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Jun 8, 2024

On the 76th Annivsary of the 1948 Nakba (catastrophe), the Der Yassin Massacre and the original partition of Palestine, comrade Ranjeet Brar outlines the history that lies behind the current NATO-backed Israeli genocide in Palestine. The settler colonial state of Israel did not materialize from thin air, but was an integral part of the British and French plan of Sykes-Picot, to conquer and divide the Ottoman Empire, that was the real motivation for the 1914-18 World War.

Britain wanted to extend its Middle Eastern colonies in order to better safeguard its existing colonial possessions and sea-routes to India, and in particular to control the vital and then newly-discovered oil reserves of the Middle East, that were already becoming of vital economic importance. Fully two thirds of global oil reserves lie beneath the ground in the Arabian peninsula and East Asia.

For this reason Anglo-American imperialism has created and backed Israel, the Saudi Monarchy, the Gulf states and Jordan as its unwavering allies in the quest to maintain its stranglehold over the region.

It is these economic interests that underly all the terrorist outrages committed by the NATO states and their proxies in the region, from the Nakba, to the Iraq and Afghan wars, the Syrian and Libyan genocides, and the ongoing maintenance of the medieval theocracies that syphon off the region's wealth from the impoverished masses, grotesquely offering footballers $2bn contracts while the Palestinian people are slowly starved, bombed and strafed into oblivion.

But their heroic resistance has turned the tide. They have refused to succumb to their allotted fate. The temper of the masses is quickening.

The balance of forces changing, and imperialism is very much in danger of loosing its hold on the region. When it does so the whole world will breathe a sigh of relief and hail the liberation of the Palestinian people and the advance of the revolutionary-democratic struggle of the Arab peoples. Workers of all countries unite!


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