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Cassie Sipe

Apr 2, 2024

Oct 19th: the US intercepts Houthi missiles targeting Israel.

Oct 31st: Houthis launch attacks towards southern Israel.

Nov 8th: Houthis shoot down a US drone in their airspace.

Nov 14th: Houthis target Israel again.

Nov 19th: Houthis capture UK-owned Galaxy Leader cargo ship, take 25 hostages.

In November, Houthis attack over 100 ships.

Dec 1st: Israel launches strikes on Sana’a, Yemen.

Dec 3rd: Houthis launch missiles at UK-owned The Unity Explorer, Number 9 and Japanese-owned Sophie II.

Dec 6th: Houthis celebrate captured ship 

Dec 11th: Houthis hit The M/T Strinda.

Dec 14th: Houthis attack The M/V Maersk Gibraltar.

Dec 15th: Houthis attack the M/V Al Jasra and the M/V Palatium III.

Dec 17th: Houthis warn Arab countries not to participate in the US coalition. 

Dec 18th: The US forms Operation Prosperity Guardian, 

Dec 26th: Houthis attack The United VIII and the state of Israel.

Dec 31st: Houthis try to board The Maersk Hangzhou. US Naval Forces sink 3 Houthi boats.

Jan 1st: the Houthis claim attacks on The OCEAN JAZZ, allegedly heading to Israel with missiles.

Jan 2nd: Yemen Armed Forces turn away western commercial vessels by firing missiles.

Jan 4th: Vice Admiral Brad Cooper claims Ansar Allah started drone attacks. A close call, as a drone comes within miles of the US Navy.

Jan 9th: Houthis demand all ships declare “no contact with Israel” to avoid attacks.

Jan 9th and 10th: US intercepts 21 Houthi attacks.

Jan 11th: US and its allies form an anti-Houthi coalition and launch Operation Poseidon Archer

Jan 11th: US plans to attack the Houthis leaks.

Jan 11th: media leaks the US and UK plans to strike Yemen; Houthis respond by threatening US ships and bases. 

Jan 11th: US and UK attack Houthi drone factories and weapon depots.

In January, Ansar Allah states they will consider all zionist-linked vessels and foreign warships legitimate targets, due to strikes on Yemen.

Ansar Allah attacks US and UK vessels in retaliation for the Naval Coalition strikes.

Jan 12th: Ansar Allah allegedly attacks a US tanker.

Jan 12th: the US launches another strike on Yemen.

Jan 15th: Houthis hits The M/V Gibraltar Eagle.

Jan 16th: US hits Houthi ballistic missiles. Houthis launch ballistic missiles and hit the Maltese-flagged M/V Zografi.

Jan 17th: Houthis attack The M/V Genco Picardy. The US announces they will re-designate the Houthis as a terror group. Biden admits the air strikes aren’t working, but will continue.

Jan 18th: Indian Navy starts patrolling the Gulf of Aden due to Houthis attacks on ships in the Indian Ocean. Jan 18th and 19th and 20th, US hits more Houthi missiles.

Jan 18th: Houthis attack a US carrier.

Jan 19th: Belgium joins the operation.

Jan 19th: The Royal Navy comments on damage to UK Navy ships by the Houthis.

Jan 21st: two Navy Seals died attempting to seize a Houthi weapons shipment.

Jan 22nd: Houthis hit the Ocean Jazz ship. They claim it was carrying weapons for Israel. 

Global Resistance News
Global Resistance News
🔴⚓️ 🇾🇪 🔱 🔴 As you can see from the photos here, THIS is what the Ocean Jazz, struck by Ansarullah earlier on today, routinely transports across the high seas: Death machinery, utilized by the US-'Israeli' Empire to slaughter Muslims in Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Afghanistan. 🔴⚓️ 🇾🇪 🔱 🔴 And who owns the Ocean Jazz? There are two players: The first is the Harren Group, located in Germany. The owner is a Jew, Dr. Martin Harren. Yes, Harren is Jewish, a Hebrew simplification of "Aharon", and it means "high mountain". The German town of Haren is also home to many Jews, mostly Polish refugees, which was the site of a "Hey Rabbi, Whatcha Doing?!" type false flag in 2020. And the second player behind the Ocean Jazz is Seabulk Fleet Management, a subsidiary of SEACOR, chaired by Eric Fabrikant and Bruce Weins... Two more Jews. If there is war... death... massacres... and Gentile blood to drink... You are 99.9 times out of 100 guaranteed to find the Yahoud, particularly when it is related to Yemen, who they hate more than any other Islamic nation. We note this because the moujahideen of the Yemeni Islamic Resistance didn't just have the right to HIT the Ocean Jazz... But to SINK the accursed thing if they so chose. Their maneuver was entirely, perfectly justified. On anti-imperialist grounds; on Anti-Zionist grounds; and most critically of all, on Islamic Anti-Parasitic grounds. The age of Jewish free passage in the Red Sea is over. It's Ansarullah's rules... And Ansarullah's world now, Shlomo! 🔴⚓️ 🇾🇪 🔱 🔴 #GazaIsNotAlone #LongLiveTheSarkha #TahyaAnsarullah #LongLiveYemen 🔴 @Cultures_of_Resistance

Jan 22nd and 23rd: US attacks Yemen.

