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Brian Berletic

May 12, 2024

Update on US-backed fighting in Southeast Asia's Myanmar...

- Myanmar's military ousted a US-installed government in 2021, the US has backed armed militancy and terrorism across Myanmar ever since;

- Fighting has see-sawed, but has done so for decades as the US and British have backed armed ethnic groups since Myanmar gained independence following World War 2;

- The US has built parallel institutions both inside and beyond Myanmar's borders to politically capture and compromise the nation;

- US-backed militants have relied on public relations stunts including symbolic drone and rocket strikes on the capital and the temporary capture of frontier towns where government forces are spread thinnest;

- The conflict is ultimately part of a wider agenda of encircling and containing China;

- China's Belt and Road Initiative runs through Myanmar and has been repeatedly attacked by US-backed militant groups;

- The conflict is just one part of a wider global conflict the US is waging in order to reassert its unipolar "international order;"

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