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Oil Embargo The West To Free Palestine

Cassie Sipe

20 нояб. 2023 г.

The two-party duopoly in Washington DC continues to call for violence in Gaza as a response to Hamas's attack against Israeli settlers. War lust seems to be the only thing that unites them as they fail to come to a consensus on Biden's aid package for Israel and Ukraine.

Thousands protest across the world highlighting Israel's anti-Hamas collective punishment campaign against Palestinian civilians. However, the international community has done very little to stop the bloodshed. An Oil Embargo on the Collective West Is the only way to stop the genocide in Gaza.

That's why the Global South spearheaded by Russia and China must target the Collective West's economy. It's time to take a page out of their playbook via "Russian sanctions" and effectively "Sanction" them. Starting by closing off the oil trade to Israel and the West. The perfect way for the Multipolar World Order to reverse Western support for Israel.

As leaders in the Islamic world call for embargoes and sanctions, we can only hope the addition of multiple Islamic countries into BRICS+ next January will make this feat feasible.

There's a precedent for this, in 1967 OAPEC cut oil production and oil embargoed Israel and The West. Egypt closed the canal during the Arab-Israeli War and again in 1973 during the Yom Kippur War. The Suez Canal is one of the most important trade routes in the world, its closing caused oil prices to surge from $2.90 a barrel to $11.65 a barrel. In fact, 12% of global trade and 10% of Global oil consumption pass through the trade route. While these amounts may not seem high they cost the global economy billions, in the few weeks it was closed.

In the 1970s, OAPEC pegged the price of oil to gold, another reason why oil prices were high. As the dollar continues to devalue, now is as good a time as ever to repeat history by pegging the price of oil to gold, or the Yuan. This would deal a heavy blow to Western economies.

Iran as Colonel Douglas MacGregor noted can close the Strait of Hormuz. The Strait of Hormuz is a trade passage of which 25% of global oil consumption passes through. Iran has already threatened to close it and called for an oil embargo.

The embargo would hurt the European Union tremendously due to their self-inflicted energy crisis, spurred on by their sanctions on Russia. They largely looked to The USA and the Islamic World to replace oil imports from Russia. Their home-grown pipelines wouldn't have enough gas to provide for the entire union. At that point it would be every country for itself, leading to further rationing of energy. In desperation for other sources of cheap energy, the US is now looking to Venezuela a longtime ally of Russia and China. The West can't import enough energy without the Global South.

Although, this would affect the global economy, not just the Collective West. To prevent harming their economies The Global South can offset lost trade with the West by trading amongst allies, just as Russia did by trading with India and China to counter sanctions.

Next, they need to protect the Chinese debt. They can do this by buying Chinese debt with their allies in BRICS+ and OPEC+ to prevent a debt crisis,

The US is a service-based economy. Most residents live paycheck to paycheck, the labor force would be in ruins in this scenario. High unemployment, inflation, and the cost of traveling to work would make many low-skilled and low paying jobs untenable.

It depends on how much the West is willing to tolerate, the populace of EU countries tends to lean pro-Palestine as demonstrated by numerous protests. The USA is mixed when it comes to support for Israel or Palestine. Currently, US policymakers show bipartisan support for Israel's war crimes. They have little reason to change to reconsider their support until the consequences of their policies start to affect their constituent's everyday lives. It's time to pressure them to reign in Israel's blood lust. Inadvertently forcing them to reign in Israel's bloodlust.

It's far more advantageous for the political elite shares to drop, and for their constituents to put their reelections in doubt, than it is for military intervention on either side.

What would the consequences be if the world does nothing to prevent the further genocide of Palestinians? Thousands of civilians would continue to die in Gaza, a city with a population of 2 million. This would further inflame the Islamic world.

The West could face retaliatory terror attacks or continued attacks on US troops overseas. The far worse option would be to continue to do nothing, and risk an inevitable larger conflict, should other countries intervene on Israel's or Palestine's behalf.

In a war with a higher civilian death rate than every war since 2019. Nuclear powers intervening could quite literally lead to a nuclear exchange, WW3, and even more destruction. This seems quite probable as day by day the war continues to expand as multiple fronts open and new proxy forces enter the fray. Time is running out.

That's why we in the West must be willing to take on the inevitable economic consequences, already set in motion by the global reset and multipolar world order. The longer these economic consequences are prolonged the worse it will be for us in the future.

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