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Brian Berletic

Mar 17, 2024

Update on the conflict in Ukraine for March 17, 2024…

- Attempts by Ukraine to cross the Ukrainian-Russian border near Belgorod have been defeated by Russian forces;

- The attacks took place as part of a larger public relations campaign involving pin-prick attacks across Russia as Russian elections began;

- Western media has previously reported that attacks deep into Russian territory are met by indifference or even more determined support for Moscow among the Russian public and that such public relations stunts are meant more to bolster flagging Ukrainian morale;

- Ukraine’s cross-border operations come at a time when its forces are being pushed back along the line of contact after losing the heavily fortified city of Avdeevka;

- The US has announced a $300 million arms and ammunition package for Ukraine including additional ammunition for HIMARS and 155mm shells;

- The US claims this package is the result of finding additional funding from previous allotments but is more likely damage control regarding Washington’s inability to properly supply its Ukrainian proxies;

- CNN admits that Russia is producing at least 3 times more artillery ammunition than the US and Europe combined, this follows Western media admissions that Russia is making overall at least 7 times more munitions of all kinds than the collective West;

References: CNN - Drones and shelling hit Russia’s Belgorod amid third day of border skirmishes (March 14, 2024): Vice - Anti-Putin Militias Celebrating Attacks on Russia Are Filled With Neo-Nazis (May 2023): France24 - Pro-Ukrainian armed groups launch incursion into Russia (March 12, 2024): Washington Post - In Belgorod, Russian city hit hardest by war, Putin is still running strong (March 15, 2024): Guardian - Kyiv’s drone strikes on Moscow mean Kremlin’s war can’t be ignored by Russians (August 2023): Reuters - US to send new weapons package worth $300 million for Ukraine (March 13, 2024): CNN - Exclusive: Russia producing three times more artillery shells than US and Europe for Ukraine (March 11, 2024): NY Times - Russia Overcomes Sanctions to Expand Missile Production, Officials Say (September 2023):

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