed Saudi intervention in Yemen had also been expensive, costing over $6 billion a month for seven consecutive years. Potential outcomes and risks The US considers Ansar Allah as a potential threat to its navy, given their missile arsenal comparable to most state actors, supplied by Iran and even North Korea . This poses a risk of the US Navy depleting its missile stockpile needed to counter Houthi drones. Missile scarcity leaves the US navy vulnerable, especially in a potential conflict with China. Adding complexity, Saudi Arabia and Iran recently joined BRICS , as previously facilitated China 's rapprochement efforts between the two, potentially explaining Saudi Arabia's reluctance to engage. A senior Ansar Allah official has claimed collaboration with Russia and China within BRICS to undermine Western hegemony. This collaboration may explain Russia's awareness of Ansar Allah's ballistic missile testing and reports of their development of hypersonic missiles. Ansar Allah has recently expanded its blockade , using new missiles to extend its reach. Such weaponry could potentially sink US naval vessels. Ansar Allah remains steadfast, intensifying efforts by broadening their blockade to include Zionist-linked ships in the Indian Ocean and beyond. This move could significantly impede Israel's ability to bypass the blockade. Then there is the vulnerability of the "land bridge" route, facilitating supplies from Indian ports to the UAE and onward to Israel. Disruption of this route could jeopardize Israeli access to Indian imports, also impacting European reliance on Russian crude transported through India. With their acquisition of long-range weapons, Ansar Allah can now pose a threat to Zionist-linked ships in the Mediterranean Sea. Such a development would further strain EU and Israeli gas supplies. After October 7th, Ansar Allah sought access to surrounding countries to engage in ground combat against Israel, yet none granted permission. However, if the Israel-Palestine conflict escalates to involve other nations, this permission could be granted. The risk to global trade is significant, with the blockade causing Suez Canal trade to plummet by half . Many shipping companies are opting to bypass the route to avoid increased insurance premiums due to the "risk of war." As a consequence, there has been a 74% surge in trade around South Africa's Cape of Good Hope , making the area a target for Houthi missile strikes. Since January, there have also been discussions of Ansar Allah severing Israel's oil supplies from the Strait of Hormuz. This move would not only affect Israel but also leave Europe vulnerable, as they have reduced their reliance on Russian oil imports and increasingly depend on other sources. Conclusion After several months, the US Navy's efforts to degrade Ansar Allah's blockade capabilities have proven unsuccessful . The question remains: what desperate measures will they resort to next? With the capacity to target new trade routes, Ansar Allah could launch attacks in the Mediterranean Sea , Indian Ocean, Cape of Good Hope, and the Strait of Hormuz. Such actions would leave pipelines from West Asia and Israel’s Arab allies as the sole option for Israel and its allies to import oil from the Islamic world. Moreover, this would significantly strain global trade and potentially tie up more naval patrols in these regions, at a time when the US seeks to confront China. Previous Next

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    < Back THE HEROIC BLOCKADE TO FREE PALESTINE - PART 1 Cassie Sipe 12 мар. 2024 г. The Heroic Blockade to Save Palestine Last year, Ansar Allah (known in the West as the "Houthis") announced a campaign to blockade Israeli and Zionist-linked US and UK vessels. The resistance group has promised to attack them throughout the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, the Arabian Sea, the Bab Al-Mandab Strait, or anywhere else within reach until Israel ceases its aggression against Palestinians in Gaza. Because of this Israel and its Western backers have been forced to acknowledge the new calculus: that they are at war not only with Hamas but with an Axis of Resistance. Today, blockades, attacks on ports and mass protests have become an effective way to prevent trade and weapons shipments. For example, Australian protestors blocked a terminal receiving weapons for Israel for several weeks. More recently, Polish farmers blocked weapons shipments to Ukraine. And Malaysia has banned Israel linked ships from its ports. It seems Israel is now tasting its own medicine after a nearly 18-year blockade of the Gaza Strip. History of the Ansar Allah movement So what is Ansar Allah? The popular movement originated with a Yemeni tribal opposition movement