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Tas Brooker: Struggles of Fundraising Whistleblower Film, a Labor of Love | a Tara Reade clip

Dec 18, 2022

Tasneem Brooker is a British filmmaker who has been working in the creative industries for the last 23 years.

Tas’ career has seen her work on a huge variety of programming ranging from hard hitting documentaries for the likes of BBC and Channel 4 through to Line Producing on some of the world’s largest and most watched international factual entertainment programmes (Amazon’s The Grand Tour, Discovery’s Wheeler Dealers).

Tas is extremely passionate about championing under-represented communities and helping to give a voice to those who often struggle to be heard, something she has personal experience in as both a woman of colour and a Muslim.

Recently Tas has made her documentary feature film debut, directing the award-winning film “When We Speak”. This film explores the stories of three courageous women who each (at great personal risk) stood up for what they believed in, exposing injustices committed by some of the most powerful people on earth. The impact of each of these courageous women’s (Rose McGowan, Helen Evans, Katharine Gun) actions have been felt around the world, fundamentally changing how we viewed international affairs such as the UK’s invasion of Iraq, as well known institutions such as Hollywood and Oxfam (#Metoo & the Oxfam Haiti Sex Abuse Scandal).

This explosive documentary details not only what led each of these women to “Blow The Whistle” but also what it cost each woman personally and how each woman’s life has been forever affected by their brave actions.

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