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12 мар. 2024 г.

Palestine Receives Collective Punishment for Hamas Actions

Maria Zabolótskaya, deputy representative of the Russian delegation to the UN, condemned the human rights violations committed by Israel in Gaza.

Zabolótskaya said: "thousands of people perish. The international court of the UN finds a high probability of genocide that is currently happening in the territory of the Gaza Strip, while the UN, in fact, does not have access to obtain the reliable information [on the matter]".

On this the Russian representative said that Israel deliberately puts obstacles to access information of what is happening in Gaza.

Moscow also prosecuted the condemnation of collective punishment imposed on more than 30,000 Palestinians in Gaza, for the actions of Hamas. The diplomat also recalled that women and children are dying for this cause.

During the UN meeting, the issue of sexual violence in the conflict was also raised, and Maria Zabolótskaya questioned the work of UN special representative Pramila Patten on sexual violence.

Pramila Patten had reported allegations of sexual violence related to the ongoing conflict, allegedly perpetrated by Hamas, during a visit to the West Bank and Israel.

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