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British Challenger Tank Destroyed in Ukraine + Heavy Losses Amid Failing Offensive

Sep 6, 2023

Update on the conflict in Ukraine for September 6, 2023

- Western media is attempting to depict small gains in Russia's security zone as "breaching the first defensive line;"

- Ukraine's offensive has culminated, the last of its brigades prepared for the offensive are now engaged and suffering heavy losses;

- Among these losses is a confirmed loss of a British Challenger 2 tank;

- The main obstacle for Ukraine is its Western sponsors' limited military industrial output and their inability to sufficiently expand it in the short, intermediate, or even long-term;


BBC - Ukraine War: Counter-offensive troops punch through Russia line, generals claim (September 4, 2023):

BBC - British Challenger 2 tank hit in Ukraine (September 6, 2023):

The New Atlas - Will Western Main Battle Tanks Turn the Tide in Ukraine? What do Russian Gains in Soledar Mean? (January 2023):    • Will Western Main Battle Tanks Turn t...  

The Telegraph - MoD kept failure of best tank quiet (May 2007):

Forbes - Ukraine Has Lost Its First Challenger 2 Tank (September 5, 2023):

NY Times - After Suffering Heavy Losses, Ukrainians Paused to Rethink Strategy (July 15, 2023):

The Times - Ukraine counteroffensive: ‘I’m ready to die . . . 90% of the guys here will die too’ (September 5, 2023):

Reuters - Ukrainian intercepts show Russian soldiers’ anger at losses, disarray (September 5, 2023):

The Financial Times - Ukraine cannot win against Russia now, but victory by 2025 is possible (September 2023):

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