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Alvaro Enrique Saldivia Lopez

Mar 1, 2024

How governments respond to catastrophes depends on their political character. How does your government use the military?

Vastly Different Priorities

We could say that an aspect that can indicate the moral standards and level of a government and society is how it uses the military and what for. While the NATO Nazis use their militaries for imperialism, colonialism and genocide; anti-imperialist socialist governments use their military for rescue operations, public assistance to catastrophes and emergencies, as well as for defending the Revolution.

A socialist government is obligated to care for its citizens and assist them immediately, helping them in the long run with the tools at hand. Assistance and solidarity are key features of a working-class government. As we will see in the case of President Nicolás Maduro himself visiting, listening to, and assisting the people who lost their homes and families, victims of massive landslides in 2022, and guaranteeing them new, decent, and safe housing.

Every natural disaster that has occurred in Venezuela since 1999 has been attended to by the Revolutionary Bolivarian Government, and both Commander Hugo Chávez and President Maduro have been at the vanguard of the response.

A neoliberal government, on the other hand, is only in it for the money. This has several problems, one of which is that many disasters and crisis can be provoked by the bourgeois plutocratic imperialist government itself. This was the case in the East Palestine train derailment last year and its deadly and toxic effects. It took President Biden over a year to visit the contaminated town.

Meanwhile, train derailments have increased in recent years across the USA due to neoliberalism, as chronic understaffing has meant fewer critical inspections, lower wages and worsening labor conditions. In other words, neoliberal negligence and greed have been the underlying cause of these catastrophes.

A Marxist Government's Response: Assistance, Solidarity, and New Homes

By contrast, Marxist-Leninist Chavista President Nicolás Maduro provided rapid relief to those affected by mudslides in 2022, including housing for everyone displaced by the disaster, even amidst the 969 brutal illegal coercive economic measures imposed on the Venezuelan economy.

On Monday, February 5th, 2023, President Maduro ordered the delivery of homes to 1,600 families still in shelters due to heavy rains causing landslides across the country. He also allocated 2,610,000 euros for the reconstruction of Las Tejerías in Aragua state, where a landslide in October claimed at least 54 lives.

Maduro called for the demolition of unsafe or unsuitable houses according to engineers' plans.

Since April 1, 2022, rains have damaged around 14,000 homes, prompting immediate action by Venezuela's revolutionary government. Maduro pledged support for families in high-risk areas, promising "The Great Venezuela Housing Mission emerged from a 2010 catastrophe and remains ready to aid those affected by these rains."

Minister of Habitat and Housing, Ildemaro Villasmil, outlined a phased approach, prioritizing saving lives, assessing homes, and providing shelters and new housing.

Villasmil informed Maduro that 378 homes in Las Tejerías need demolition, with 90% of affected families relocated to shelters. The government aims to complete 440 homes in Aragua and 339 in nearby areas within six months.

During a visit to Ocumare del Tuy, Maduro inaugurated 120 homes, also allocating housing to families affected by a recent landslide.

Governor Karina Carpio praised the swift housing delivery, citing renewed hope among beneficiaries. She remarked, "They never thought that, in such a fast way, they could have their housing, decent, comfortable housing, where hope is reawakened."

Maduro highlighted recovery initiatives, including the creation of an economic fund for Tejerías and the unveiling of the 4,300,000th home in the Great Housing Mission Venezuela.

He contrasted his government's housing efforts with opposition leaders' aspirations to loot the country and starve its people, stressing that socialism prioritizes housing, unveiling plans to protect renters and facilitate access to housing loans.

Maduro reaffirmed his commitment to reaching 5 million homes, signaling ongoing efforts to address Venezuela's housing needs. He emphasized, "Homes are built in Revolution!"

Workers of The World Unite! Organize, Fight and Take Power!

Hasta La Victoria Siempre! Venceremos!

Independencia y Patria Socialista Viviremos y Venceremos!

Independence and Socialist Sovereignty We Will Live We Will Achieve Victory!

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