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Patrick Lancaster

2 мар. 2024 г.

Patrick Lancaster met with Avdiivka residents and refugees and they exposed many war crimes committed by the Ukraine forces during the battle where Russia captured the city. As these people state, the Ukraine forces used residents as human shields, targeted civilians and even performed mass executions. They all said how they have been waiting for Russian forces to come help them.

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From Lancaster: My name is Patrick Lancaster and I think you deserve more then what the Western mainstream media is willing to show you. I think you need to see information for both sides of the contact line. Why does the Western mainstream media think the world does not deserve to see reports from both sides of the lines? Think about it!! I believe you deserve MORE and I will make sure you continue to get it here on this channel!! We can not cover every story from every place but we can do our best & of course, always bring you reports with full English & Russian translations.

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