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Dr. Robert Daly

22 дек. 2023 г.

BEIRUT, Oct. 23. There is evidence that the purpose of the Zionist attack on Gaza is to destroy the reproductive potential of the Gazan people. The purpose of the bombing and of an Israeli tank invasion of Gaza will be to do to the Gazan people what the US marines did to the Iraqis of Fallujah: Make it impossible for many of them to produce healthy children; to introduce the scourge of birth abnormalities on a large scale into an ‘enemy’ population.

So, I recommend that Gazans, especially soldiers and residents of bombed areas, wear gas masks in order to protect themselves from inhaling uranium dust from the explosions of uranium bombs and uranium tank shells in the current and coming conflict. “Unfortunately the particles pass through all but the most sophisticated filters. But wearing a good gas mask will certainly reduce the exposure,” advises Dr. Christopher Busby. For it is the inhalation of the uranium dust that fills the air in the vicinity of the burst of a uranium weapon, that renders one eventually unable to produce healthy children without birth abnormalities.

The attack on Gaza is expanding Hamas, not destroying it. For young men by the hundreds, by the thousands are joining the freedom fighters, the national liberation struggle for Gaza. Even if they succeed in overcoming the Zionist entity, however, the Zionist backers, the US military industrial complex may overcome them by destroying their ability to reproduce, as it did to many Iraqis in Fallujah twenty years ago. Photo 1 shows a child born with “Gastroschisis” in Fallujah Feb. 27, 2023, 19 years after the war. There are thousands of such cases, most so horrible that they cannot be posted online.

Another reason for the Zionists to do this, is that the growth rate of the Palestinian population is significantly higher than that of the Zionists, even with massive immigration (2.2% vs. 1.8). Through this sort of genetic warfare, that relationship could reverse within 20 years, for in Fallujah fifteen percent of children born from 2003 to 2009 exhibit horrible birth abnormalities as a result of their parents absorbing uranium into their bodies during the American invasion. Moreover, the number of miscarriages skyrocketed. Dr. Busby also advises that “No one should be exposed to black powder on surfaces [as on the automobiles in the parking lot of Baptist Hospital, see photo 2]. It should be wetted and cleaned off with tissue and buried.”

Dr. Busby, who has investigated the aftermath of the Fallujah battles, showed with his colleague Dai Williams, in 2009 “that uranium weapons of some kind were probably employed in Gaza” by the Zionists in their attack on the Palestinian enclave earlier in the year. That was consistent with Busby and Williams’ finding that the Zionist military used uranium weapons in its attack on Khiam, south Lebanon, in 2006.

They wrote then: “In sample LS6 the isotope ratio was 108 which is indicative of the presence of enriched uranium. .. the blackish surface material …gave these results… Enriched Uranium is not natural and does not exist in the environment unless it has been put there by human activity…The existence of a high amount of total uranium and the enrichment signature in the sample LS6 must be a consequence of its use in the weapon that made the crater……The health effects in local civilian populations following the use of large uranium penetrators and the large amounts of respirable uranium oxide particles in the atmosphere are likely to be significant.” (italics added)

At the time of the Fallujah battles it may not have been known that the use of uranium weapons would produce the kind of birth abnormalities that are exhibited in Photo 1, but that has long since become known, thanks to the work of Dr. Busby, Maj. Dr. Doug Rokke (now deceased from uranium-weapon-caused cancers) and others. Now if the US-backed Zionists use uranium weapons, they know beforehand that their use will or may produce the devastating illnesses represented in Photo 1 and on the Twitter/X account from Fallujah hospital. 

Photo 1. Child born with “Gastroschisis” in Fallujah Feb. 27, 2023. Source:

Photo 2. Cars covered with black dust in parking lot of Al-Maamadani [Baptist] Hospital in Gaza after Zionist bombing Oct. 17. Source: Resistance News Network

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