and militia called the Houthis. They get their name from Hussein Badr Al Houthi and his brother of Abdulmalik al-Houthi , the current leader of the group. Abdulmalik took over after the death of his brother Hussein in 2004. He is thought to have as many as 21 brothers, some of whom serve in the movement. Yahya and Abdul Karim are still alive and serve with him, while their brothers Ibrahim Al Houthi and Abdulkhallik Al Houthi were killed in action. After an arrest in 2004 by Saudi-backed Yemeni government, Hussein helped launch the Houthi insurgency. This intifada induced the “Yemen Crisis,'' which began in 2011 and metastasized into a full-blown civil war by 2014 . This came after the Houthis staged a coup against Yemen’s now ousted government and fought a prolonged proxy war. Iran took the side of the Yemeni resistance, while Saudi Arabia backed its " internationally -recognized" proxy leader in a war which became quickly became a quagmire for the Saudis, despite backing from the US and UK. Beginning in 2014, Ansar Allah fought the Saudi‘s blockade of their territory, a key contributor to the famine in Yemen, which was until Gaza the world's worst humanitarian crisis. Despite not being internationally recognized as the government of Yemen, Ansar Allah commands the majority of the territory of Yemen and its people, administering the capital since 2015 . The predominantly Zaidi Shia insurgents have been fighting the Saudis for a decade. They were able to destroy one of Riyadh’s key oil refineries, sending Saudi Arabia’s economy into chaos. That a rebel militia from the world's poorest country could inflict such damage on Saudi Arabia, a powerhouse backed by western imperialism, demonstrated that Ansar Allah was and continues to be a force to be reckoned with. Ideology Ansar Allah considers its blockade an anti-terror operation against Israel and US imperialism, fulfilling its duty under the Geneva convention by fulfilling its obligation under international law to prevent genocide. It consider the US, UK and Israel as the main source of terrorism in the region. This is not an uncommon sentiment in West Asia, given the USA’s covert support over the years for the Taliban , the Arab Spring color revolution, Al Qaeda, and ISIS. Anti-imperialist and anti-colonial sentiment have become fervent throughout the populations of West Asia, even as they continue to be ruled by Western-controlled comprador regimes. As Zaidi Shias, Ansar Allah has similar beliefs to Hezbollah and other Iran backed militias. Its focus was contained to its own territory prior to October 7th, though the movement has long been proudly against Zionism and US imperialism. Their chants are quite similar to Hezbollah’s and Khamenei’s and are closely aligned with Iran. Iran has taken similar measures against Israeli ships and is actively arming Ansar Allah and other Resistance Axis militias. Impact on Israel and global trade Due to the crisis, international shipping companies have reversed traffic away from the Red Sea, even as this shift left them more vulnerable to pirates . The attacks on ships caused shipping prices to increase very quickly. Since then, Red Sea trade has been cut in half , the biggest drop since the Evergiven ship blocked the Suez Canal in 2021. This blockade has been effective and strategic, as 12% of international maritime trade passes through the Red Sea. It's also a key route for oil vessels, making it harder for Israel’s western allies to send in oil and weapons supplies. The blockade cut off Israel’s Eilat port, which has seen an 84% drop in traffic as a result. While this will not prevent Israeli imports completely, it will have a detrimental effect on Israel’s economy. Port Eilat is Israel’s most economically strategic port and, if it remains blocked, Israel will find it difficult to import food, weapons, and other goods from its seaports. While the impact of the blockade mostly affects shipping containers, some companies have decided to delay oil shipments. Many vessels initially decided to ignore US warnings to steer clear and continued sailing the Red Sea. However, given that insurance companies are refusing to insure Western vessels, countries have increasingly decided to heed their warnings and reroute traffic. As a result, there has been a 40% drop in traffic in the Red Sea. The industry has not seen such a drop since the CoronaVirus . Ansar Allah has allowed Chinese , Russian and even Saudi Arabian vessels to continue oil shipments through the Red Sea, though Qatar and China’s COSTCO initially delayed and halted oil shipments. Ironically, Ansar Allah attacked Aramco’s oil refinery in Riyadh as late as 2019 . The fact that it has allowed Aramco and others safe passage is a testament to this