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Y’allidarity! A Call to Texas

San Angelo Solidarity

Aug 25, 2021

Class consciousness is on the rise in Texas! The material conditions in Texas are ripe for new political alternatives, everyone on the left and right are distrustful of the powers that be. When average Texans look for alternatives, they either fall into right winger libertarian or liberal ways of thinking. Both options are just outcropping of capitalism and will not challenge the status quo. That is why it’s our duty as communists to show them real alternatives outside of capitalist hegemony.

We at the Center for Political Innovation (CPI) have been working to build communities of Solidarity to help facilitate a new mass awakening of class consciousness. This is a call to all Texans to join us in our mission, to join our collective so we can better organize Texas and solve the specific problems facing the rise of socialism in Texas. Only we Texans know how to connect with these people on a personal level, we know their hardships because those are our hardships too. Personally, I’ve lived in Texas for my whole life, the relief Texans require isn’t just some theoretical analysis for me, it’s a reality my community faces every day. We won’t sit back and watch as hard-working families fall into poverty due to a crumbling infrastructure, dismal education, all facilitated by the low wage police state of Texas.

That’s why we’ve joined together with our community members to create the world we want to see, we created San Angelo Solidarity (SAS); a Marxist group with the explicit goal of bringing a 21st century socialism to the average working person. What started as a reading group has turned into so much more. Growing up as a Texas leftist can feel alienating and hopeless, the only cure for this hopeless dread is to organize with your community. If you feel powerless and alone, YOU AREN'T. Even as a small 5-person team we were able to directly aid our community in times of dire crisis, we were able to deliver 140 cases of water to disabled, elderly, and low-income individuals when our towns water was poisoned. We were able to organize a pressure campaign against the catholic church after they desecrated countless graves, and we were also able to craft relief packages for the homeless community. Now, imagine if all the socialists in Texas banded together in the same way, we could move mountains. We could organize a mass program of education and outreach; we can reach those people with a clear down to earth message about class struggle. The American system wants us to feel like we’re powerless, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. All power comes from the people, without our brains and muscles not a single gear would turn.

Over time our SAS general meeting started to include folks from outside of our small Texas town, we started to get comrades from Sonora, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston to dial into our zoom meetings. Its clear to us that Texas is full of “leftists without a place to call home”, this is an abhorrent failure of the left and it’s one we aim to solve. We aim to give a central space to facilitate education and grass roots organizing. Before every great revolution there is a mass awakening of consciousness and a mass reorientation of tactics against the oppressors, we are living in that time. This is the point in history where we need to lay that foundation of revolution, it’s not a matter of “if” the capitalist system will fail, it’s only a matter of who will be there to pick up the pieces. Will it be the greedy neoliberal and his private yacht, the gun toting confederate flag waver, or the optimistic socialist and his vision to unite humanity under a common goal of prosperity?

We won’t sit idly by to find out and neither should you! That’s why we are calling on you all to join our collective, together we can face the modern challenges Texans face with Marxist analysis. The Center for Political Innovation in coalition with San Angelo Solidarity invites you to join our weekly zoom meetings. In these meetings we discuss Marxist texts and organize real world solutions to raise class consciousness and show Texans what Marxism Leninism is really about. Most Texans have never met a communist before, so when people hear what we actually believe it really resonates with them. They love the ideas of mutual aid and the sense of unity it brings to the community. I’m here to tell you that that change is possible, it’s happening now, and you can be apart of it too. If you’re interested in learning more or becoming involved send an email to

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