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Nicaragua Ends Diplomatic Ties with Taiwan

Simon Miller

Dec 13, 2021

Following the November general election, and the victory of socialist Daniel Ortega, the Nicaraguan government has cut off diplomatic ties with the rogue-state of Taiwan, further weakening the imperialist grip in Latin America.

“There is only one China… The People’s Republic of China is the only legitimate government representing all of China and Taiwan is undoubtedly part of the Chinese territory,” said Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncada in the official announcement which aligns with China’s goal of reunification.

Taiwan, the illegitimate state founded after Chinese nationalists fled the mainland following their defeat to the PLA, has become a beacon of US imperialist influence in Asia, alongside Hong Kong and South Korea. The announcement of the end of diplomatic ties between Nicaragua and Taiwan is a continuation of a growing trend in Latin America which rejects imperialism and cuts ties with the US vassal state.

The announcement also sets the stage for growing ties between China and Nicaragua, as well as the rest of Latin America. Chinese infrastructure projects have been overwhelmingly successful around the world, and the expansion of this success into Nicaragua could not only improve the lives of Nicaragua’s people, but also promises to weaken the imperialist chokehold which has dominated the region for decades.

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