enduring Saudi-Yemeni truce . Because the blockade only applies to US, UK and Israeli vessels, insurance companies either refuse to insure them or charge them much high rates. Ansar Allah grants vessels from neutral countries safe passage , so long as they make it clear they have no contact with Israel . So, the narrative that the blockade is a threat to global markets is not entirely true. Since the EU receives their oil shipments through this route, oil imports to the union have dropped by half . For similar reasons, UK exports have been harmed so the concern from such countries materially supporting Israel's genocide is not unfounded. Potential outcome Ansar Allah is now considering implementing its “Al Aqsa Triangle Plan .” Such a scenario would include cutting Israel and its supporters off from the Red Sea route to the Suez Canal, Bab El-Mandeb strait, and the Strait of Hormuz. This would effectively mean a de-facto “oil embargo” by cutting off European and Israeli gas imports from the route. Such a move would shift the focus to Israel’s “land bridge” and leave it vulnerable to further attacks there. The “land bridge” is a route in which Israel’s key Arab trading partners deliver oil shipments by sea in UAE and from there the shipments are trucked to Saudi Arabia, to Jordan and then on to Israel. Not only would it cause oil prices to skyrocket, but it would also put a lot of pressure on Europe as they import oil from the same countries as Israel. It could have the same effect as the oil embargo scenario I described last November. Maybe this is what it will take for the West to rethink their “blank check” support of Israel, and for the Global South to finally unite in stopping Israel's genocide in Palestine. Read Part 2 of this series here Previous Next

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    < Back GAZA STRIP: UN CALLS FOR SANCTIONS AGAINST ISRAEL OVER FAMINE teleSUR 21 мар. 2024 г. On several occasions, authorities in Cairo accused Israel of hindering the entry of food, medicine and vital goods into the embattled territory. On Thursday, the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Francesca Albanese, stated that the intentional famine in Gaza needs a political response in line with international law. The World Health Organization notes that an increasing number of children in Gaza are on the brink of death due to acute hunger and that newborns are dying from low birth weight, the official denounced on her X account. "Meanwhile, thousands of trucks carrying essential supplies have been blocked for months at Rafah," she said, referring to the border between the coastal enclave and Egypt. On several occasions, authorities in Cairo accused Israel of hindering the entry of food, medicine and vital goods into the embattled territory. In recent weeks, Albanese called on the world to impose an arms embargo against Israel for its attack on Gaza, where more than 31,000 Palestinians have been killed since October 7 last year. Helping the tormented Palestinian people means blocking the export of arms to Israel, he wrote in X. In view of this violation, "an urgent suspension of all arms transfers (state-run or privately managed) to at-risk territories" is necessary, he stressed. Previous Next

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    < Back NORD STREAM INVESTIGATION SABOTAGED - DMITRY POLYANSKIY, ALEXANDER MERCOURIS & GLENN DIESEN The Duran 21 мар. 2024 г. The Duran delves into the frustration stemming from the Western nations' reluctance to hold accountable those behind the Nordstream pipelines sabotage, despite compelling evidence. They critique the decline of trust in the rules-based international order, including the prolonged dissemination of false allegations, such as those concerning Hunter Biden's laptop. Despite incriminating remarks by U.S. officials, a narrative debunked by evidence persists. They acknowledge mounting opposition to such practices within both the U.S. and international spheres. Previous Next

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    < Back WHAT IS GOING ON IN CUBA? PROF. GARRIDO EXPLAINS Midwestern Marx 21 мар. 2024 г. Carlos L. Garrido of Midwestern Marx discusses what is going on in Cuba and debunks the lies of the mainstream media. Previous Next

