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Ranjeet Brar

Feb 6, 2024

The following article is a response to the scurrilous attacks on our party that have been printed in the Daily Telegraph and the Jewish Chronicle.


Dr Ranjeet Brar is a lifelong campaigner against racism, against fascism and against zionism.

He has been arrested four times as a direct result of his support for the anti-zionist, anti-imperialist struggle of the Palestinian people. In singling him out again, Britain’s pro-zionist mainstream media are playing their part in a concerted attack on his professional status and medical practice – and therefore also upon the communities he serves.

The timing of these events is not accidental. Our rulers’ support for zionist Israel is coming under the greatest pressure it has ever faced, and their ability to shore up the economic, diplomatic and PR holes in their project is rapidly declining.

The crisis of legitimacy for British politicians and media has been markedly exacerbated by their unashamedly pro-Israel stance in recent months. When ‘democratic’ means of diverting and confusing the public have failed, repression is the only means left for silencing inconvenient truths.

The United Nations’ International Court of Justice recently ruled that Israel is likely to be committing genocide in Palestine. It has awarded provisional measures and ordered Israel to ensure that it stops the commissioning of genocide.

Israeli ‘defence’ minister Yoav Gallant, who famously justified the genocide in Gaza by stating on television that “we are fighting against human animals”, labelled the ICJ as “antisemitic”. Presumably the Israeli judge was also guilty of ‘antisemitism’?

Our party puts Israel’s current crimes in historical context, and Ranjeet has openly and publicly defended Palestine, the Palestinians and their right to exist.

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