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Brian Berletic

17 дек. 2023 г.

Update on the conflict in Ukraine for December 17, 2023…

- Russian forces continue mounting pressure along the line of contact, executing a war of attrition grinding down Ukraine’s manpower and its Western sponsors’ military resources;

- Ukrainian lawmaker admits Ukraine is running out of ammunition and unable to respond to Russian firepower;

- The Western media now admits Ukraine’s cross-river “offensive” in Kherson is an abject failure;

- US military officials now admit that even with continued US support, Ukraine could still lose;

- A search for a “new” strategy for Ukraine requires ignoring the fundamental (and unsolvable) problems Ukraine and its Western backers have;

- The Western media is rebuilding its narrative regarding Ukraine, suggesting victory is not possible, but improving Ukraine's position ahead of negotiations may be;

- West is still pinning hope on "wonder weapons" including the F-16;

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