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    < Back KEY POINTS OF TEXAS ANTI-IMMIGRANT SB-4 LAW teleSUR 21 мар. 2024 г. Pushed by Texas Governor Abbott, the SB-4 law has inspired other Republican-led states to follow its steps. On Wednesday, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador ratified that Mexico will not accept migrants deported by Texas if the SB4 law comes into effect. However, the application of this law remains in dispute. Texas SB-4 law, which is considered one of the most drastic anti-immigrant measures in United States history along with Arizona's SB-1070 of 2010, has heightened tension in the U.S.-Mexico border and has inspired other Republican-led states to follow its steps. Amid the complicated legal battle between Texas and the Federal government, which prevented this measure from taking effect on March 5, uncertainty grows among immigrants because it lends itself to racial discrimination. Key Points - Pushed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the SB-4 law makes it a misdemeanor for a foreigner to enter or attempt to enter the state from a foreign nation irregularly. The detained migrant will be charged with a misdemeanor, carrying a sentence of up to six months in jail. - If the offender is a repeat offender, the offense becomes a felony, punishable by up to 20 years in prison. - The law allows state justice to order the expulsion of the foreigner without due legal process. A judge could drop the charges if the migrant agrees to return to Mexico. - The SB-4 law also prohibits any local policy that restricts police officers from questioning a person's immigration status, even during routine stops such as traffic stops, which are promoted in so-called "immigrant sanctuaries". - The norm requires local authorities to allocate resources such as jail space, agents, and funds to implement the law. - The SB-4 law prohibits police from arresting immigrants at public or private schools, churches and other places of worship, and medical centers. However, it does not mention university campuses. States with Similar Initiatives - Iowa: On Tuesday, the state's House of Representatives approved a bill that would allow police to detain certain undocumented immigrants and order them to leave the country. Undocumented immigrants could face up to two years in prison if they enter, attempt to enter, or are found in Iowa after being denied entry to the U.S. or deported. The measure is headed to the desk of Governor Kim Reynolds, who has expressed support for the legislation. - New Hampshire: Earlier this month, the state's Senate approved a bill earlier that allows police to file charges of trespassing against individuals suspected of illegally entering the U.S. from Canada. The initiative is being discussed in the state's House of Representatives. - Tennessee: Last Friday, lawmakers in the Tennessee House of Representatives approved a bill that requires police officers to inform the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) when they encounter an undocumented individual. - Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, and North Carolina: The legislatures of these states have either passed or are considering similar bills to the Texas law, imposing harsh penalties on undocumented immigrants. - Arizona: Governor Katie Hobbs has a measure on her desk, dubbed the Arizona Invasion Law, which would criminalize immigrants by authorizing police departments to detain and arrest foreigners who cross the border illegally. This Republican-backed project, which Hobbs is expected to veto, would also grant immunity to police officers and their departments from any legal action against them due to possible incidents that occur while enforcing the law. Previous Next

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    < Back WHAT THE HELL IS CULTURAL MARXISM? Marx Engels Lenin Institute 20 мар. 2024 г. In this livestream Alexander of Marx Engels Lenin Institute examines the arguments of the likes of Jordan Peterson regarding the influence of what he refers to as 'cultural Marxism.' Be sure to check out the MELI website where you can find the latest articles: You can also find more of their work on their Patreon page ... If you want to support the work they do, then you can also donate using the link below: If you want to contact them you can do so on the following email address Previous Next

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    < Back ISRAEL IS LOSING THE WAR ON 6 FRONTS Richard Medhurst 20 мар. 2024 г. Original: On October 7th, amid declining global focus on Palestine and shifting attention to Ukraine, the Palestinian resistance launched a preemptive strike on Israel. This initiated a conflict across multiple fronts, including Gaza, the West Bank, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen, driven by fears of erasure under Netanyahu's policies. This multifaceted confrontation has tested Israel's military and economic resilience and underlined the challenges facing Israel and its approach, amid growing international condemnation and internal debate over Zionism and regional politics. Richard Thomas Medhurst (1992) is an independent journalist, political