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Alvaro Enrique Saldivia Lopez

Jul 3, 2024

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has checkmated his ultra-right terrorist opposition. The government of Venezuela has declared itself alert and vigilant in the face of the destabilizing plans carried out by extremist opposition groups. This news was conveyed through communication networks by Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and Vice President Delcy Rodríguez, who provided details about some of the nefarious operations carried out by the opposition to shatter peace in the country.

The Government of Venezuela has sounded all the alarms in the face of a new wave of conspiracies orchestrated by extremist opposition groups, just one month before the crucial presidential elections on July 28th, 2024. President Maduro, together with the Vice President, has thoroughly revealed the details of the dark plans that extremist opposition sectors seek to implement to influence the electoral environment and destabilize the nation.

Venezuelans Denounce Attempt to Destroy Historic First Bridge over Río Orinoco

On Tuesday, at an event held in the Marhuanta Parish of Bolívar State, Rodríguez announced a terrifying plot by the Venezuelan far-right: the demolition of the Angostura Bridge, a vital road artery that crosses the majestic Orinoco River in the southeast of the country, Venezuela's main river.

"This is very serious; they tried to collapse the first bridge over the Orinoco River, our Angostura Bridge!" VP Delcy Rodríguez said, emphasizing the gravity of this terrorist plot.

In an urgent speech, the VP further explained how these conspirators had been cutting cables so that the bridge collapses, potentially causing catastrophe in the country of Simón Bolívar. She highlighted the critical situation in Bolívar State and its possible repercussions in Anzoátegui State (Anzoátegui and Monagas are two Special Economic Zones of Venezuela, twinned with the Special Economic Zone of Shandong, China).

Rodríguez also called for the population and government to remain vigilant, urging everyone to take care of the peace that has cost so much to build amid a climate of growing hostility and threats. In her detailed presentation, Rodríguez revealed that, as part of the meticulous attack on the Angostura Bridge, extremists had managed to cut off between 10 and 20% of the cables that support this vital structure.

The Armed Forces have been ordered to take drastic preventive measures, such as restricting the passage of cargo and limiting the speed of vehicles. Rodríguez also mentioned sabotage attempts against the electricity grid, underscoring the scope of these sabotage threats.

Rodríguez stressed that President Maduro had also issued critical alerts, highlighting that opposition extremists in the face of defeat are now trying to sabotage the electricity system once more. In his television program, Con Maduro Más, the Venezuelan President commented, “ recent weeks the ultra-right has concentrated very strongly to prepare an offensive against the electrical system. I have the proof in hand!”

He provided videos, first-hand information, and secret conversations of far-right groups about the war on vital infrastructure they intend to unleash. The President explained that “the objective of these attacks is to try to cause an event in the country that damages the climate of peace, tranquility, and happiness that has been cultivated during the ongoing electoral process. Seeing themselves as lost as they are, they bet on hurting the country, hurting the communities, trying to irritate the population, especially where Chavismo wins with more than 80% of the votes!”

“I am obliged to denounce it! They are captured, imprisoned, prosecuted by the prosecutor's office, convicted, and confessed several material authors of these attacks on the electrical system against the people," Maduro exclaimed, adding, "I denounce it! People must be alert!”

July 28 Venezuela's Presidential Electoral Scenario

This is not the first time that the President of Venezuela has denounced the plans of the Pitiyanqui opposition to organize a coup d'état. The president called out two presidential candidates by name who have so far refused to sign the agreement recognizing the results of the elections on July 28th. At an event held at the Headquarters of the CNE (National Electoral Council) in Caracas, the only candidates who did not sign the agreement were the extremist opposition Edmundo González and the conservative Enrique Márquez. They did not show up when called by the President of the Electoral Power, Elvis Amoroso.

The agreement is intended to guarantee the peace and well-being of the country. President Maduro unveiled the agreement on the recognition of the results of the presidential election of July 28th, 2024, signed by eight of the ten candidates for the presidency of Venezuela. What does this document call for? The agreement promoted by the Maduro government obliges all candidates to act in strict compliance with the Constitution and electoral laws and demands the absolute lifting of sanctions against the country, among other essential points.

Regarding Márquez, who was Vice President of the Electoral Branch between 2021-2023, the reasons for his absence are unknown. Meanwhile, González Urrutia had previously stated that he would not sign the agreement. In subsequent days, González reiterated his position on the social network X, claiming that the document was violated by one of the signing parties due to the revocation of the invitation of international observation by the European Union and the alleged increase in persecution against his followers. His official position is that he would like the European Union to continue sanctioning Venezuela and the Global South.

By contrast, the other eight candidates have committed to respecting the Venezuelan Constitution and the electoral legislation in all its breadth and to recognizing the Electoral Branch as the only legitimate and competent authority for the organization, administration, direction, and monitoring of this year's presidential election. These candidates also requested that governments worldwide respect the sovereignty and self-determination of Venezuela and pledged to honor and defend the homeland. And they agreed to reject and denounce any financing or resources that would promote domestic or international illegal acts against Venezuela.

The President of the governing body, Elvis Amoroso, stressed that, “This is a historic document, which seeks to guarantee and strengthen Venezuelan democracy, in addition to sustaining peace in all instances of the country."

The Anglo-Zionists of western imperialism have been warned!

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