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Brian Berletic

Mar 30, 2024

- US weapon systems are performing poorly on the battlefield in Ukraine for a number of reasons including difficulty in sustaining and repairing them, as well as the narrowing gap between US and Russian military capabilities;

- US military industrial output is incapable of keeping up with Russian or Chinese military industrial output;

- The US is provoking and attempting to sustain wars thousands of kilometers from its own shores, straining its capability to maintain let alone prevail in these conflicts;

- A conflict with China will involve challenges many times greater than those the US is unable to overcome amid its proxy war against Russia in Ukraine;

- The US can avoid catastrophe by pivoting toward a more rational and sustainable foreign policy within the framework of a multipolar world and by respecting the primacy of the nation state rather than trying to establish the primacy of itself over all other nations;


NEO - Does the Fate of US Arms in Ukraine Create Pause for Thought Ahead War with China? Newsweek - Russia Destroys 3 Abrams Tanks, 3 HIMARS and 8 Bradleys in 10 Days: Moscow (March 7, 2024): CNN - US officials say damage to Patriot missile defense system was minimal following Russian attack near Kyiv (May 2023): Forbes - A Russian Drone Spotted A Ukrainian Patriot Air-Defense Crew Convoying Near The Front Line. Soon, A Russian Hypersonic Missile Streaked Down. (March 9, 2024): Business Insider - Ukraine is getting older US Abrams tanks, but Russia's Soviet-era tanks still won't be a match for them in battle (March 2023): Haaretz - Hezbollah Anti-tank Fire Causing Most IDF Casualties in Lebanon (August 2006): New York Times - Who’s Gaining Ground in Ukraine? This Year, No One. (September 2023): New York Times - Russia Overcomes Sanctions to Expand Missile Production, Officials Say (September 2023): US Department of Defense Inspector General - Press Release: Evaluation of Sustainment Strategies for the Patriot Air Defense Systems Transferred to the Ukrainian Armed Forces (DODIG-2024-056) and Evaluation of the DoD's Sustainment Plan for Bradley, Stryker, and Abrams Armored Weapon Systems (February 20, 2024): Air and Space Forces Magazine - WORLD: Indo-Pacific: DOD’s New China Report Details CCP’s Growing Military Arsenal (November 2023): Reuters - What is most significant in the Pentagon's China military report? (October 2023):

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