commentator, and analyst from the United Kingdom with a focus on international affairs, US politics, and the Middle East. Medhurst is known for his coverage of the Julian Assange extradition case in London, as one of the only journalists to report on the trial of the WikiLeaks founder from inside the court. He has also covered the Iran nuclear deal talks on the ground in Vienna. Medhurst was born in Damascus, Syria. His father is English and mother is Syrian. Both his parents served in United Nations Peacekeeping and Observer missions and were among the UN Peacekeepers awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1988. Owing to his parents’ professional mobility, he has lived in Syria, Pakistan, Switzerland, and Austria. He speaks four languages fluently: English, Arabic, French, and German. As an independent journalist, Medhurst regularly hosts live broadcasts and video reports on his YouTube channel. Previous guests include the Foreign Minister of Venezuela, the Dep Foreign Minister of Iran; the Palestinian, Russian and Cuban ambassadors to the United Nations in Vienna; the former British Ambassador to Syria; and various UN officials, journalists, and more. Medhurst’s reports and analysis on Yemen, Ukraine, Syria, Niger, Lebanon, Iran, the Israeli occupation in Palestine and its genocide in Gaza have gone viral countless times, racking up millions of views. Richard Medhurst has a combined following of roughly one million people online, and appears regularly on international news outlets including Al Jazeera, WikiLeaks, Black Agenda Report, Al Mayadeen, The Times, LBC, and others. Richard Medhurst on Twitter: / richimedhurst Richard Medhurst on Instagram: / richardtmedhurst Richard Medhurst on Substack: Previous Next

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    < Back I WAS BANNED FROM ELON’S ‘FREE SPEECH’ X APP FOR OFFENDING POWER KIT KLARENBERG 20 мар. 2024 г. Following years of pressure from Israel lobbyists and British spooks, I was finally banned by Twitter/X. What does my removal say about Elon Musk, who flaunts his opposition to censorship, while promising to build an “everything app” where you could lose access to banking and messaging for violating dubious speech codes? On February 17, I was suspended from Twitter/X without warning. The cause was mass-reporting by Zionist activists I’d offended. My removal was justified on the basis that I violated X’s “rules against violent speech.” Having endlessly condemned violence on the platform – in particular, the Gaza genocide – I’m flummoxed. Not least because a post from one of my Zionist detractors, which openly calls for me to be “battered on a weekly basis” over my political views, remains extant today. Despite repeated requests for clarity from X, I have no idea whether I will ever be reinstated. In February, I received from “support” stating the suspension will only be reversed after three months. But just a few sentences later, the email contradicted itself, stating in closing that the ban would last just a month. Meanwhile, whenever I log into X, my profile appears to have zero followers or follows, I cannot view or search anyone’s tweets (including my own), and my DMs are inaccessible. Have they been erased? A landing page message reads: “Your account is permanently in read-only mode, which means you can’t post, repost, or like content. You won’t be able to create new accounts.” In January 2024, X purged a number of prominent, predominantly left-wing users without warning or explanation. Their suspensions were lifted only after a deluge of complaints poured in to the personal account of Elon Musk, the libertarian tech maven and self-proclaimed free speech warrior who purchased Twitter with his personal fortune. I am grateful that scores of X users have done the same following my own suspension. However, Musk has kept mum about my case. While I may not have as many followers as those abruptly defenestrated in January, my work has been widely shared on X, with some posts gaining millions of impressions. Most-viewed was my December 2023 revelation that an unadvertised and unnoticed Russian government plane was parked in Washington DC’s Dulles airport, a visit which likely represented the beginning of the Ukraine proxy war’s end. This is quite a remarkable turnaround, given the concerted effort to suppress my Twitter output for as long as I have used the platform. One of the most illuminating disclosures in the Twitter Files exposed how the hyper-censorious regime that controlled the social media platform before Musk’s takeover required explicit authorization from managers to throttle accounts with more than 100,000 followers . Until then, engineers had free rein to covertly censor, suppress and shadowban