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Dark Truth Behind Ukraine's NATO-Armed Border Raids + Cost of Attrition Continues to Mount

Jun 9, 2023

Update on the conflict in Ukraine for June 3, 2023

- Ukrainian cross-border operations are spearheaded by militants identified by even the Western media as N*z**;

- Ukraine has increasingly relied on terrorism following the loss of Bakhmut and a growing missile and drone campaign being carried out by Russia across Ukraine;

- New “security assistance” package from the US Department of Defense to Ukraine includes munitions reflecting Ukraine’s growing shortage of air defense capabilities;

- Talk of tanks and warplanes are admittedly for Ukraine’s use in the distant future, not for the upcoming offensive;


Newsweek - Troops Cross Into Russia as Putin's Army Fights To Defend Belgorod—Report (June 1, 2023): Washington Post - Use of NATO arms for attack in Russia raises doubts about Kyiv’s controls (June 3, 2023): NBC News - Who are the anti-Putin groups behind the dramatic raid into Russia? (May 26, 2023): US Naval Postgraduate School - Thesis: Soccer Hooligans to MMA - the Changing Face of the Radical Right Through Sports (June 2022): Washington Post - Ukraine’s Attacks on Russia Are a Calculated Gamble (June 1, 2023): CNN - Ukraine’s cross-border tactics are aimed at destabilizing Russia. Judging by the response, they’re working (June 2, 2023): Biden Administration Announces Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine (May 31, 2023): Voice of America - US: Tanks, F-16s Part of Long-Term Aid for Ukraine, Not Upcoming Offensive (June 2, 2023): Defense Express (Ukraine) - US Says it Now Sends AIM-7 to Ukraine But How Will it Work? (June 1, 2023): CNN - Russia’s jamming of US-provided rocket systems complicates Ukraine’s war effort (May 2023): The Drive - Evidence Of American Zuni Rockets Arming Ukrainian Su-25s Emerges (May 2023):

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