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Dec 10, 2023

This video was republished from Russia Code.

🔥💪You were right! Our latest video is about Jeff Monson, former American 🇺🇸 and former UFC fighter for the U.S. We had a real talk in the city of Ufa in Russia 🇷🇺 where he and his family live now.

’It was a $50k warrant for Jeff Monson’ 💵 in this interview the 52 year-old legend of MMA recalls his tense times in America, 3-months in jail 😱 as well as the blossoming of his career of the fighter after the epic victory over renowned Fedor Emelianenko.

Jeff denounced his American 🇺🇸 citizenship, so he became ’the full-time Russian’, as he calls himself. The bad side is, the borders of the U.S. and Europe are closed for Monson, so he can’t go out much.

🇷🇺 Here, in Russia, he joined the Communist Party, but in the end was disappointed: ’There’s no communism there’ he explains. Nevertheless, Jeff Monson ran an election and was elected as deputy, started several sports schools and is about to run some new social projects besides training and teaching students

🙏🔥 After years in Moscow and Krasnogorsk, Jeff lives in Ufa with his Russian wife and two redhead Russian daughters, while his three eldest children still live in the U.S. and the five have never met each other yet. That’s a lot even for such a toughie as Jeff Monson and his death wish is... well, watch the full video to figure it out!

🎥 Watch now, feel free to comment 👇 and Subscribe 🔔 to Russian Code for more exciting stories!

00:00 - Meet Jeff Monson!

01:05 - All the Monson’s traumas

01:53 - Deaths & injuries in boxing & MMA

02:29 - World Championships winner

03:00 - 3 months in jail

03:58 - MMA fighting career of Jeff Monson

04:12 - Jeff Monson vs Fedor Emelyanenko

05:31 - Love for Russia: Russian passport, Russian wife

06:10 - Jeff Monson’s tips on raising kids

07:09 - Why Russia?

08:01 - What does Monson do as a deputy?

08:30 - Training, master classes and lectures

10:38 - Languages: Russian vs Bashkir

11:14 - Communism in Russia

12:09 - Does Monson still have an American citizenship?

12:30 - ’My dying wish is...’

13:38 - ’I’m really happy here’

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