anyone they wished, however they wished, without any oversight whatsoever. This secret protocol offered a compelling explanation for curious developments regarding my own Twitter account in Summer 2022. For 18 months following my 2021 registration for Twitter, my follower count remained stubbornly low. This was until The Grayzone unmasked celebrity “journalist” Paul Mason as a British intelligence asset who directly coordinated attacks on anti-war figures and movements with a “friend” in the Foreign Office. I was the lead investigator on this series of reports . The exposés generated significant attention the world over. My followers duly began multiplying by hundreds daily. Curiously, however, whenever I was a few dozen shy of 10,000, the total would crash back down. Evidently, Twitter staffers – and powerful forces breathing down their necks – were absolutely determined no one saw what I had to say. Besides the exposes of Mason I worked on, there was my October 2019 report revealing Gordon Macmillan, a senior Twitter executive , as a member of 77th Brigade, the British Army’s shadowy psychological warfare unit which specializes in the weaponization of social media. Had Macmillan and his fellow national security cadres exacted revenge on me when I was finally banned from Twitter/X? And what does my permanent removal say about X’s new boss, Elon, who advertises X as a platform that “champions free speech,” while promising to build an “everything app” where you could presumably lose access to your bank and messaging history for violating dubious speech codes? Frozen out of ‘everything’ by Elon Gordon MacMillan was one of many high-ranking staffers rightly sacked from the company upon Musk’s acquisition. From my perspective, while the owner’s politics couldn’t be further removed from my own, I have largely defended and embraced the changes he has implemented. During an October 26, 2023 all-hands meeting at Twitter/X headquarters, Musk opened his remarks by announcing that he was “transforming the company from what it was, Twitter 1.0, to the everything app.” He vowed to establish “a single application that encompasses everything. You can do payments, messages, video, calling, whatever you’d like, from one single, convenient place.” “We just don’t have that,” Musk lamented. “It doesn’t exist outside of China.” I might not have been using X for “everything”, but it was an extremely useful tool in my personal and professional life. My banning offered me a stark illustration of the dangers of relying so heavily on a privately-owned social media app, especially one that provides features that are almost essential in a digital world. Many are anxious about the rise of digital payments and currencies, for this would inevitably grant financial institutions, and governments, monopoly power over how citizens can spend their cash, and even more gravely, whether they can. Fall foul of such powerful forces, even accidentally, and you might find yourself frozen out of your life savings, perhaps forever. If X is to truly become an “everything” app, the implications of a ban will be greatly multiplied, with suspensions effectively locking a user out of every sphere of their public and private life. We haven’t reached that point yet. But the consequences of X’s arbitrary suspension process are very real. There are now scores of people — comrades, collaborators, critics, and journalistic sources — from whom I’m now cut off, perhaps forever. Meanwhile, the contents of our conversations seem to have been rendered permanently inaccessible – except, perhaps, by Musk himself. The vaguely-explained, arbitrary suspension means I’m not only being deprived the ability to express my opinions in a public forum, hold the powerful to account, expose hypocrisy, criminality and even genocide, and directly engage with my supporters and detractors. It also means I’ve lost a platform through which to conduct sensitive conversations with sources across the globe. The start of something worse? In a June 2019 op-ed, United Nations special rapporteur on torture Nils Melzer wrote that once WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange had been “dehumanized through isolation, ridicule and shame, just like the witches we used to burn at the stake, it was easy to deprive him of his most fundamental rights without provoking public outrage worldwide.” A key component of the WikiLeaks founder’s “isolation” was the Ecuadorian Embassy cutting off his internet access in March 2018. As I previously revealed , that act was just one aspect of a wide-ranging black propaganda campaign executed by a British intelligence cutout called the Integrity Initiative. By falsely framing Assange as a Russian agent, London successfully