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Feb 7, 2024

In September 2022, explosions damaged the Nord Stream pipelines, which transported Russian gas to Europe.

On Wednesday, Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said the fear of revealing the truth explains the decision to stop investigating the Nord Stream attack.

“What is the remaining logical explanation? The fear of revealing the truth about what happened with Nord Stream in the Swedish economic zone. The fear of revealing the truth not only as a blatant truth but also the fear of finding precise details about the perpetrators of this terrorist attack and those who ordered it," she said.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that Sweden's findings on the pipeline explosions are noteworthy and Moscow will continue to monitor future developments in the matter.

His comments came after the Swedish prosecution authority dropped its investigation into the Nord Stream gas pipeline explosions, without any result.

"Russia has repeatedly requested information about the progress of the investigation... however, it was denied access to this information. Therefore, we will monitor how and where any investigative actions will be carried out next, and make decisions accordingly," he said, noting that Russia will watch how Germany will react to the investigation.

Besides Sweden's recently concluded probe into the Nord Stream blasts, two other investigations into the issue are being conducted separately by Germany and Denmark.

On Wednesday, a Danish police representative told Sputnik that Denmark's investigation into the explosions has not been formally concluded yet, but they "expect to be able to issue a statement sometime in the near future."

Meanwhile, German government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit told reporters that Germany is "still very interested in this crime being solved."

The Nord Stream pipelines, which transported natural gas from Russia to European markets via Germany, were severely damaged in September 2022 after blasts in the Baltic Sea.

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