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Brian Berletic

Feb 18, 2024

Update on the conflict in Ukraine for February 18, 2024…

- UPDATE: Russia takes all of Avdeevka after Ukrainian forces begin fleeing crumbling defenses;

- Despite attempts to portray a change in Ukrainian military leadership as necessary to address Ukraine’s many and growing problems on the battlefield, the change reflected political motivations rather than improving strategic or tactical capabilities;

- The Western media continues to depict Ukraine’s military deficiencies as resulting from delayed Western funding, however the actual problem stems from unsolveable military industrial limits;

- The West and the US in particular continues operating from the flawed assumption that despite Russia’s advantages in quantity, the US can overcome Russian capabilities through superior innovation;

- Attempts to increase production of air defense systems and artillery munitions are falling far short of Ukraine’s battlefield requirements and further expansion will require years of additional investments not even being discussed at the moment;

- Claims that Ukraine will build up its own military industrial capacity is unrealistic considering how difficult this process is for the West under the most ideal conditions outside of a warzone;


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