pressured Quito into banning his personal visits as well as any and all communication with the outside world. Immediately thereafter, British police launched ‘Operation Pelican,’ a scheme designed to extract Assange from the embassy and ultimately transfer him into US custody. Operation Pelican succeeded one year later, and Assange has festered in Belmarsh Prison, Britain’s Gitmo, ever since. As he awaits extradition to Washington, where he could face 175 years in a supermax prison, Assange has been blocked from communicating with the outside world. Press photographers were even prohibited from capturing his wedding day inside the jail on the grounds of national security. Is my Twitter/X suspension part of a similar effort to isolate me, so when the British state deprives me of my most fundamental rights, it won’t provoke public outrage? Alternatively, recall the role Twitter/X played in the case of independent journalist Steve Sweeney, who was arbitrarily detained in Mexico while on his way to cover Nicaragua’s November 2021 election, which the US State Department had condemned. Sweeney might have languished in prison for an interminable period had word not immediately spread across Twitter, resulting in his release after three nightmarish days in custody without food or clean water. Activists in Mexico were at the forefront of the push to free Sweeney. Since May 2023, when British counter-terror officials detained, interrogated, and digitally strip searched me for six hours without granting my right to silence or privacy, I have found travel unnerving — particularly the act of arriving at, walking through, and exiting airports. I don’t know what information global databases display about me, which claims regarding my character have been shared with foreign governments, or whether I’ve been erroneously flagged as an international security threat. Influential security state-tied figures like Paul Mason have openly clamored for me to be jailed as punishment for my journalistic activities. Heidi Bachram, the British pro-Israel activist who led the campaign to mass-report me on X over my solidarity with Palestine, has expressed hope that I “will never again be allowed to visit” my homeland. Her supporters have echoed the sentiment. There are clear indications that a number of shadowy, intelligence-linked elements are monitoring my activity online. In November 2023, an Irish defense consultant who claims to have “advised government, military and civil society actors in Ukraine and other European countries regarding defence policy,” bizarrely alleged : “Klarenberg…showed his FSB signature training as [sic] early 2014.” I have no idea what they were alluding to, and certainly have never received any training by Russian intelligence. But it’s not unreasonable to think I’d be in the military alliance’s crosshairs. That same month, the NATO Stratcom Center of Excellence described me as one of the “agents and sympathizers” of a “hostile regime” in a report which effusively advocated for the cyberbullying, harassment, stalking, and doxxing of anti-imperialists. British censorship org targets The Grayzone? Apparently not content with simply targeting me personally, these same forces have relentlessly attacked The Grayzone as well. In August 2022, longtime British intelligence operative Ross Burley publicly smeared The Grayzone as a “Russian propaganda outfit” and asserted it was “incredibly irresponsible for YouTube and other social media companies” to platform our journalists. The cause of his ire may have been our 2021 report on leaked files that exposed details of Britain’s wide-ranging, clandestine intelligence operations targeting Russia. In response, Twitter took the unprecedented step of applying a “warning” label to each and every tweet linked to this report, cautioning users it contained “materials obtained through hacking.” The policy backfired, however, after countless users mocked the label and turned it into a meme. Others, meanwhile, suggested Twitter’s label simply amounted to a seal of authenticity that confirmed the leaked material’s veracity. As to the question of why the social network chose to slap this label on The Grayzone exclusively, and overlook Western-funded “OSINT” collectives such as Bellingcat which routinely publish stolen material, recent developments may provide some clue. In February, Politico revealed that Britain’s Defence and Security Media Advisory (DSMA) Committee had been unsuccessfully attempting to woo major social media platforms to join its board. The Committee is a Ministry of Defence-run censorship mechanism tasked with dictating which security-related stories mainstream media is authorized to report. When the Committee asks British journalists and editors