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Brian Berletic

Apr 22, 2024

Update on the conflict in Ukraine for April 22, 2024…

- US passes $61 billion spending bill for Ukraine but lack sufficient weapons and ammunition to sustain Ukrainian forces on the battlefield;

- Ukraine faces critical shortages of artillery shells and air defense interceptors that the US and Europe are unable to produce in sufficient quantities;

- Western media admits Ukraine faces defeat;

References: Guardian - US House approves $61bn in military aid for Ukraine after months of stalling (April 20, 2024): CFR - How Much Aid Has the U.S. Sent Ukraine? Here Are Six Charts (February 2024): US DoD - Statement on the House Passage of the National Security Supplemental (April 20, 2024): Politico - Ukraine is heading for defeat (April 17, 2024): BBC - Ukraine could face defeat in 2024. Here's how that might look (April 13, 2024): Business Insider - Russia's army is now 15% bigger than when it invaded Ukraine, says US general (April 11, 2024): BBC - Russia's meat grinder soldiers - 50,000 confirmed dead (April 18, 2024): Kyiv Independent - Air Force: Ukraine downs Russian Tu-22M3 bomber for first time (April 19, 2024): Forbes - Slovenia Is Giving Ukraine Some Very Old Tanks. But Age Can Be Deceiving (September 2022): Forbes - The Russians Are Making Their First New Tank Turbines In 30 Years, Likely Signaling A Very Long War (September 2023): Reuters - US to sell to Ukraine $138 million in HAWK air defense upgrades (April 9, 2024): Al Jazeera - Saudi Arabia may run out of interceptor missiles in ‘months’ (January 2022): Defense News - How Patriot proved itself in Ukraine and secured a fresh future (April 9, 2024): Kyiv Independent - NYT: US faces missile supply shortage for Ukraine's Patriot air defense systems (January 2024): Politico - Pentagon prepares to send artillery, air defenses to Ukraine as House approaches vote (April 19, 2024): BBC - Ukraine weapons: What arms are being supplied and why are there shortages? (April 19, 2024): Kyiv Independent - Czech PM: Allies contract first 180,000 artillery shells for Ukraine (April 16, 2024): Ukrinform - Still not enough funds for Czech initiative to buy shells for Ukraine – Estonia's defense minister (March 2024):

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