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Listen Jack, Biden Thinks You’re a Stupid S.O.B

Charlotte Forrester

Feb 6, 2022

As we edge closer towards World War III, Democratic Party voters continue to express their disappointment in President Joe Biden for not keeping his campaign promises: student debt alleviation by fixing the loan forgiveness programs and reducing the $1.7 trillion in student loans, which would be $10,000 per borrower; solving the COVID pandemic, curbing police violence, ending eternal warfare in the Middle East, repealing Trump’s tax cuts, and raising the minimum wage to $15/hr. The fulfillment of these promises is either being purposely delayed or not being carried out at all. What the Democratic voting base fails to recognize or admit is that Joe Biden never intended to fulfill such promises. During the 2020 Presidential primaries, Biden infamously reassured his Wall Street donors that, "nothing will fundamentally change."

This is the very same Joe Biden who drafted and fought for the 1994 crime bill that increased mass incarceration, as well as the same six-pack-Joe who wrote the ominous counter-terrorism bill in 1995 that would become the Patriot Act in 2001. But what about his support for the LGBTQ community? It is all amounts to pandering once a person remembers Biden voted against the legalization of gay marriage in 1996, not to mention that this is the same man who thinks “Will & Grace” did a lot for LGBTQ rights. But Biden promised us that he’d help cancel student debt -- up to $10,000, right? Wrong! He voted to end bankruptcy protections for students in 2005. But Biden is a friend to women, just look at the fact that he picked a woman of color to be his Vice President, right? Biden has a well documented history of crossing personal boundaries, such as sniffing little girls from behind and the allegation that he sexually assaulted Tara Reid in 1993. When Anita Hill testified against the nomination of Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas for sexually harassing her in 1991, Joe Biden, who chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee, downplayed her allegations against Thomas and let him fill the SCOTUS seat. But didn’t Biden say that he would curb Trump’s military aggression? Every presidential candidate within the past 35 years has said its administration would be peaceful; but of course, if we look at the voting records of Joe Biden, we would be wise not to trust him. He did in fact vote in favor of the Iraq invasion in 2002. So, how is Joe Biden any different than past warmongering US presidents? Especially if he and his donors have financial and economic interest in absorbing Ukraine into NATO?

Remember when Donald Trump was being investigated for his phone call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky? It turns out the House of Representatives wanted to prevent Trump from possibly exposing Biden’s financial ties to Burisma Holdings, of which Hunter Biden became a shareholder in 2014. The then-Vice-President Joe Biden made strong statements towards the then-Ukrainian-President Petro Poroshensko in March 2016. The former claimed that the US government would cancel $1 billion of loan guarantees unless Ukraine’s top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, was removed from office. During his speech to the Council on Foreign Relations in 2018, Biden boasted how he urged Poroshenko to remove Shokin without ever mentioning his son Hunter or his involvement with Burisma Holdings. The investigation into Bursima was dropped a few weeks later and Hunter left the Ukrainian company in April 2019. Since Trump wanted to reopen the investigation on Hunter Biden’s financial ties to Bursima, the House of Representatives cried "corruption" and "abuse of power," which led to his second impeachment. While Donald Trump is an obnoxious, pompous, and sex offending gas bag, his corruption in office and contempt for the struggling masses pale in comparison to Joe Biden.

And why would he be any different when it comes to the economic woes that millennials and zoomers are stuck dealing with? After all, he has expressed that he has “no empathy for these youngsters.” Joe Biden has no loyalty to the American people, let alone to the Democratic voting base that voted for him. When Joe Biden first ran for senate in 1972, he was fencing between the GOP and Democratic Party until the DuPont Company, the largest employer in the state of Delaware, decided to finance Biden’s senatorial campaign. Since the DuPont family began to shift its financial control over to the Democratic Party in the 1970’s, Biden would run as a Democrat. Talk about party loyalty! Biden’s loyalties lie within the shareholders of Raytheon, Boeing, CIA, the military industrial complex, and silicon valley. And, if the oligarchs in charge of the Fortune 500 companies, who are in the pockets of both the Democratic Party and GOP, want Biden to use Ukraine to invade Donbas in order to trap Russia into intervening - he will certainly oblige.

If you think Biden has your best interests in mind - do not kid yourself. You are as tragically mistaken as the US government's decision to arm neo-fascist militias like the Azov Battalion in Ukraine.

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