to withhold information from the public, they almost always comply. Politico quoted Geoffrey Dodds, a DSMA secretary and former military official, as saying Google and Meta were among the social media giants on the Committee’s wishlist. He proposed that tech firms monitor their platforms for content relating to Britain’s “national security,” then seek the Committee’s advice on whether to censor. Yet his effort has so far been unsuccessful, as the companies reportedly “felt that they couldn’t sit on [the board] because it was too linked to government.” Still, Dodds remained optimistic that the British government would “come up with a grand bargain with the tech giants…then hopefully, we’ll be able to get the tech giants back on board.” Politico said the Committee was “steadfast” in its determination to get social media firms aboard. Dodds remarked that moving forward, “there’s probably going to be less print, just as much broadcasting, and a continued increase in social media and online [news]…So we need to get into this game.” Publicly-available minutes of the DSMA Committee’s June 2023 meeting show that the body’s Deputy Secretary, retired Navy Captain Jon Perkins, disclosed that between October 2022 and April 2023, material of “extreme sensitivity (in national security terms)” had been “protected from inadvertent disclosure” thanks to the Committee’s interventions with journalists. This material was “of the most sensitive nature he had seen” since joining. While the “nature” of that “material” was unstated, Perkins may well have been referring to a series of investigations The Grayzone published throughout that precise period detailing London’s secret and pivotal role in escalating the Ukraine proxy war. Given this outlet’s reputation as a leading source of insight on the cloak-and-dagger machinations of the US and British-led Western national security state, the DSMA Committee would welcome its suppression on Twitter/X and other platforms at least as much as it did my indefinite suspension. After years of pressure from Western security state operatives, I was finally banished from Twitter/X under the watch of the billionaire owner who has flaunted his ideological opposition to censorship. On his coming “everything app,” it seems that everything you say can and will be used against you. Previous Next

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    < Back US GOVERNMENT-FUNDED POLLING VALIDATES 2024 RUSSIAN ELECTION - WEST SIMPLY DOESN'T LIKE THE OUTCOME Brian Berletic 19 мар. 2024 г. - US government-funded polling via the Levada Center indicates Russian President Vladimir Putin as of 2024, has an 86% approval rating, very close to the 87.3% electoral outcome of President Putin's re-election; - Conversely, President Putin's "fiercest opponent," according to the same US government-funded polling organization, had single-digit approval ratings as of 2023; - US government-funded polling validates the outcome of the Russian elections, the US simply doesn't like the outcome, and through concerted propaganda is trying to undermine the credibility of the elections; - This is only the latest example of the US and Europe interfering in and undermining, not upholding democracy and self-determination around the globe; References: NEO - West Declares Russian Elections “Undemocratic” Because it Doesn’t Like Winner ... CNN - Putin extends one man-rule in Russia after stage-managed election devoid of credible opposition (March 18, 2024): ... Politico - Putin ‘wins’ rigged Russian election with 87 percent of the vote (March 17, 2024): ... New York Times - With New Six-Year Term, Putin Cements Hold on Russian Leadership (March 18, 2024): ... National Endowment for Democracy - Russia: Polling for Democracy, The Yuri Levada Analytical Center (2011): ... Levada Center - Putin’s Approval Rating (February 2024): Levada Center - Alexey Navalny: Attitude of the Politician and his Criminal Prosecution (2023): ... The Guardian - Alexei Navalny obituary (February 16, 2024): ... Wikileaks - A GUIDE TO RUSSIAN POLITICAL YOUTH GROUPS: PART 1 OF 2 (November 2006): ... Where to Find Brian's Work: Website: Telegram: Twitter: / brianjberletic Odysee (YouTube alternative): Rumble (YouTube alternative): Weibo: ไบรอัน แฟนคลับ (Facebook): / brianthaifanclub Line Group: Gab: VK (Facebook alternative): How to Support my Work (and thank you!): Buy Me A Coffee: Patreon: / landdestroyer PromptPay: 0851547235 Cryptocurrency Donations: Ethereum (ETH): 0xee6ed93c3adc474450011e9af22939a0b9b312c7 BitCoin (BTC): 1AfGnbmHxA6cy9YKUSxysXvpJPyecpBKrr Monero (XMR): 845TCXx3pchSBXuDL7FHG679gbWD2wkHS6MJxuq7jFVsVFj7T6xsry747uhhGZUdkaRXbbrMfo5c8RnGfzGZ13KxQUdHVLR Previous Next

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