Jan 26th: Houthis attacked the USS Carney, US shoots down missile. Houthis hit the Marshall Islands flagged M/V Marlin Luanda, with a ballistic missile.

Jan 27th: US hits a Houthi missile. UK warship, the HMS Diamond, shoots down a Houthi drone.

Feb 6th: the Houthis launches anti-ship ballistic missiles towards the Greek owned M/V Star Nasia and the UK owned M/V Morning Tide.

Feb 8th, 9th and 10th: US attacks Houthi missile sites in Yemen.

Feb 5th: Houthis force The USS Gravely Destroyer to use the expensive $2.2 billion dollar Phalanx CIWS. Navy uses it to defend against a cruise missile, after the first defense fails.

Feb 12th: Houthis attack The M/V Star Iris.

Feb 13th, 14th, and 15th: US destroy Houthi missiles.

Feb 15th: Houthis attack The UK-owned M/V Lycavitos.

Feb 16th: US hits one cruise missile and one drone in Yemen.

Feb 17th: US attacks Yemen. First observation of Houthi UUVs.

Feb 18th: Ansar Allah attacks the UK vessel The Rubymar.

Feb 19th: The EU launches its own naval coalition, “Operation ASPIDES.”

Feb 19th: Houthis attack The M/V Sea Champion under a Greek Flag (bringing aid to Yemen) and The American-owned M/V Navis.

Ansar Allah attacks American owned oil vessel and a UK naval ship in The Gulf of Aden.

Houthis hit a $30 million MQ-9 Reaper drone with a $10,000 missile. The costs of defending against Houthi attacks along with the costs of US Naval presence in the area is immense and unsustainable.

After the US re-designates them a terror organization, Ansar Allah responds with another attack on the US Navy.

UK Navy withdraws The HMS Diamond from the Red Sea due to the Houthis’ ballistic missile attack.

Another UK aircraft carrier is unable to respond to attacks.

Ansar Allah announces they have attacked over 54 ships in the Red and Arabian seas.

Feb 21st: US launches airstrikes in Yemen.

Feb 22nd: Houthis attack The UK’s ISLANDER commercial ship, causing it to catch fire.

Feb 23rd: US Navy has a” close call” with a Houthi missile. US destroys Houthi missiles.

Feb 24th: Yemeni Armed Forces announces they are targeting US oil tanker TORM.

Feb 26th: Ansar Allah engages in underwater warfare, destroying 4 internet cables. The cables provide internet to countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Feb 27th: The German Naval frigate Hessen accidentally launches an attack on a US drone.

Feb 27th: U.S. aircraft shoots down Houthi drones.

Feb 29th: US strikes Houthi missiles.

March 2nd: Oil and fertilizer leaks from the Rubymar which sinks. Houthis attempt to leverage the conundrum by attempting to pressure the UK into negotiations with Israel to release aid to Gaza.

Ansar Allah attacks ZIM, an Israeli container ship.

March 4th: Houthi missiles hit the Liberian-flagged M/V MSC SKY II.

March 7th: US attacks Yemen again.

In March Ansar Allah announces, they’ll demand permits for ships crossing the Bab El-Mandeb Strait into the Red Sea.

March 9th: Houthis launch a major drone attack, towards the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.

March 11th: Houthi attack The M/V Pinocchio. US attacks Yemen March 11th, 12th and 13th.

March 14th: Ansar Allah announces they will attack Israeli-linked ships throughout the Indian Ocean and Cape Of Good Hope.

March 15th: Ansar Allah claims attacks on Israeli ships in the Indian Ocean.

March 17th and 18th: the US and UK launch airstrikes on Yemen.

March 18th: Ansar Allah announces attacks on Israel and targets US ship, Mado.

March 18th: Iran threatens retaliation for tankers seized by the US.

March 20th: Port Authorities announce they are laying off half of the workers at Israel’s Eilat Port.

March 21st: US and UK engage in several air strikes on Sana’a, Yemen.

March 21st: US claims the Houthis are resupplying after attacking 50 ships since November

March 21st: Abdul Malik al-Houthi claims the Houthis launched 479 missiles since the start of their operation, while the US and UK launched 407 strikes on Yemen.

March 21st, 22nd and 23rd: US destroys Houthi missiles.

March 23rd: Houthis attack The M/V Huan Pu, a Chinese ship, mistaking it for a western aligned vessel.

March 24th: Yemeni politician Mohammed Ali Al Houthi reminds Saudi Arabia it will become a target if it allows American aircraft to attack Yemen, from its territory. He encourages the peace talks to move forward.

Ansar Allah reassured Russia and China they will allow their vessels through.

March 24th: Media reports US sailor dies in the Red Sea.

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