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Red Rick of The Class Consciousness Project

Mar 25, 2024

Vehicles of Russian emergency services are parked near the burning Crocus City Hall concert venue following a reported shooting incident, outside Moscow, Russia, March 22, 2024. REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov

On Friday 22nd march, a small group of men entered the Crocus Hall in Moscow armed with automatic rifles and opened fire. It’s reported that over 60 civilians have been killed and many more injured in the mayhem. incendiary grenades were also used causing a fire that also caused extensive damage.Islamic state have taken credit for this terrorist attack, with most people believing it to be order from Kiev. Either way as the Aussie Cossak put it “All roads lead to Washington.”  

Suggesting that either of these organisations, if it’s the Kiev regime or a version of ISIS, are both run or funded by the US empire. It’s vital to understanding the USA’s part in these conflicts in their battle for world hegemony. Let’s also not forget the part played by the old colonial powers such as Britain, France and Germany. The US’s nato lackeys.

Since the stabilisation of Russia over the past 20 years the US empire has desired to return the resource rich country back to the bad old days, after the fall of the soviet union, when Russia and the other countries of the USSR were pillaged as they allowed in free trade capitalism. This saw the great advances of the USSR picked apart by the vultures of western imperialism.The Ukraine conflict has been engineered in such a way to draw Russia into a war in an attempt to destabilise Vladimir Putin’s government and destroy Russia’s relationship with its western neighbours. Halting russian exports and opening up the European market completely to the USA. So far they have only been successful in strengthening Russia’s ties with the east and weakening Europe.

It was only just over a year ago the prominent political theorist Alexander Dugin’s daughter was murdered in car bomb attack on the outskirts of Moscow. Daria Dugin was an innocent non-combatant like those killed in Crocus Hall. She was a journalist and political analyst that was assassinated because of her, and her fathers, prominent position in Russian society and her fathers relationship to President Putin. An attempt to send a message straight to the heart of Russian aristocracy.


the unlawful use of violence and intimidation,

especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.”

These acts, and others like the attacks on the Kerch bridge, are definitely acts of terrorism with an aim of destabilising the Russian government so the west can balkanise the country, removing its strength, and enriching itself on its resources.

We condemn any attacks on innocent civilians in pursuit of imperialism continuing hunger. The attacks on non-combatants during war or peace time is a crime against humanity and anyone involved in these attack are the enemy of the workers of all nations.

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