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Brian Berletic

Jan 7, 2024

Update on the conflict in Ukraine for January 7, 2024...

- Russia continues conducting large-scale missile and drone strikes across Ukraine;

- Ukrainian forces are depleted after a defeated summer-fall offensive with the West unable to adequately replace their losses;

- The West is also unable to bolster Ukrainian air defense capabilities which are buckling under intense Russian strikes;

- In response, Ukraine seeks to focus on optics-centric strikes on Belgorod as well as conduct other symbolic retaliation strikes deep inside Russia;

- Western representatives have begun more vocally calling for the transfer of longer-range missiles and drones to Ukraine;

- Despite the ability of these weapons to strike deep within Russia, they do not and will not in the foreseeable future exist in large enough numbers to match let alone exceed Russian missile production;


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Naval News - US Navy Looks To Drastically Increase Missile Production (April 2023):

NAVAIR - US Navy Awards Tomahawk Block IV Missile Multi-Year Contract (2004):

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