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Brian Berletic

Apr 5, 2024

- US policymakers have sought to use Israel as a proxy to provoke a full-scale war with Iran for years;

- While the US attempts to distance itself from Israeli provocations and atrocities including attacks on embassies and the killing of aid workers, the US is chief in enabling Israeli in continuing to carry out such attacks;

- Just as the US created a large-scale conflict in Ukraine to reassert itself over Europe, it is attempting to use conflict to reassert itself in the Middle East and at a minimum prevent the region from uniting and moving out from under Western hegemony;

- The window of opportunity for the US and proxies like Israel to fight and win a military conflict against Iran and its allies in the region is quickly closing, thus efforts are being made to provoke such a conflict sooner rather than later;

- Even in US policy papers in 2009, it was admitted that Iran would likely ignore US-Israeli provocations, including air strikes on Iran itself, meaning that the possibility of a false flag attack blamed on Iran to usher in Washington’s desired war is a possibility;

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