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Mnar Adley: The Politics of Reporting on Palestine | The Politics of Survival with Tara Reade

Tara Reade

Nov 17, 2023

Tara welcomes special guest Mnar Adley to the show! Mnar Adley is an award-winning journalist and editor and is the founder and director of MintPress News. She is also president and director of the non-profit media organization Behind the Headlines. Adley also co-hosts the MintCast podcast and is a producer and host of the social media video series Behind The Headlines. Adley is a recipient of the Women's Institute for the Freedom of the Press Award and the Serena Shim Award for independent journalism.

Adley is a regular speaker on responsible journalism and Big Tech censorship. She started her career as an independent multimedia journalist covering Midwest and national politics while focusing on civil liberties and social justice issues posting her reporting and exclusive interviews on her blog MintPress, which she later turned MintPress into the global news source it is today. In 2009, Adley also became the first American woman to wear the hijab to anchor/report the news in American media.

Mintpress News is a 2022 Indie Media Award honoree

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