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Mar 19, 2024

Republished from Midwestern Marx with thanks

"In the midst of a blockade that intends to suffocate us, we will continue working in peace to overcome this situation".

This was stated, through the social network X, by the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, while denouncing the propagandistic and instigating articulation of the enemies of the Revolution to provoke destabilization and chaos, based on the tensions generated by the current limitations of the electric service in the country, due to fuel deficit, and other daily shortages, mainly as a result of the relentless policy of economic suffocation of the United States Government against Cuba.

"In the last few hours we have seen how terrorists based in the U.S., whom we have repeatedly denounced, encourage actions against the internal order of the country," the president accused, referring to the growing counterrevolutionary campaign that, through the artificial multiplication of hate messages and subversive content disseminated on social networks and anti-Cuban sites, distort and manipulate the claim that groups of citizens have expressed, due to logical disagreements with the electricity service and food distribution.

"The disposition of the authorities of the Party, the State and the Government is to attend to the claims of our people, to listen, to dialogue, to explain the numerous steps being taken to improve the situation, always in an atmosphere of tranquility," Díaz-Canel argued.

A clear example of this was the honest and open dialogue held yesterday by the first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Party in Santiago de Cuba, Beatriz Johnson Urrutia, with a group of people who complained about the unbalanced schedule in the supply of electricity and the effects on products such as milk for children.

According to statements in X, Johnson Urrutia explained that "the population of Santiago de Cuba was respectful and listened attentively to the information provided by the municipality's management regarding the distribution of the food basket", and added that "they also talked about the supply of electric energy, due to the effects on the National Electro-energy System, because of the problems of the thermoelectric power plants and the availability of fuel".

"The premise will always be the attention and explanation to the people, in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, in the face of the persistent attempts of counterrevolutionaries and terrorists abroad to destabilize the country", stressed, also through X, the member of the Political Bureau and Secretary of Organization of the Central Committee of the Party, Roberto Morales Ojeda.

That the traditional enemy of the Cuban Revolution and its chorus of mercenaries associate for the strangulation of the Island has nothing spontaneous about it.

"They seek asphyxiation with the genocidal blockade and, on the shortages and daily difficulties they impose on us, they articulate their other war from the platforms they dominate and usufruct," denounced Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, also a member of the Political Bureau, when he pointed out the interferenceist conspiracy of the diplomatic representation of the Northern power in our country.

"The direct and cruel responsibility of the U.S. in the acute economic situation that weighs on the well-being of the Cuban people is well known. The U.S. Government, especially its Embassy in Cuba, must refrain from interfering in the internal affairs of the country and inciting social disorder," he demanded.


Granma, The Offical Voice of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee. 

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