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Voters of Argentina Turn Out Against Fascism! Massa 37%, Milei 29%

Alvaro Enrique Saldivia Lopez

Oct 25, 2023

Argentines Reject Fascism

In a historic turn of events, the Argentinians have firmly stood up to a looming fascist threat in Javier Milei, rejecting his sickening nostalgia for the '73 dictatorship, Atlas Network backers, and other far-right Anglo-Zionist scoundrels.

In just one month, Unión por la Patria has surged by 10 points, moving from 27% in the las PASO to 37% this Sunday, October 22. As economy minister, Massa has made inroads on public measures to shield the working class from this crisis induced by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). He has introduced various changes including a tax on workers' income that have garnered him greater public confidence and support.


Meanwhile, Milei--the maniacal rabid dog candidate supported by Washington, London, and the entire Anglo-Zionist Imperial structure--has been growing increasingly unhinged, as was made clear by his promise to open an embassy in Jerusalem on his first day as President, quibbling over the number of disappeared during Argentina's last dictatorship, and vow to annihilate socialists and Peronists.

After FIrst Election, Who Stands Where?

The results of the elections were as follows:

Massa 37% Unión por la Patria 

Milei 29% La libertad avanza

Bullrich 23% Juntos por el Cambio

Schiaretti 6.8% Hacemos por Nuestro Pais

Bregman 2.7% Frente de Izquierda

We can assume in the runoff contest that both Schiaretti and Bregman support Massa due to ideological overlap, forming a broad front against fascism. This would bring their support to 46.5%. However, we must also account for those who voted blank or did not attend the elections.

Not everyone in Juntos por el Cambio is expected support Milei. Bullrich's voters consist in two main factions: the Pigeons and the Hawks. The Hawks are fascists most likely to join Milei's fascist circus of freaks, while the Pigeons are more inclined to vote for Unión por la Patria to prevent another Operation Condor Dictatorship. Perhaps another percentage simply won't vote at all.

From now until November 19, Unión por la Patria has the task of persuading and uniting the majority of citizens to reject the puppet dangled by an Old and Dying World Order and backed by the IMF, which has injected into the race so much corrupt and blood-soaked cash.

This is a great task but with the momentum that Massa has it is accomplishable. The Chinese Government has supported Argentina Economy with the Swap mecanism to avoid more inflation from the IMF. Massa may not be a Socialist but he is a Patriota. Milei is a Fascist that wants Argentina to be a Colony and although Argentineans aren't Socialists yet, they are patriotic.

Sergio Massa's Roadmap From Austerity to Prosperity

This is a significant undertaking but also an achievable one, given the momentum that Massa has built. The Chinese Government has supported Argentina's economy with the Swap mechanism to mitigate further inflation caused by the IMF. Massa may not be a socialist, but he is a patriot. Milei, on the other hand, works hand in glove with US imperialism and wants Argentina to become the world's most obedient vassal. Argentinians may not yet be socialists, they are at least patriotic and seek to recover their sovereignty.

This author's predicts that in a runoff election, Massa should secure 64% and Milei just 36%.

Massa will then assume the presidency of Argentina, and on January 1st, 2024, the country will officially join BRICS. Over the course of these four years under Unión por la Patria's leadership, Argentina will emerge from the sink pit of fraudulent IMF loans and become a competitive, thriving nation with a high standard of living.

It's worth remembering that in 2015, during Kirchner's final days as President, the salary was the highest in Latin America, exceeding 500 dollars, and the exchange rate was 8 pesos to the dollar, as opposed to 350 as of the time of publication.

With the process of de-dollarization accelerating, the peso will strengthen, and regional sustainability projects will thrive with the influx of Yuans and Rubles. The proposed South currency, the Sur, may become a reality next year.

With the new gas pipeline, Argentina can reduce heating costs during winter and export substantial quantities of gas, resulting in a substantial increase in GDP and GDP per capita.

There are strong possibilities of nationalizing lithium under a Unión por la Patria government, allowing them to finance their project of providing 1,500,000 land lots of 250m2 for families to have homes, as well as other lands for productive but sustainable socialist projects that are part of the TIERRA, TECHO Y TRABAJO agenda of Frente de Patria Grande, endorsed by Massa's campaign.

Budgets will be allocated to revitalize the public health system and other areas that were decimated by Macri's administration and its consequences, including the impact of COVID.

Argentina faces a critical decision on November 19th between a one-way ticket to colonialism or sovereignty, a path to unity, and the reconstruction of a high-quality life with wealth and land redistribution, as well as a prominent role in the New Multipolar World and the New Epoch that promises prosperity for all workers of the world, including those in Latin América and the Caribbean.

This writer is confident that we will succeed, and the decolonization of every inch of the world will soon become a reality, starting with Venezuela's Guayana Esequiba, Argentinean Malvinas and other South Atlantic Islands, Argentinean Antarctica, Africa, and Palestine.

Building Argentina's Dream: Unity, Security, and Prosperity

From a secure location where he celebrated victory in these elections, Massa extended his gratitude to all the Argentines who cast their votes. He thanked those who, with their votes, "allowed us to grow by almost 15 points since the PASO, and for that, I also want to thank the Argentines who today placed their trust in us and chose us as the option for December 10," he said.

Massa went on to address those who voted blank or stayed home out of cynicism, despair, or anger, as well as thousands of radicals across Argentina who share democratic values such as public education and the independence of powers. He expressed his commitment to earning their trust in the coming days.

"I want to be the president of labor and security. That is my greatest commitment," he affirmed. “I want to tell you that my commitment is to build more Argentina and Argentineness. My commitment is to build more order, more security and not improvisation. I want to build clear rules. My commitment is to build a country in which we have the ability where our children can choose to go to school with a computer and not with a gun in their backpack.

"I want to reiterate something that I have been saying since the first day I decided to be a candidate. I am going to convene a government of national unity starting December 10, a government of national unity built on the basis of convening the best, regardless of their political strength, and not on the basis of simply partisan agreements. It is important that we have the capacity to open a new institutional stage in Argentina. It is important to establish the pillars of state policy. We are going to convene a government of national unity to build a strong Argentine industry."

Candidate for president of Unión por la Patria Massa made an urgent appeal to voters who supported Myriam Bregman (FIT), Governor Juan Schiaretti (We Do for Our Country), and the radicals who backed Patricia Bullrich (Together for Change) in preparation for the upcoming runoff on Sunday, November 19.

Hasta la Victoria Siempre! Venceremos! We march forward with Argentina, mustering all our strength and determination!

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