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Jun 1, 2024

Senator Bernie Sanders has condemned both political parties saying that it is a very sad day for the country  for "invite a war criminal."

The Israeli Prime Minister, who has an arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court Benjamin Netanyahu, announced on Saturday his intention to give a speech before the two houses of the United States Congress, after being invited by Democratic and Republican leaders from the Senate and House of Representatives.

Netanyahu, charged with genocide, said he was thrilled by the "privilege of representing Israel in both houses of Congress and presenting the truth about our just war," at one point in the caul more than 36,300 Palestinians have been killed in 8 months.

Leaders of the US Congress. invited Netanyahu to address the two chambers on Friday to talk about "defending democracy" and "fighting terrorism". Republicans and Democrats from the Senate and the House of Representatives asked the Israeli president to intervene in the Congress to present his Government’s vision on how to "establish a just and lasting peace in the region".

For his part, the US federal Senator Bernie Sander has condemned both political parties saying that it is a very sad day for the country to "invite a war criminal to address a joint meeting of the United Sates Congress" and declared he will not attend to the event.

Eva Borgwardt, spokesperson of the left-wing pro-peace Jewish organization IfNotNow, said that the four lawmakers who intend Netanyahu will be forever remembered as the leaders who invited a war criminal to give a speech to the congress in the middle "of Israel’s genocidal attack on Gaza, days after crossing President Biden’s red line in an invasion of Rafah."

The announcement comes at the urging of the US Executive to reach a truce agreement between Israel and the Palestinian armed resistance in the Gaza Strip that allows end a conflict that has already claimed the lives of more 36,300 people in the devastated Palestinian territory.

Hamas has indicated that it is willing to accept an exchange of abductees for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons, provided that the pact entails the end of the war in Gaza, the Israeli PM made it clear that the war will not end until Israel achieves its military objectives.

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