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Brief History of Taiwan and US intervention in Taiwan Strait

Jun 20, 2023

Carl Zha's presentation of history of Taiwan and the origin of US-China tension over Taiwan Strait on Webinar with @codepinkaction and @MassPeaceAction. a year ago. Here Carl covers Taiwan prehistory, Dutch colonial rule on #Taiwan, Chinese hero Koxinga/Zheng Chenggong, Qing Dynasty rule on Taiwan, Century of Humiliation. Sino-Japanese War, Japanese Occupation of Taiwan, Chinese Civil War, Cold War and KMT White Terror on Taiwan, End of Military Dictatorship on Taiwan, as well as US intervention in Taiwan from Qing Dynasty thru Chinese Civil War to the present. Carl also gives his two cents on why US Military-Industrial-Complex is obsessed about Taiwan and its implications on future of Taiwan and US-China relationship. Carl's 10-part Taiwan History series with @ZhongXiangyu :    • UNLOCKED Silk and...   Carl's reaction video to John Oliver Taiwan segment with Xiangyu:    • John Oliver Taiwa...  

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