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Lee Camp: Banning of RT Journalists | What Ruling Elite are Terrified of | @LeeCamp @ReadeAlexandra

Aug 14, 2023

Lee Camp is one of the most censored comedians in America. He was the host and head writer of the TV show "Redacted Tonight" for 8 years until it was shut down by US sanctions. Then all of the past episodes were banned by YouTube around the world. Next, his podcast, "Moment of Clarity" was deleted by Spotify. His other channels are shadow-banned and suppressed -- All because he’s anti-war and anti-imperialist.

Link to the full stream:

(You can also find his podcasts now under the name "The Lee Camp Show," "Government Secrets" and "Common Censored.") Follow Lee Everywhere! Website: Twitter: YouTube:    / @realleecamp   Rokfin: Rumble: Locals: Instagram: Facebook: Threads: Redacted Tonight Episodes on Odysee: Redacted Tonight Fan Page:

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