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Peoples' School for Marxist Leninist Studies

Jan 5, 2024

This is the third part of the PSMLS series on the History of US Imperialism, this time on American Imperialism during and immediately after WW2. During this time the United States was an imperialist power that gained from its participation in, and played a progressive role in, the United Front with other allies, including the Soviet Union, to defeat the fascist Axis powers. They also cover how American businessmen collaborated with the Nazis, and how the United States and other western imperialists absorbed Nazis after the war.

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0:00 Introduction

2:25 Series Recap

3:30 American Collaboration with Nazi Germany

9:40 Traitors in American History: Lessons from the Moscow Trials - Reading 1

11:25 Q&A 1

25:10 The United States in World War II

30:15 History of the CPUSA, Chapter 28 - World War II - Reading 2

32:40 The Truth about the Atomic Bombs

34:20 Q&A 2

59:30 Post-War Imperialist Activity

1:06:20 Q&A 3

1:27:30: Conclusion

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