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Artyomovsk Refugees Speak of Ukraine's "White Angels" Abducting Children

Jun 8, 2023

From independent journalist Eva K Bartlett

In late April, survivors of Ukrainian bombing in Artyomovsk spoke to Christelle Néant (Donbass Insider ( & Eva about the horrors they endured on April 11, when Ukrainian forces deliberately blew up the ground floor of their apartment building, burying the civilians sheltering in the basement below.

Seven of the seventeen civilians in that basement died almost immediately, including a seven year old child. These civilians spoke about how people known as "White Angels," Ukrainian military police, were actively seeking to abduct children, and were succeeding.

“They were hunting our kids, and we were hiding them around the buildings.” Kiev openly announced they would be forcibly taking children, under the premise of providing security. They do so, according to the people we spoke with (and many other testimonies since) against the will of parents, without their consent.

Kiev is doing precisely what it falsely-accused Russia of doing ( abducting children, without their parent's consent. Eva's article on this, as well as longer testimonies from the Artyomovsk refugees, will be published soon.

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