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Alvaro Enrique Saldivia Lopez

Feb 1, 2024

President Maduro's Announcements and Initiatives

On January 15th, President Nicolás Maduro presented his annual message to the nation before the National Assembly: the Report and Account of the Government Management of 2023.

During the address, in which he explained the difficulties experienced as a result of the criminal imperial blockade, which is still maintained, as well as the recognition of the entire country for resisting the attacks of the +960 illegal coercive measures, President Maduro made important announcements in economic and social matters.

The creation of the Great Mission of Equality and Social Justice, an urgent action seeking to address the impact and consequences of the economic war, with a view to "a permanent policy in favor of progressive and shared prosperity."

Nicolás Maduro also presented the Great Youth Venezuela Mission, aimed at improving the economic conditions of one of the most affected groups by the economic blockade. "We want to see our young people move forward and succeed in their country, supporting talents and providing optimal conditions for their comprehensive development to those who resist from here," he said.

Likewise, he announced that as of February 1, Venezuelans will have a minimum income in Bolivars equivalent to 100 indexed dollars, being near 3600 Bolivars by BCV now. To this end, he proposed the Organic Law of Minimum Comprehensive Income of Workers in Times of Economic War, which will serve to update the income each month according to the official rate of the Central Bank of Venezuela.

He stressed that the launch of these measures to protect Venezuelans was possible thanks to the 12 goals achieved during the year 2023, signed by the effect of +960 illegal US imperial coercive measures but also by the country's determination to courageously seek a way out of the difficulties, without help from anyone and in national unity.

Economic and Social Transformations for 2024

Finally, for the start of this year, 7T Seven Transformations that Venezuela needs to become a power were proposed. 7T, seven Venezuelan socialist Bolivarian anti-imperialist Chavista transformations for the new epoch 2024 are the following:

  • Economic Transformations

  • Full Independence

  • Strengthen Peace, Security, and Territorial Integrity

  • Renewal of the Social Protection Model (Missions and Major Missions)

  • Political Transformation (Direct Democracy)

  • Ecological Transformation in the Context of the Global Climate Crisis

  • Geopolitics, which projects Venezuela's insertion and leadership in the new configuration of international relations, BRICS+ CELAC CARICOM, and the multipolar global south.

Nicolás Maduro has shown year after year his abilities and skills as a leader, a diplomat, and a statesman. His emphasis on dialogue and national union has led to a renewed Venezuelan comradeship fraternity and sorority, which has also been translated into massive election participation.

On December 3rd, during the Consultative Referendum, a total of 10,554,320 Venezuelans expressed their support for the reincorporation and defense of Guayana Esequiba, affirming their stance with five consecutive "yes" votes, an example of vibrant democracy under socialism. And Misión Vivienda Venezuela approaches a milestone of constructing 5 million new homes for the people.

Guaidó's Legal Woes and Milei vs. Argentina

Meanwhile, the two presidents of Narnia, each dumber than the other, are about to get slammed, Juan Guaidó and Javier Milei. Juan Guaidó could go to jail or even get extradited from the US with Carlos Veccio and other fascists, after a Delaware tribunal found him guilty of stealing $20 billion dollars from CITGO and other Venezuelan assets and bank accounts and NGO "humanitarian aid."

Javier Milei, on the other hand, is getting slammed by a working-class general strike in Argentina that began January 24th, 2024, with massive demonstrations nationwide defying the fascist curfew and fascist antiriot measures.

For now, let's celebrate Venezuela’s resurrection! Workers of the world unite! Hasta la victoria siempre! ¡VENCEREMOS!

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