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Statement from the United Community of Lugansk

United Community of Lugansk

27 февр. 2022 г.

Open appeal!

We appeal to all mothers, wives, grandmothers, whose husbands, sons, and grandchildren today are forced to serve not the Ukrainian people, but the criminal Kyiv regime. Save them! Tell them that serving criminals who have robbed and sold their country is not only sinful but also criminal! Now is the time to change your mind and lay down your arms. So you save their lives and bring the future back.

Soldiers of Ukraine!

We urge you to stop the regime of the Kyiv junta! They don't deserve to be protected. Lay down your weapons and go home to your families! Enough blood! Stop the war!

Vladimir Zelensky!

Everything that is happening today in Ukraine is the result of the criminal actions of the junta, which you now personify and lead. The Ukrainian regime, leading the country to the abyss, is also you and your entourage.

Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus have always been fraternal people. With a common past, common troubles, and victories. Russia has never been at war with the Ukrainian people. Not fighting now. Don't hide behind their backs.

Today, it is you, as the Supreme Commander of Ukraine, who send your people to a bloody fratricidal war, drive people to the slaughter, to protect not even your own commercial interests, but the interests of the West and your curators.

The best thing you can do now for the Ukrainian people is to call everyone who is now mobilized, under oath, and forced to fight -- to stop and lay down their arms. And they will stay alive! They will return to their parents, their wives, and their children. Don't take it on your soul! Take advantage of this chance.

And you yourself, lay down your presidential powers and leave with God! Go where they still want to see you. This role is not for you!

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