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Alvaro Enrique Saldivia Lopez

Mar 5, 2024

The Great Mission for Venezuelan Youth was announced by President Maduro on Feb 2nd, 2024, the 25th anniversary of the Bolivarian Revolution.

At the inauguration of the Government’s 2024 Expo, which took place at the Polyhedron in Caracas, President Maduro launched the Great Venezuela Youth Mission. In its first phase, the mission will enroll 5,300,000 young people in the Patria System, through 7 vertices and 26 comprehensive action programs.

“We are going to protect and accompany the Venezuelan youth. It is the most ambitious, powerful program that has ever been done in Venezuela, a new generation mission to renew and improve what can be improved," the president said.

In relation to the activation of the Great Venezuela Youth Mission that will convene “without any kind of sectarianism,” he explained that in the coming days the government will begin the swearing-in of national teams across 335 municipalities of the national territory.

The 7 vertices of the Great Venezuela Joven Mission are:

1) Education, science and technology: Let's learn!

A new school and scientific incubator aims to transform knowledge and learning with the creation of the National School of Gastronomy, the National School of De-colonial Fashion, the National School of Languages and the School of Digital Trades. The latter will prioritize training in robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and content creation.

In this regard, the Venezuelan president set the goal of forming 3,000 technology and robotics centers in high schools and universities.

INCES (Instituto Nacional de Capacitación y Educación Socialista) has set the goal of attracting 900,000 young people to incorporate them into 183 productive training plans.

There is also a Scientific Olympics Graduate Plan to promote the completion of youth studies at all levels of education (basic, medium-diversified and university) and support transition to the workplace.

2) Production, work and entrepreneurship: Let's get to work!

The Emprender Juntos platform will open a new portfolio dedicated to youth with a target of enrolling 500,000 young people in the first half of 2024.

Sowing: This program prioritizes production in the field, the delivery of land, equipment and supplies and seeds for 100,000 young people in the first stage of the Great Venezuela Joven Mission.

National Internship System: Its main purpose is coordination of Job Fairs every six months, as well as a Permanent online Fair, to help public organizations, institutions or private companies attract new talent in every economic sector.

3) Culture, recreation and rumba: Let's have fun!

Art patios and platabandas (or platform bands): These are designed as points to promote culture and entrepreneurship from the communities, generating in turn a powerful fabric in the 335 municipalities of the country. The initial goal is set at 500 platabandas.

Mustache Fest: Includes a schedule of cultural activities (musical, theatrical and dance) to be held on holiday dates. It plans that singing, dancing and performing-arts festivals in each community.

Arena Gamer: An annual event that will bring together young people with video game skills in order to attract new talented players and pay tribute to video game design in the national territory.

Cinema Club: In addition to being a space for the enjoyment of cinema as a group, it is also aimed at training young people in areas related to cinematography.

It proposes the activation of tourist packages to promote tourism as well as camping, with a vision of respect for nature.

4) Health, physical activity and sport: Let's take care of ourselves!

I'm healthy: This program includes the monthly deployment of comprehensive approaches to promote integral health, including nutrition based on the 4S scheme (healthy, safe, tasty and sovereign), and addiction prevention.

Always together: This is aimed at creating 335 friendship groups in the national territory, to accompany those experiencing mental health problems.

Let's take care of ourselves: This is a call to the conscience of youth in order to promote responsible sex and reproductive education. In this regard, it also prioritizes plans aimed at reducing teenage pregnancies, as well as sexually-transmitted infections (STIs).

National Sports System: This is intended to promote sports practice, as well as the recruitment of talents through the Abre Cancha plan, which also includes the promotion of the care of sports facilities in the communities.

5) Life and social protection project: Let's grow!

Guarantee of housing for Venezuelan youth. To this end, President Nicolás Maduro approved allocating 200 homes to young couples, of which 60,000 will be through self-construction. It also contemplates the delivery of 75,000 credits for the construction and the activation of a real estate policy to facilitate the rental at affordable prices of 50,000 homes.

Lucash program: Provides financial projections, as well as the adoption of digital wallet mechanisms and the democratization of credit.

6) Communication and social networks: Let's communicate!

Creation of the School of Content Creators and Influencers.

Activation of the Creative Uproar Movement for the training of young people in audiovisual arts (editing and narrative).

Video Festival: Its objective is to attract young talents who make audiovisual pieces through their mobile devices. Their skill will be recognized and awarded in each edition.

7) Organization and Participation: Let's get involved!

Youth Zone: This is a physical space to support young people’s cultural expression (recording, music and dance studios), and circuits will be promoted in courts, theaters and public spaces to promote the interplay between education and culture.

National Movement of Volunteers: Oriented to the promotion of social work, according to the area of interest of those involved.

In order to guarantee the successful start of the 26 programs of the Great Venezuela Young Mission, the Head of State convened organizing days in inclusive and unified way, to continue until March 12th.


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